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(Best viewed in 480p+)

RTD:E is a platformer game with tones of blood. The player aims and shoots with the mouse and moves with the WASD keys (akin to the oldschool dos game Abuse). The download comes with everything you need, so just download, extract, and run engine.exe.

Compared to my previous gorefest platformer, this game has a much more intricate blood system, with some new features including limb damage, background splatter, and blood drips. It also has more boss fights, various weapons, cutscenes, and better design in general.

===The Story===

You play as Leigh who was left stuck in an evacuated city, surrounded by living dead creatures called 'reworks.' The military plans deal with the creatures by blowing up the city and surrounding area in a huge explosion. Being left behind, Leigh's only hope to survive is to make it to a deep underground bunker in an abandoned military base near the outskirts of the city. The game starts shortly after he has entered the base.

===The Controls===

Move Left/Right: A/D
Jump: W
Sprint: Shift
Reload: R
Use/Open: F
Adrenaline: Tab
Weapons 1-8: 1-8 Keys
Primary Shot: Left Mouse Button
Secondary Shot: Right Mouse Button
Cycle Weapons: Q/E or Mouse Wheel Up/Down

*Note: Controls can be configured from the "controls" menu.

===Other Notes===

All game mechanics are explained in the first tutorial level of the game. Controls can be customized, music and sound levels modified, and a combat pit entered from the main menu. When guns and enemies are encountered in the main game, they will become unlocked in the combat pit. From here you can use these weapons against waves of enemy monsters.

There are three difficulty levels in the game: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Easy and Normal difficulties change the damage received and dealt by enemies, as well your health regeneration from adrenaline. Additionally, Hard mode decreases the amount of ammo you receive from lockers by a half. While the difficulty settings have no bearing on the story, finishing the game on Hard difficulty will show a special credit sequence.

Between levels, you can save your game to one of the four game slots. As well, should you need it, the first slot listed on the load screen is an autosave. Keep in mind that it is saved over whenever you play a new level.

A game commentary (plus hard difficulty walkthrough) will be uploaded to YouTube sometime soon. Stay tuned.


If you're having a lot of difficulty, then you're either forgetting that using adrenaline recovers some of your health, or you're not being careful enough with your aim. If you're having problems with a particular level or boss, you can read the "hints.txt" file.

Latest Blog

Version 1.1 Patch

I've just uploaded a patch to RTD:E. It includes some modifications to the game to make the learning curve a bit easier, make some elements less tedious, fixes a few bugs, and also add in some achievements.

The main changes include:

-Headshots are easier to preform on easy mode (should reduce complaints about low ammo).
-Standing still for a moment will make adrenaline recovery quicker.
-ID boss fight now includes a hint if you die a few times.
-Five achievements are available to be unlocked.

Please see the change log in the readme.txt for more information about what this patch changes.

If you find any bug with the new patch, please let me know, and I'll submit a new patch with a fix.
  • Completed
  • Beaker
  • Sphere
  • Platformer
  • 01/31/2011 01:09 AM
  • 09/20/2022 03:40 PM
  • 02/01/2011
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This is a really cool game. Everybody should play it!
Wario's-a number one!
This game is amazing, it's got to stay on the first page.
Alright I just finished the game on easy. Way fun time. Took about 40mins to complete. Kinda wish there were more variety in enemies, and the last boss is sort of boring. But all in all, this game rocks. Pretty intense at some parts there!

Good work! *thumbs up*
Usually I don't dig these sorts of games, but dyaaaamn this rocks! I just got to the end of the 2nd level, and while I'm loving it this game is kicking my ass six ways to Sunday! :D Seriously though, this game has rekindled my love for side-scrolling-platforming action. Of course, it also helps that this game is one of the goriest games I've played lately (Splatterhouse being the other one), and I can definitely appreciate this game for what it is. Nicely done on all fronts. The music, the ambience, the tight controls/gameplay, the graphics, the tutorial level, the severed limbs, the blood, the decapitations, the animated cut scenes, just...perfect!
This game is amazing, it's got to stay on the first page.

A dream come true.

This game looks sweet. Downloading now.
Resident Terrapin
glad to see another beaker game on rmn. will be adding this to my playlist.
*click to edit*
I'm at the Jackal (ID?) boss on normal and I must say this is one of the worst boss fights I've ever had the displeasure to fight. Not only are his attacks impossible to dodge, he's frigging invincible! Invincible bosses you have to run from are some of the lamest boss fights imaginable. Really, the rest of the game is great, although it did took me some time to realize you can shoot switches and destroy certain doors, but this boss is so... dumb. I'm also not a fan of the adrenaline mechanic, it stalls the game a lot if you have lost lots of health and need to recover it.

