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LAST UPDATED: 8/29/2012
uh added the original portraits where applicable (that is, for Gela, Domtrau, and Genvieve..)
in the process of updating this....still...

Name, Age, Home, Crest Type

b. 749 – d. 781, Sinolor (Chongla), Terra
(Gela is playable in the Prologue only.)
As an Ordinator, Gela lead a prolific career, at the tail end of which she was eventually selected to marry Bocheul Yala XIII.
Soon after that Gela bore a daughter, whom she named Myunh.
Less than a year later, the Fortnight War began.
Bocheul was seemingly compromised by the enemy, and Gela was sent to destroy him.

b. 743 – d. 781, Heiml
Leonir's father, who was killed in a duel with Gela Yala 23 years ago when he obstructed her pursuit of Bocheul Yala. Before his death, he had begun to establish relationships with groups such as the Cult of Eleheiml and the Brüderretter, even going so far as to lead the Brüderretter in their in their largest operation within Sinolor, Operation Tristian. Sepp's retrieving of Bocheul was part of that raid, and is what lead to his death at Gela's hand. While it is not really known why he would sacrifice so much for these alliances, it can be safely assumed that his main goal was putting the Domtrau family at the helm of Heiml no matter what the cost.

b. 765 - , Sinolor (Annecey)

Name, Age, Home, Crest Type

An Oathguard who reluctantly fled her beloved homeland after being accused of high treason.
Her greatest ambition is to right the wrongs in her country, and uncover the mystery of what happened to her parents 24 years ago.
Myunh will soon find the answers she seeks, but they will only mark the beginning of her journey down a darker path--one that she cannot help but tread...

Age 25, Sinolor (Annecey/Barsique), Terra.
Raised in the idyllic village of Herblay by foster parents, after entering the Falma Academy in Annecey Myunh's most ardent desire became to uncover the truth behind her biological parents' disappearance. However, her efforts were mysteriously blocked at every turn, as their records--as well as the lips of those who knew anything about them--were tightly sealed. She then resolved to attain the highest rank she could to access more classified information. She worked hard and after her graduation, it was understood that Ordinator Goro Huei was grooming her to be his successor. It was during this time that she was suspected seemingly out of the blue by the Sinolorese military's top brass of espionage, and was subsequently stripped of her rank and honor. Oddly at ease with the situation, her cousin Alrion suggested that Myunh had two options: stay in Sinolor and attempt the near-impossible task of clearing her name, or escape to Thassadia and begin a promising new life and career. Bitter at the way her superiors had treated her, and frightened of the implications of their accusations, she opted to flee with him. At the age of 20, Myunh thus reluctantly became a traitor to her homeland.

Four years after defecting from Sinolor, though she came to hold important posts, Myunh is largely ignored or disrespected as one of Alrion's cronies by many Thassadian officials. To make matters worse, the shame of leaving her homeland in disgrace has never left her, and she has no leads on her biological parents' whereabouts. Dissatisfied and disillusioned with her situation, Myunh is grasping for a way out--and Alrion seems to have a plan, one in which she will play a role. Where will following her cousin lead her this time?
Reserved and calm on the surface, Myunh possesses an artless nature that has been both a blessing and a curse. She easily comes off as cold but is less callous and confident that she would have you believe. Myunh is also proud to a fault, perhaps stemming in part from an intense self-consciousness that she developed during her academy years. While her pride is the source of her strong loyalty and tenacity, it is also behind her decision to leave Sinolor, which is one of her deepest regrets. Left unchecked, her pride will lead her only to sorrow and destruction.

The least-favored son of Guntur Yala XIV, and a man of seemingly unlimited ambition.
During his short career, Alrion has already racked up considerable merits and established power bases and strong allegiances in every nation.
Is he simply planning on forcing his father to recognize him as his heir? Or are his years of hard work in preparation for something much grander?

Age 33, Thassadia (Thassadiel), Stella.
Brought up in the shadows of 3 elder brothers, where they became talented warriors ever-praised by their father, Alrion showed less aptitude for physical combat and was thus largely ignored. However, his doting mother encouraged him to develop in the areas where his elder brothers were lacking, and he flourished intellectually. His father was still not impressed, and had him assigned to the rural South Sector, where for the first few years of his career his talents were largely wasted. But when conflict exploded and embroiled the south in guerrilla warfare, following a series of events, Alrion found himself in charge of quelling the chaos. Barely an adult, he succeeded and was hailed as a hero and superior officer. Though his methods used to end the conflict were questioned by some, he was widely liked and his subordinates were fiercely loyal to him. It was expected by many (including Alrion himself) that Guntur XIV would appoint him permanent governor of the South, but instead he recalled his son to the capital. It was whispered that the paranoid Guntur had done so to prevent Alrion from forming a serious power base in the region.

