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Title song cover

It's cover time! Hopefully I don't get sued for this.

Did it in *cough* my own *cough* style *cough* *cough*

...Okay, I'm sorry for being too lazy to remember the melody correctly =_=
But at least I got the lyrics right... I think?


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Dang man, that's some sweet singing right there! ^.^)b

No worries about getting in trouble since it's my own song and I'm not one to sue~ XD
I like it - it's a different take on it. A few spots in the melody were a little odd, yeah, but it works. Thanks for sharing!
Thank you, and no problem ^^
It was an easy song to cover, so I just went with it. Though it does originally have a jazzy vibe, which I'm not particularly used to.
Great cover for a great song in a great game.
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