Anyhow - I'm glad this got featured, it's a fine piece of software!
This game plays really smooth. I didn't get far into the game. Actually, I had more fun in the training room :D

Is there a way to play this full screen?
Ya I would really like to play this in full screen....
Yeah, full screen is supported. Just run config.exe->configure driver->check full screen box.

Native resolution is 320x240, so keep the 2x on (most PCs can run 640x480 full screen but not 320x240). As well, if there's a problem with that, you can also expand the resolution with the values in the top right.

There's also some filters for the scaling available like 2xSaI, but I suggest no filter, since that makes it feel more like a 90's platformer (and was what the graphics were designed for).

DE: Yeah, you're right about that boss. It really should have had more cues, and a modified design. I think that part is probably the least enjoyable.
Playing through this now and I think it's really good. Gonna give it a review once I'm done with it. My only complaint so far is that "ambushes" are always incredibly cheap as they're instant damage you can't really do too much about, no matter your skill level. What's the point in introducing a system that will always deal damage to the player no matter how good they are?

EDIT: At least this game doesn't suffer from all the same gameplay problems your previous game did.
My only complaint so far is that "ambushes" are always incredibly cheap as they're instant damage you can't really do too much about, no matter your skill level. What's the point in introducing a system that will always deal damage to the player no matter how good they are?

EDIT: At least this game doesn't suffer from all the same gameplay problems your previous game did.

I kept your previous review in mind during the development process, particularly about having non-linear level designs (though I only really started to implement it in the second half of the game), cheap enemies (like the little green guys you complained about), and that enemies can jump on top of you. Your previous review is also why I sent you that message back in January.

Now, with the exception of the fall in the tutorial (which is there specifically to get the player to use some adrenaline to recover health), and a few falls in levels 5 & 6 (which remove about a pixel of health), you don't have to lose health anywhere right up to point where you get weapon 8. For the ambushes you can either use grenades, the shotgun (in particular, it's alt-fire mode with 2 or 3 shells loaded depending on the enemy), or sprint intelligently to pass it without a scratch. Then well, once you get weapon 8, you can use it or its alt-fire too.

However, that's getting around the point that this game is fundamentally designed around the shooter/fps model and not the traditional platformer (much like its inspiration, Abuse). Platformer is the medium, but the design cliches it uses are from FPSs: alt-fires, sprinting, ammo instead of powerups, and of course, a lot of health /w regen items. Having to (or requiring a lot of skill not to) lose some health at some points is not such a big issues with these games.

The bosses however, well, I'll be expecting the reviews to rant about those. Especially the ones in the middle (and Id's in particular). The first boss and the very last bosses were designed fairly well in that you have to figure them out, and it doesn't take way too long to do so. The fight with the big guy in the screenshot should have had more variation as the fight carried on (there are no formal "stages" with the boss, but once you get its health down to x percent, change the attack types). Alas, designing and implementing boss battles were only slightly less eye-gougingly painful than making the cutscenes. :S
So I started playing through the game and I'm very impressed with it! You;ve came a far way since Jack.

The only (detrimental) issue I noticed was the (lack of) v-sync which can be fixed via the config.exe. My eyes kinda started hurting from the tearing effect.

The gore is outstanding, however! I also think you skimped on the GUI at places, but that's only from a personal perspective, everything else is outstanding!
Would love to see a dual analogue (and/or D-pad + analogue for aiming) control pad support (I guess it can be done with some third party programs but it's be nice to have it built-in).

Otherwise I love this game, but I'm struggling :P

EDIT: Just had a go with my gamepad (using a ps2 pad) mapped as the keyboard/mouse and I managed alright! Was pretty tricky getting used to but I got to the first boss alright. The only problem was the cursor going off the game window. I guess to make it wok properly the "crosshair" would have to be kinda "tied" to Leigh an not as free-roaming as with mouse control.
NewBlack: by pressing CTRL+F10, you can get it to go in fullscreen. If you're graphics card is set up right it should center to the middle of the screen. (Then you don't have to worry about cursor going off the game window).

Also doesn't the game have an option to catch the mouse cursor?
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