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A spoiler-free timeline, just to show that I am not necessarily pulling random, meaningless dates out of my butt for use in cutscenes. c: It may or may not make sense for you at certain points, and some of the info is no longer accurate (I'll fix it later), but have fun.

Oathguard Scenario/Timeline
100 Years
(704 – 804 T.C.)
(329 – 429 S.A.)

Ardwight Archeonis is born. (Appears to be 20something at present.)
Hayen is born. (Appears to be 50something at present.)

100 years ago

98 years ago
Guntur XI dies, and his son, Guntur XII (643 – 735) succeeds.

87 years ago
Guntur XIII is born.

77 years ago
Viktor Mikhailec Vyzova is born.

72 years ago
Guntur XII steps down (died 3 years later); his brother, Rho Yala, acts as regent until Guntur XIII is older.

66 years ago
The Ghandarba Incident, a upraising of humans (primarily of Huolmi descent) in southern Thassadia lead by a foreigner named Altief Ghandarba of Sinolor's Banjar Province, occurs. Though it is put down within a month following the death of its leader (by illness) and his officers (killed), it was serious enough to make the council of Oathguards in Thassadia vote for Rho Yala to step down and have Guntur XIII succeed.

Guntur XIII (aged 21) succeeds.

Niko Falma is born.

61 years ago
Sepp von Domtrau is born.

59 years ago
Guntur Yala XIV (Alrion's father) is born.
(Coincidentally …) Bocheul Yala XIII (Myunh's father) is born.

55 years ago
Gela Yala is born.

39 years ago
Genvieve Choseul is born.

34 years ago
Rho and Guntur Yala XV (Alrion's elder twin bros) are born. The first to emerge was named the next ruler. Their father named the second twin after his mentor, and hoped he would aid his twin.

38 years ago
Maximilien Fehould is born.

35 years ago
Goro Huei is born.
Redon Sunh is born.
Altaf Sunh is born.

33 years ago
Leonir von Domtrau is born.

31 years ago
Alrion Yala is born.

29 years ago
Dion Falma is born.

27 years ago
Claudia Amsberg von Zalewo is born.

26 years ago
Neidhardt von Zalewo is born.
Keda Huei (Goro's younger sister) is born.
Teresa Falma is born.

25 years ago
Myunh Yala is born.

Sepp von Domtrau begins to ally himself with powerful fringe elements of the government and the nobility, in particular the Brüderretter and the Cult of Eleheiml. Although his reasons for doing this are not completely known thanks to his untimely death two years later, it is clear that he had some kind of design on taking over the government of Heiml in mind.

24 years ago
The First Fortnight War begins when Heimlian forces—with the aid of Sinolorese insiders—attack outposts in the Chongla province. (The Fortnight War was named not for its actual duration—which was in fact about 13 months—but rather for how slowly it seemed to come pass, despite its brevity.) Sinolor and Heiml fight to a deadlock. The fighting seems to be a cover for operations in Brüderretter Sinolor.

23 years ago
Bocheul Yala XIII is somehow compromised, and is taken by the Brüderretter towards Heiml.

Gela Yala kills Sepp von Domtrau as he aids in Bocheul's escape from Sinolor.

Gela Yala is mortally wounded in a duel with her fugitive husband after she pursues him to the Banda Mt. Pass.

Days after the Fortnight War officially ends, Gela Yala dies in the village of Herblay, entrusting her daughter Myunh to the care of the childless couple that housed in her last days there.

Reports of Bocheul's status reach Annecey, and because of his renown the Sinolorese high command chooses to hush up the circumstances surrounding his compromisation. His official public status to this day is “MIA.”

Upon hearing the news of Domtrau's death, the House Domtrau elders appoint his wife, Anne-Maria von Domtrau, as matriarch.

22 years ago
Thelmont Choseul is born.
Jehanne de Pauer is born.

20 years ago
Leep Hagum is born.

17 years ago
Ecca Ansa is born.

16 years ago
Guntur XIII suddenly takes ill (and dies one year later).

Guntur XIV (43 years old at this time; Alrion's father) succeeds. Influenced by Rho Yala and despising his father's policy of equal treatment of average humans and those with OG blood, he begins a policy of even stricter enforcement of institutionalized OG superiority.

13 years ago
Leonir Domtrau comes of age, but the house council denies his petition to replace his mother as head of the household (perhaps because of his notoriously unpredictable nature). He remains bitter about this decision, and has not forgotten to this day.

10 years ago
After graduating at the age of 21, Alrion is assigned to a post in the rural South State.

Shortly thereafter, what is later referred to as the Second Fortnight War begins when Heiml suddenly invades Thassadia's Northern State.