Six years ago, he was sent to Sinolor on behalf of Thassadia and the Ministry of Defense to restructure and support the "Oath Order", a home-grown Thassadian-backed resistance group of disgruntled Oathguards within Sinolor. On the side, Alrion also began building up his own power base in that country. It was during his first year in Sinolor that he sought out and became acquainted with his distant cousin, Myunh. The two, both with few loved ones of their own, became fast friends. After three years, Sinolorese surveillance of the Order increases, and Alrion and its leading members found operation increasingly difficult. With their mission more or less completed, they decided to cut their losses and return to Thassadia. But Alrion's own personal mission was anything but over--in fact, it was just beginning.
Alrions's affable personality allows him a charismatic veneer that makes him quick to make political allies, but his tendency to manage both his personal and professional life with the same cold objectivity makes sure his true friends always number few. He fancies himself an objective leader without emotional attachments, but he yields to matters of the heart more often than he'd like to admit. It is this part of himself that he resents the most. Alrion is also manipulative--not only in his political dealings, which one might consider normal, but in his personal relationships as well. By secretly implicating her as an accomplice in his espionage in Sinolor in an anonymous tip to the authorities, he instigated Myunh's incrimination and subsequent flight from Sinolor. Essentially, it seems that he ruined his cousin's career in Sinolor so that she would come with him to Thassadia.

Age 23, Sinolor (Roodberghe), Stella
Ordinator Goro Huei's adjutant. Possesses a smile so bright that not even the dark halls of intrigue and fierce competition that is the Falma Academy could extinguish it.
This facetious young man has great ability and a strong sense of justice, but also a weak heart.
A cowardly lion if there ever was one.

More Info Coming Soon

Age 35, Sinolor (Chongla), Terra
One of the Ordinators of the city of Annecey, infamous for his abrasive and inapproachable nature.
Since the loss of his sister 7 years ago, his disposition has become increasingly stoic.
Goro is well-meaning in his heavy-handed crusades against corruption and injustice, but he himself often struggles with doing the right thing.

More Info Coming Soon

Age 25, Sinolor (Chongla), Luna
An Oathguard with a rare talent for curative thaumaturgy.
Rebellious, loudmouthed, and disagreeable, she was best friends with Myunh and Thelmont at the Academy.
Ecca doesn't like being told what to do--she is defiant and independent to a fault, a fact that has caused her much misery in the past.

More Info Coming Soon

Age 47, Sinolor (Yeeh Autonomous Region), Noctis
An “unsanctioned” Oathguard who has lived outside the careful watch of the Sinolorese government his whole life.
Chet is Alrion's trusted captain of the "Gold Shoulders," a unit of other Unsactioned who follow Alrion.
Many find it hard to reconcile his valorous nature with his philandering and heavy-drinking ways. He claims his behavior is normal in Yeeh, and that his role is simply to send his family money so that they can live a better life.

More Info Coming Soon

Age 27, Ralbinas (Eldim), Terra
A confident and seemingly loose-moraled weapons merchant from Ralbinas, Ruxida claims to be nothing more than just that.
But she is suspiciously knowledgeable about a wide range of intellectual topics, and is far more skilled in many fields than any normal merchant should be.
Living a rather epicurean lifestyle, she leaps from pleasure to pleasure, from one adventure to the next, free of responsibility.
What will happen when a great responsibility is suddenly thrust upon her?

Important NPCs

Age 59 (?), Sinolor (Annecey)
Myunh's father. He was pursued by the Heimlian Brüderretter group until he seemingly defected to Heiml. It is unknown whether or not he did this of his own free will, or if he was under some sort of influence. In any case, it seems that the Cult of Eleheiml believes his bloodline to carry of the soul of Rabeul, one of the Shedu Bretheren gods and a servant of Eleheiml… meaning, they would like to see all but one of the Yala line killed to isolate Rabeul's soul in one physical being.

Age 59, Thassadia (Thassadiel)
The current Supreme Ruler of Thassadia, and father of Alrion Yala. He is an ambitious and skilled leader who has contributed much to his country in his time. But are his recent decisions really in Thassadia's best interests?

More Coming Soon


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what language are these names there...weird o.o
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
most of the names are from various countries and/or made up. as noted on one of the other pagea, sinolor is like a french south asia

so the names are primarily pseudo- french and south Asian (Vietnamese and Thai). during college I discovered thai people have awesome names

Turkish ....I haven't used turkish names yet but that's a good idea....
I for one really love the naming conventions you used. :)
I'm going to wager a guess that the mugs are no longer valid.
thank u

and yes, not using the fire emblem mugs anymore haha....

I will be updating/revamping all this gamepage stuff soon to reflect the game/series as it is now, all in preparation for the final release

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