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Everything has happened the same way for years in the Periodic Kingdom: King Helium has ruled from locked away in his tower, Lady Lithium has been in charge of all world wide affairs, and no one really worried or cared. No one ever thought that it would be possible to steal their life away from them. But, when a banished queen rises with her dark empire, and attempts to overthrow the queen, what measures will the inhabitants of this world be willing to take to preserve their ways of life? Will they risk everything to stop her, or will they choose to let the Periodic Castle as they know it, fall to pieces?

Will you be willing to guide these elements on the mission to save their world?

Embark on a journey across a fantasy world to rescue a king, stop an evil queen, save the world, and everything in between! Play as five different elements with unique personalities, and looks, each with their own talents and reactions. Traverse through dense forests, deserted plains, and radioactive towers meeting close to 118 of your favorite elements. Based on a script written for my chemistry class, this cute, enjoyable game features a soundtrack by Aaron Walzhttp://www.walzmusic.com/ and several upcoming artists at Newgrounds http://www.newgrounds.com/, remarkable tiles from Amaranth Games http://www.amaranthia.com/modules/oledrion/product.php?product_id=2 ., and so much more!

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Finally here!(EDIT)

Remember that promise that I made about three or four months ago? Something about a demo in a week? Well, it took a little bit more than a week but its here! In the spirit of Release Something! 11, along with my other project (Check it out if you want: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3648/) the demo V 0.1 for Periodic Castle is finally here! The game is around 1 - 2 1/2 hours right now, relative to how much you complete. If you come across any bugs, or have any feedback to post, I would be more than happy if you'd post it here, so that I may take it into account (Especially involving side quests that don't work, as I didn't finish all of those.)
In addition, I invite everyone to play through all of the fantastic games released for RS!11, there are some incredible works out there!
The last map for the demo has been added(The Heilos Sewers)! This means one more quest playable, and no setbacks whatsoever!
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  • 02/01/2011 08:18 PM
  • 09/01/2015 10:34 PM
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Awesome Graphic and screenshots, and I bet game story line will be interesting too. Can wait to play it.
A new game eh Everguard? Looks good I'm sub.
Thanks, this is really just a project for chemistry taken to game level, probably no more than an hour. I'll be switching back and forth from the light mood of this to the dark atmosphere of Master of Souls... hopefully this will provide a little respite!
Chemists do it on the table, periodically.
I actually like the sound of this one! Subbed.
I actually like the sound of this one! Subbed.
Me loves it! Fun fun fun!

But why all the pictures and no download.... ^_^
I haven't worked on this in a reallylong time :(
But... now that you mention it, I should be working on this more.
I would rather wait for 1-2 hour gameplay.30min is too short when it looks this awesome
Guardian of the Description Thread
I would rather wait for 1-2 hour gameplay.30min is too short when it looks this awesome

Methinks this post should have gone into this blog?
Maybe because that was the first blog post for the game, he only saw it on this page and not as its own page, and therefore posted here? Not that it really matters :)
I hope Francium is in here somewhere. subbed
I hope Francium is in here somewhere. subbed

On a related note, I take it the alkali metals can't go swimming or bathe, ever.
@Justicelord - Hm, I'm sure I'll find a place for all elements :)

@NewBlack - Wow, you're right... that must really stink.
@Justicelord - Hm, I'm sure I'll find a place for all elements :)

@NewBlack - Wow, you're right... that must really stink.

Well considering that they corrode when in contact with the air also, I imagine you'd be right :P
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Awesome. Can't wait for it to come out. :3
Thanks :) At the rate I'm working at, a demo should be out in 1-2 weeks. It will include around 8 side quests (Some of which are not completable), 3 playable characters, and introduction to the storyline and the world of Red Saturn, and about 1-2 hours of gameplay total.
What do I have to do to solve that quest with electron apples???Where are lower alkali fields?Is it the same alkali fields lower part or a seperate area???If so where is it.

Otherwise I really like the idea of this game.
Oh gawsh periodic table of elements
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