Sinolor gets the idea to also invade Thassadia, but finds it quite difficult, given the mountain range that separates the two nations. Nonetheless, they attempt it. Of the troops, supplies, armaments, etc that were meant to go to Thassadia, only about 40% of it actually make it through the treatcherous mountain paths.
Brief skirmishes occur between the Thassadian reserve troops and the Sinolorese, but the high commander of the Sinolorese military implores the government to change its stance and to help Thassadia ward off Heiml, arguing that the Heimlians may force a two-front war on Sinolor if they conquer Thassadia.

They eventually agree, and envoys from both nations met and signed a treaty, they work together to ward off the Heimlians.

After this debaucle, the Sinolorese gain a reputation of being two-faced and unreliable in Thassadia.

9 years ago
The Second Ghandarba Incident occurs in South State, Thassadia, where Alrion is stationed. The son of Altief Ghandarba, Ekom Ghandarba, instigates a string of Huolmi terrorist attacks on the army's supply line (which transports food from the Southern farms to the Northern front) and infrastructure, aiming to divide Thassadia by having the South State secede from the nation.

When Alrion's superior, the Governor of the South State, General Houze, is incapacitated, to everyone's surprise/dismay he names Alrion Yala as acting Governor. To everyone's even greater surprise, the young officer manages to bring the situation under control within months.

It was at this time that Alrion thus forms a small but fiercely loyal power base in the south during his brief time there.

The Second Fortnight War concludes about 10 months after it began when Heiml pulls out of Thassadia completely, despite the fact that they had not seen any serious defeats.

Some say that they withdrew because the war showed signs of becoming a battle of attrition, but it also appears that they were just testing the forces of Thassadia (and later Sinolor). It is also thought that the war might have been a cover for espionage, sabotage, planting spies, etc for future use/something bigger.

Thassadia and Sinolor have decent relations for two years.

8 years ago
Alrion is recalled to the capital by Guntur, and is appointed chief aid to the Minister of Defense. It is during his time here that Alrion's mother dies, and he makes the decision to usurp his father.

There are rumors that Guntur calleds his son back to the capital instead of appointing Alrion as Governor of the South State in order to prevent his son from forming a serious power base in the south.

Leonir von Domtrau begins to assemble his own private forces, mostly comprised of those disgruntled with the Vyzova regime but who do not share the same opinion about the treatment of humans as the Zalewo forces, and those in his own family who oppose his mother (the matriarch Anna-Maria).

Ardwight Archeonis opens up a bookstore/library in Annecey. His history prior to this is unknown, and he seems to be very busy for a simple librarian.

7 years ago
Many people in Sinolor are threatened by certain OGs' growing influence, lust for power, and desired image as equal partners of the normal humans rather than servants, and want to surpress them further. Of course, this is a bad idea, as they're the most important defense before Heiml and the Shedu, and is part of the reason that Sinolor is weak (especially compared to Thassadian OGs) when Heiml attacks 7 years later. But statutes written with such sentiments in mind are passed nonetheless.

This sentiment perhaps affected the Regents' majority decision to allow the Department of Genetic Development to experiment on "lesser" Oathugards.

The DGD begins experimental usage of the Serum on these officers.

One of the first casualties of these experiments is Keda Huei, who goes missing after apparently participating in the project.

Goro Huei, though enraged, does not find the courage to go against his sense of duty investigate the government/DGD's involvement in his sister's disappearance until he meets Alrion. From this point onward he does, however, become more sour and increasingly difficult to deal with.

Howerever, thanks to these trials, the serum is further perfected (though it remains with its side effects to this day).

Thassadia solicits Sinolor's Banjar province to come into its fold. The Sinolorese are furious, and launch a propaganda campaign in Banjar that reminds the populace of how Thassadia treated the Huolmi during the SGI and historically. Soon, the will to accept Thassadia's offer dies down. Relations between the two nations sour even more, and remain strained to this day.

In an unrelated ploy, Alrion is sent on behalf of Thassadia and the Ministry of Defense to restructure and support the Oath Order in Sinolor, in half-hopes of it maturing into a party of OGs that is capable of ruling Sinolor one day, or at least splinter the military leadership in the country.

(Guntur mostly sends Alrion to get him out of his hair, not expecting him to actually get the Order off the ground. Of course, it's a win-win situation for him, then.) (At the same time, of course, Alrion is also building up his own power base in Sinolor.)

It is during Alrion's first year in Sinolor that he seeks out and becomes acquainted with his distant cousin, Myunh, whom he meets frequently in the Archives. The two, both with few loved ones of their own, become close quickly.

During this time, Alrion also meets Julya de Pauer, a granddaughter of a former Regent, who will become one of his staunchest allies. He also meets Neidhardt von Zalewo briefly, but the two do not forget each other and feel like old friends.

Myunh graduates from the academy and becomes an Oathguard Initiate. She is stationed in Banjar Province, as a bodyguard of a Regent there for 7 months. Alrion frequently comes to visit her, and she visits him in Annecey during her breaks.

