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It had been a couple of years since our first adventure and a lot had changed. After the death of King Pecok, my father had me marry Prince Skyler, much against our will. That's right, I'm now Queen Monica Pecok; what a horrible title! Day after day passed in my boring little room behind Pecok's walls; at least Skyler had the mind to leave me alone for the most part.

That day started as just another day, the same as all the others. But then a mysterious man broke into my room with his two stooges and kidnapped me! I guess being a Queen makes me a target of such schemes. I couldn't be sure what they wanted with me at the time, or even where they were taking me. But it was soon after awakening in a jail cell that I realized...
I had been kidnapped by the Kingdom of Hahm.

Hahm Kingdom lies between the two Kingdoms of Pecok and Logelin; the eldest Kingdom in the land. It's people and land had long been in a power struggle with the two larger, richer Kingdoms around it.

But what could they want with me? Just what was their purpose that day? Who was that hooded man? What was going on?
...of course I was bound to find all the answers for myself!


The above is just the default scenario. By transferring your system data from the original Castle Chase, you can alter the scenario based on your choice of ending from that game.

Much like the original, Castle Chase 2 is a short adventure game where you wander around a castle, but this time, it is Castle Hahm. Possibly with the help of your love interest, you explore the castle and try to figure out just what they are planning, or perhaps you just want to escape. With multiple endings, the choice is up to you.

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Introduction & Default Opening Video

So here we are, almost five months after the release of the final version of the original game. It's been a pretty busy time for me, as I went back to school in the fall. But during the Christmas break, I was able to sit down and use some of the resources Makio had been working on and start to put this game together. It's still quite a ways off of being done, and there's a great chance I'll have to leave it until the semester ends in late April, but I think there is enough done to share.

First off, we have a video showing the first five minutes of the "default" opening. As mentioned in the game description, if you import your system data from the first game, you can alter the opening circumstances of the game. What is shown below is what you get if you don't import data, or if you chose either the "Bad" or "Monica" endings.

There are still a number of work-in-progress items shown, but it gives a good idea of what the final product will be like.
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I might have to play the prequel now, just because it has a sequel. =)
I will give this a try because the prequel was great!
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!
Just curious, but are you still working on this project...?
I am completely focused on school at the moment, but once I'm hopefully finished in May, I should have more time to work on this.
Once a member of RMN, always a member of RMN!

Good luck with school, I'm right there with you...
I join to tell you I'm waiting patiently this for this! Please do good in school, but do not forget about this!
You the practice of self-promotion
I remember CC fondly. I didn´t know you had a sequel. I´m sub'ing!
I cannot wait for Castle Chase 2! The first one was so adorable. I still can't decide which ending is my favourite XD (Elroy or Gilroy? Unsure XD) Please know that there are many people supporting you, and we can't wait to see CC2!
Hows the progress on the game going? :) Really been looking forward to this for soooo long now :D Thanks for making such a great game ^_^
I was wondering, is this game was still being worked on?
As it says, it's on hiatus.

I don't know when we plan to come back to it, but it's definitely something I want to come back to. (there was enough of the story planned and resources built that it wouldn't be too hard to finish)

Unfortunately, I'd want to replace the artwork we had done so far (which wasn't too much, but most of Monica's art was done) because it's from a time period where my art style was shifting and it's hard to look at without shedding a few tears.

(sorting out some of the convoluted storypaths was a headache at the time we were first working on this too; it might be easier now that my skills as a storyteller improved)

Also, I got some very hurtful messages about the fact this game wasn't done a few years back that turned me off of the idea of working on it because thinking of the project reminded me of those. I've recovered from that stigma at least. (Note to everyone, never do that too creators. okay.)

So in short - it's on hiatus, I haven't touched it in years - But it is something that I -WANT- to finish, I'm just not sure when.
You're magical to me.
Also, I got some very hurtful messages about the fact this game wasn't done a few years back that turned me off of the idea of working on it because thinking of the project reminded me of those. I've recovered from that stigma at least. (Note to everyone, never do that too creators. okay.)

