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Cancelled. (Reboot considered.)

The VX project known as Disciple has been discontinued. This project died with my former laptop in the month of April, 2012. All of the accumulated data for this game was thereby lost and only the images (which were stored online) remain. I initially walked away from indie game development and RPG Maker without saying a word about it. I apologize for it, however; I will consider restarting the project from scratch if all goes well in the future. Losing months of hard work was demoralizing but now i'm ready to continue again. Shout-outs to all my subscribers. Thank you.

On a lighter note, I am releasing a completely new game for the 2012 NaGaDeMo (National Game Development Month) event:


Demo delayed, Planets page added.

Unfortunately, the Kraken remains caged and the planned Disciple demo will be delayed until a later time. I wasn't able to complete the demo in time for Release Something 11 but the event motivated me to complete a lot in a short amount of time. On a side note, a new page detailing playable planets has been added to the Disciple game page profile. Below is the current complete listing of planets but check out the actual page for future environment updates.

The list of navigable planets in Disciple.


Ograr is the home-world of the ogre race; a tropical planet full of dense jungles and lush forests. The ogre inhabitants are rather primitive, although by choice. They prefer a simplistic way of life and a strong connection to nature. Ograr is the oldest planet in the Shan Galaxy and the ogre race is one of Shan's first civilizations. Ancient temples built by ogres from centuries past can be found in numerous places across the planet. Ograr's only moon: Gron is also inhabitable and contains the same environmental structure as the planet itself.


A desolate planet with a scarce and thinly spread population. Veil's distant location from it's sun causes the extreme winter weather that envelopes the entire planet. Only 27% of Veil's vast surface is inhabited by intelligent life. Of that percentage of people, an alarming 17% are jailed criminals. The harsh climate makes it the ideal planet for jailing intergalactic convicts, as the nearly inhospitable environment forces potential escapees to remain dependent on their prison for food and shelter. Veil is often referred to as: The frozen prison.


The largest and most resource abundant planet in the Shan Galaxy. It is home to a large diversity of biomes ranging from scorching deserts to icy tundras, although the majority of the planet's landmass is made up of rain forests. Gamuth was once Coyote's home-world until his people were framed for crimes against humanity and ousted from the planet. Now Gamuth has become a nest for the construction of secretive military projects and war machines.


Demo in the works! :D

I'm preparing a Disciple demo for the upcoming event: Release Something 11. Only God and the Kraken knows if i'll finish on time.

Me: Release the Kraken! >:O

Octopus: I'm an Octopus.... <.<

Me: Meh, whatever.

My Kraken/Octopus boss sprite in action. (Rip from Ragnarok Online.)

(The above images are not captures of an actual in-game scenario.)


The hunt for Sci-fi stuff. (New screen inside.)

For me,(and probably many others) the hardest aspect of mapping is balance. It can be quite hard to fill space without needlessly cluttering the area. For this reason alone; I find indoor mapping to be leaps and bounds more difficult than the outdoors. Often when people show off the mapping in their game they're bound to show you nearly all outdoor maps. With a forest or a typical town, it becomes easy to fill the space with trees, lakes and rivers. Resources for these environments are plentiful with the rpgmaker engines. However, for indoor environments your options are more limited and it can be difficult to find a practical way to fill space with them, as a room will only house so many appliances in a practical fashion. Nature, on the other hand, is robust and plentiful.

Top all that off with an even scarcer collection of Sci-fi resources and you get the predicament i'm in. I can make due with whats out there already, but the general lack of science fiction-esque stuff to fill my indoor environments with is really slowing down my mapping progression. The map below is from one of the opening scenes in the game. I worked for many hours on that one room, but I think it payed off in the end. If anyone has ever had the thought of making some quality sci-fi parallax resources, please don't hold back. The sci-fi community desperately needs them.

In other unrelated news, i've recently played some older games on rmn that I never got around to playing, such as: Space Funeral, Hero's Realm, etc. RM2k3 isn't really my thing but I'm really enjoying these titles. :D



Where are all the games you promised? & Disciple Revamped!