6 years ago
Myunh is promoted and subsequently assigned to be Ordinator Goro Huei's adjutant in Annecey.

Myunh becomes acquainted with Ardwight Archeonis when she goes to borrow books for her superior (though she has no taste for books herself, she and Ardwight become friends).

Julya de Pauer officially joins the Order, assuring Alrion of her and many other families' support.

5 years ago
Alrion comes into contact with Goro Huei, who is still on the fence about joining the Order. He offers to help Goro investigate his sister Keda's disappearance, and Goro reluctantly agrees to join if he ever does find out the truth.

Leonir von Domtrau discovers his father Sepp's old connections with the Brüderretter and the Cult of Eleheiml. He begins negotiations to ally with them, hoping not only to call on them for support some day and catch the ruling Vyzova family off-guard, but also to capture/kill the kin of his father's killer, Gela Yala.

4 years ago
Surveillance of the Order increases, and Alrion and its leading members find operation increasingly difficult.

When one leader is arrested on suspicion of espionage for Thassadia, people suggest that Alrion leave the country.

Before leaving, Alrion leaks some info to the DGD... (*spoiler removed)

Because of the current Regents' recently-increased surveillance of the Order, and especially because of her status as Bocheul Yala's daughter (which high command are aware of), Myunh's rank and status are soon suspended and she is put under house arrest.

Goro Huei becomes intimate with Teresa Falma in a complicated bid to gain access to the reports about the Serum project and his sister's status, to please his old mentor (and Teresa's father) Niko Falma, and to fill a void he feels in his life.

3 years ago
Goro Huei, after a year of investigation, has come to understand that it was Fehould who conducted the Serum experiments. A man of his word, he is on the verge of visiting Alrion with his intention to join the Oath Order when he is ordered by the Regents to arrest Alrion himself. He feels compelled to honor his duty as an Oathguard over his oath to Alrion, and so he complies.

With Alrion's encouragement, and against Goro and Thelmont's advice that she stay and try to clear her name, Myunh decides to defect/flee to Thassadia with Alrion just before Goro and his men arrive to arrest them.

There, Alrion is granted a post as the vice-commander of the eastern army forces, and Myunh is assigned to be his adjutant.

Meanwhile, the Church of Thasa is sneaking around much more easily with the heat mostly on the Order. They offer help to the Order, with questionable motives. With Alrion gone and many of their leaders arrested or under heavy pressure, the Order has no choice but to accept their help. It is with this help that they manage to stay afloat, even under heavy persecution.

Neidhardt von Zalewo takes over for his father. He meets with Alrion in secret, and the two share ambitions and become close allies.

Much to Leonir von Domtrau's chagrin, Claudia of the Amsberg house is married to Neidhardt von Zalewo. It is later rumored that her family chose Neidhardt because he was the head of his house, whereas Leonir was not. (To top things off, Claudia and Neidhardt famously got along very well together because of their similarity in nature and political opinion; moreover, Claudia never really liked Leonir.) The two men never had a very warm relationship, but it becomes even more strained after this incident.

2 years ago
Neidhardt von Zalewo secures a trade agreement between his forces and the Ralbinasi Merchant's League.

Leonir von Domtrau comes to an agreement with the Brüderretter and the Cult of Eleheiml, who are now firmly allied behind him.

1 year ago
Largely because of Alrion's influence and Guntur's favor, Myunh is appointed Commander of the Ypsilon unit. Rungisep Rantel is assigned to be her adjutant and Vice-Commander of the unit.

Maximilien Fehould is elected head of the Department of Genetic Development. Some in the Order suspect his promotion was garnered by OGs aligned with the Church of Thasa.

After his achievements as a top OG commander, Dion Falma is elected vice-commander of the Black Squads.

Leonir von Domtrau convinces the Vyzova regime to make the Brüderretter an official (but secret) military force. He is made the defacto liaison between the group and the govt. (This way, he can gain power and at the same time hunt his father's killer's family.) Many in Heiml begin to keep an even more careful eye on him.

This Year/Present (May 429 S.A., 804 T.C.) (Just before the game starts.)

Thassadia's conflict with Heiml has came to a sudden end. (It was just a cover for them to plant spies in the country like Rantel, and also to do the soul transferal on the semi-willing Guntur.)

Heiml has turned its attention to Sinolor, and invaded the Chongla Province of Sinolor.

While the government's concern and resources are focused elsewhere, the Church of Thasa launches a campaign of compassion to help out the needy in the rural regions and places affected by the war, in hopes of converting more of the populace to their cause.

Events of the Game (429 SA/804 TC~)

(Maybe too spoilerriffic for now...but may be posted at a later time...when I actually know all the events of the game. :3)