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Planned features:
*Space travel with varied mapping styles between worlds.
*Fully animated side view battle system with input mini-games.
*Unique Soundtrack
*Sci-Fi graphics featuring dynamic reflections. (Credits to MegatronX)

Latest Blog

Cancelled. (Reboot considered.)

The VX project known as Disciple has been discontinued. This project died with my former laptop in the month of April, 2012. All of the accumulated data for this game was thereby lost and only the images (which were stored online) remain. I initially walked away from indie game development and RPG Maker without saying a word about it. I apologize for it, however; I will consider restarting the project from scratch if all goes well in the future. Losing months of hard work was demoralizing but now i'm ready to continue again. Shout-outs to all my subscribers. Thank you.

On a lighter note, I am releasing a completely new game for the 2012 NaGaDeMo (National Game Development Month) event:

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  • 02/01/2011 08:56 PM
  • 11/13/2012 04:14 AM
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Thx, I hope I finish it too but considering my general lack of work ethic, that may take awhile, lol.
Hey! This looks pretty interesting. I wish there were more sci-fi adventure/roleplaying games.
This is me putting away my VX biases and loving the screenshots!
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