;_; That's awful! And like you said, those kind of messages do the exact opposite of what they intend; they poison the water and make it very hard to work on the project at all.
I hate jerks like that, most of them having never done anything creative in their entire lives and yet complaining when someone isn't making them free games. I, personally, just finished Castle Chase's last ending today, and really enjoyed the whole game, so I'd love to play a sequel and will telepathically send you moral support the entire way. I'm actually going to be playing April Was A Fool very soon just to get more of you guys. The trailer looks great, so I'll happily wait for it to come out. If it doesn't, no sweat, I'll still totally support you guys.
So, I just completed the first Castle Chase. I enjoyed it quite a bit! I really only had two issues with it.

(Since this is the page for the sequel I'm not sure if I need to bother with spoiler tags, but I'm doing them anyways just in case)
First, and this is pretty much entirely a matter of personal preference, but I was hoping for at least one GxG romance option. I had hopes for Clair, but alas they were dashed. Maybe in Castle Chase 2(I know Monica said she doesn't swing that way, but she's only 16, things could change! :D )

Secondly, several of the endings seem (at least from what I could figure out) dependent on telling Hyde that you'll help him steal the treasure(a dubious thing for a princess to do). And then, in two of them, betraying his trust(BETRAYAL!).

This makes perfect sense for the Hyde ending (well, excluding the betrayal part of course :P ) but felt a bit wrong in the Erol, Aydin, and Gilroy endings. I have no problem helping Erol/Aydin catch a thief, and indeed I tried talking to Erol after discovering Hyde and freeing him from the trap (and thus learning what he was after. What better way for Erol to show his courage then to enter a dark and treacherous basement full of traps?)

But that didn't give me an option to send Erol after Hyde. That option only seems to show up after you promise to help Hyde steal the treasure. So you can't send Erol(and I'm guessing Aydin as well) after Hyde until AFTER you personally promise to help Hyde. Which, again, felt a bit wrong to me. Though I guess it did make the decision to choose Erol/Aydin have some extra weight to it.

But, both of the above are minor nitpicks. Tiny details. I overall really, really liked Castle Chase. It was fun, cute, charming, amusing, and just a joy to play.

I don't know if the sequel will ever be made. I've never made anything with RPG Maker, but I've done a fair amount of stuff in Ren'Py. So I understand how easy it is for real life and other issues to delay a project, and I understand how sometimes certain projects just end up on the back burner, and then end up there so long it becomes difficult to ever pick them up again.

And screw the jerks who sent you rude messages about this! You're doing this for free, releasing free games. It's one thing to send a polite "hey, are you still planning on releasing this?" message. It's another to be all "I DEMAND you release this FREE game for FREE when *I* want it or else you're terrible!" entitled.

Anyways, if you do make a Castle Chase 2, I'll definitely play it. I'm really hoping for and looking forward to it, and excited at the possibility.

Even if it *doesn't* have the GxG option I want. :D

Good luck on all your future projects and endeavors, whatever they may be.
Firstly, thank you for playing Castle Chase! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

That's an interesting point on the fact that betraying Hyde is pivotal to completing 3 character's routes. No one has ever mentioned that before, but it's an interesting point. That can leave a sour taste in your mouth. (Though, it isn't entirely out of character at least; Monica does have a habit of using people to get things she wants. She's a bit terrible in that regard, and that was something that was going to be touched on in the sequel)

The lack of a G/G route has been mentioned a few times. Unfortunately, at the time of making this game - including that didn't really cross my mind. Had I written the game now, things probably would have been different. (at the very least, I would have handled Clair's character with a bit more grace. If there's one thing that makes me a bit blah about Castle Chase it's the whole "trap" thing. meh

CC2 wasn't going to expand the cast any in terms of selection - and was going to deal mostly with how your choice in the first game affects the fallout in the second. So again, a G/G option, should this game ever get completed, is unlikely. Unfortunately. Well! That's what new franchises are for ;)

I kept typing 'hyde' instead of 'hide' for the code on that spoiler box pffffttt

Anyway! Thank you again for playing. <3 and for your support.
So maybe this is too much to ask since it's 2022 lol. But is there still a possibility of this even being on the map to release in the future? I played the first Castle Chase so many years ago and was in love.
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