I've continued work on my game: Disciple, but first I want to talk about the completion of Rpgmaker games. It seems that a lot of the more promising games are never completed and I was wondering if some of these developers share the same mindset as me. I work via bursts of enthusiasm and I often grow tired of developing. If i'm not having fun (not feeling it) then I have trouble working. This seems like a reasonable mindset to have but it's also the mindset of someone who doesn't finish what he/she starts.

I'd also like to touch on the subject of perfectionism. I'm a rather strong perfectionist myself, so lemme' tell you this: it's the ultimate enthusiasm killer. You'll need enthusiasm to finish a game and nothing can take it away from you like perfectionism. Once you convince yourself that you're not capable of satisfying your artistic vision then you'll quit trying due to the frustration. It's uncanny that a demo often arrives before the death of a game rather than shortly before it's release. I want to follow through on this project so it won't become another game that would've been. To be honest I was inspired to keep working after seeing what can be achieved on this engine with the game: Amulet of Athos: Legend of the Sarian Knights. Kudos to AoA.

Now for the other news: I've completely revamped Disciple! The first thing I want to mention is the battle system, which has been changed from a first-person battle system to a side-view battle system. Once I learned the trick to obtaining and making use of fully animated monsters, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Not many Rpgmaker games can attest to this feat. The other huge revamp was in the mapping style. I've improved my mapping 10 fold (imo) with the use of advanced techniques and parallax mapping. I hope you'll enjoy my game in the future!



Story time! =)

So far I've been pretty vague and minimal in explaining any story content related to my game, so I've decided to dedicate my first blog post to the story........mostly. Now first of all, the game takes place in a futuristic Sci-Fi setting, spanning a large galaxy know as the Shan galaxy. The main conflict stems from ancient galactic history. In days long ago, a group of governmental leaders simply known as 'Sphere' ruled over the prosperous planet of Gamuth. In times of galactic hardship 'Sphere' was convicted of an intergalactic crime and was thereby exiled from Gamuth forever. News of this quickly spread across the galaxy and many other planets closed their doors to these newly pronounced criminals. Little did the galaxy know, Sphere had been framed by unknown entities and only sought to prove their innocence. Sphere and their remaining loyal followers gathered themselves and built new places to live, constructing quiet space colonies in secluded parts of the galaxy.

The Planet Gamuth

A planet of incredibly deep oceans and dense forests. 300% larger than planet earth, it's only moon is also hospitable and inhabited.

Eventually, a man within Sphere was able to stir feelings of hatred and indignation within the community and soon Sphere would become a ravenous pack seeking only vengeance and power. However, the war they will wage is not a war of marching armies but instead a quiet operation to infiltrate all sectors of power within the galaxy, taking control of them from the inside. To complete these tasks Sphere formed a league of soldiers known as D.O.G (The Disciples of Gamuth) named after their belief that they are still the true rulers of the planet Gamuth. Only one other large organization within the galaxy knows of these new programs being run by Sphere. This group is known as The Heraldry. The Helraldry is a truly benevolent force in the galaxy, assuming a role as an intergalactic peace-keeper. The soldiers under their command are all enhanced by advanced genetic engineering programs, granting them enhanced senses, strength and speed. Perhaps, the strangest thing about the Heraldry's army is the fact that they rely almost entirely on their genetic engineering in combat. You see, the soldiers of the Heraldry all carry melee weapons of times long past, such as swords, shields and the like. They also wear armors made to resemble those of ancient earth's medieval times. They are taught that guns are a cowards weapon and that hand to hand combat is the true path to honor.

Now a quiet war creeps across the galaxy as The Heraldry moves to stop Sphere and their Disciples of Gamuth. I think the interesting thing is that you'll (at least at the start of the game) be playing from the eyes of the antagonists this time; D.O.G (Disciples of Gamuth.) Plans to swap back and forth between a main character from The Heraldry back and one from D.O.G. That way you'll get both points of view while playing. Pictured above are screens of a few of the main characters from each side.
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