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Finally here!(EDIT)

Remember that promise that I made about three or four months ago? Something about a demo in a week? Well, it took a little bit more than a week but its here! In the spirit of Release Something! 11, along with my other project (Check it out if you want: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3648/) the demo V 0.1 for Periodic Castle is finally here! The game is around 1 - 2 1/2 hours right now, relative to how much you complete. If you come across any bugs, or have any feedback to post, I would be more than happy if you'd post it here, so that I may take it into account (Especially involving side quests that don't work, as I didn't finish all of those.)
In addition, I invite everyone to play through all of the fantastic games released for RS!11, there are some incredible works out there!
The last map for the demo has been added(The Heilos Sewers)! This means one more quest playable, and no setbacks whatsoever!


Welcome Aboard!

Hey everyone, with the demo almost complete, I thought now would be a good time to mention the newest addition to the team behind this game:
Adon237 is now helping me with the maps for the game! He is an excellent mapper, far better than myself, and with his help the demo is already much closer to completion, as I had been procrastinating about working on a few maps :)

So, everyone, lets give a warm welcome to Adon!


Picking Up the Pieces

So... after a long period of debate, I have decided to pick this project back up, and turn it into a real RPG instead of a rendition of my chemistry project (Which in some senses, it still is). I went through the first chunk of the game that was already completed and revamped everything, fixing the battles, enemies, items, weapons, characters, storyline, the whole nine yards. Now that I've adjusted the beginning to meet up with the rest of the game's standards, I have a question for all of you. Would you rather have a demo of the game with half an hour to 45 minutes of gameplay, 4 quests (Three of which are completed) and only a few areas to play through that would be out in a few days? Or would you rather wait a little longer and get between 1 to 2 hours of gameplay, with multiple characters and quests, and become immersed in the main storyline of the game?

On a side note, new screenshots will be coming later this week, hopefully. I'm going to be tied up for a few days, but after that I'll be plugging away on the game. So, stay tuned!
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