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I N F E R N O   O F   A N G E R   2
The Other-Illumination of Shvetayasaparishanta

Inferno of Anger 2 is a metrovania/dating sim hybrid.

Blasé with his romantic relationship with wuxia serial writer Deng Xiaoai, Pan Fernández-Schrödinger takes her cat, Galford, on scenic trips through the Wudang Mountains and often Guishan, the turtle hill, near Wuhan every weekend. This ritual of escapism meets a horrific dream-punching end when Pan’s motorcycle crashes into a person, flinging him and the cat overboard. When Pan regains consciousness, the cat is nowhere to be seen, and Pan himself has been vaulted off a cliff.

Overwhelmed with a sense of guilt for Galford, Pan traverses the rural countryside to find him. At first it seems normal, but Pan soon crosses a threshold into necromantic terror. With that, a flash appears before Pan’s mind, it was a jiangshi that lunged in front of his motorcycle. The new otherworldly adversaries become a proxy of Pan’s lingering guilt. Pan begins a swath of revengeful fury against the beckoning undead.

Inferno of Anger 2 is a game about sophisticated martial arts, underlying reward-tension, and the mysteries of life. Shaped around the idea of grotesque hedonism and closet guilt, Pan finds himself not only in a world of dangerous creatures, but of dangerous love as well. Set in an open world, Pan is entrapped by the flavor of wanderlust. The pastoral Arcadia is full of treasures, women, and perils, but it is up to the player and his handful of martial art skills to conquer them.

The game will utilize a key-lock system involving skill powers; however, acquisition of these powers will be non-linear and can be retrieved from both quests and exploration. Exploration into the deeper regions will require combining skill power use. Searching deeper in the wilderness is searching deeper in the consciousness. That is, if it exists. Adjacent to this system will be Pan’s ability to charm the village-folk. Not only does this provide a deeper interaction between Pan and the game’s environment, it also sets up themes about debauchery and bureaucracy.

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Hasty Herald of Hedonism

Hasty Herald of Hedonism

  The best way to describe Pan would probably be dandy-brute. Fostered by an Andorran sinologist and German catch wrestler, the young scamp has been exposed to a myriad of new-age and pugilistic parenting methods. As a result, Pan is a well-educated and strong person - though if someone can call him an individual is unfortunately dubious. He is a very malleable man, receptive to many opinions, both objectively good and evil. But it is because of this malleability, that he holds a confused stance on his own actions. Nevertheless, Pan is the best tool a human can find. It is no wonder that he will be a versatile tool to you too.

what the hell, have an extra WIP portrait of pan too

As you might figure, I'm redoing the graphics. The old ones were from 2008 anyway so they're all terrible.
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  • thernz
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  • 01/31/2011 05:30 PM
  • 05/10/2012 08:41 PM
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Nessiah's Seme-kun
I almost read that as: One day Pan was taking his girlfriend, the cat, on a ride...

WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
i cannot resist!
Video looks fantastic.
Hey cool, a download's up =D I'll be trying this out tonight
omg it's in here :D
I played it. It's remarkably smooth and the animations are very fluid. However, it's very short D= And lacks sound effects, which I found disappointing. This game could be pretty badass if you put in some "epic sound fx" and switch the background music to something more upbeat. It's not "killer" yet but you're on your way!
Thanks, it's really short because I just wanted a demonstration of the combat mechanics. I didn't really want to bloat the file size just yet so I decided to not have any sort of sound effects of music for the demo.
Yeah dude, this is a pretty good tech demo. When you release another one, I will definitely play that one too.
Wow this looks very good! Going to download it for sure!

Edit: I don't hear sound effects is this intentional?
Yes. There were no sound effects added in yet.
This game is amazing!! I could learn a thing or two from you. You just got another Subscriber!
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