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Type/Genre: RPG, Puzzle, Adventure, Emotional, Friendship, Romance, Religion
Platform: Windows (PC), OS & Linux (Extra Software Needed)
Length: +- 2 hours per episode, 6 to 8 episodes. Free2play, but a commercial version is my final goal
Resources: Custom music, Custom art, Custom battle system and other scripts

Luke is no hero-material. He fills his days with skipping school, scoffing at his drunk dad and other petty crimes. His life is turned upside down when he meets a strange person, Sokin, at the park one day. Before Luke realizes, he finds himself lost in an unknown world called Halcyos. Luke feels guilty for dragging his friend Susane in all this. When faith strikes, Luke and Susane lose track of each other, lost in a new world. And so Luke pledges to find his friend back somewhere in a world of unknown people, customs, religions and struggles.

Sokin is the only person who can guide Luke in Halcyos, find Susane and go home. But exactly who is this mysterious person? Is he also the one who will drag him in a battle between religion and politics or will he help Luke realise that he has to to grow up and learn that his destiny and that of the people of Halcyos intertwines more than he could ever imagine?

On top of that, Luke starts having nightmares and sees mysterious orbs floating around. Is he just imagining things or is there much more going on than he realizes at first?

Ascension is an rpg with a twist. The battle system and leveling system follow the “Quality Over Quantity” rule. There are less battles than in most other rpg’s, but each confrontation will be a challenge. Your only task is to survive. If you manage to do so, you will be auto-healed and are ready for the next battle. Also, we are happy to inform that Ascension will have NO random encounters. Decide for yourself which battles you want to get involved to.

Apart from battling, Ascension second main gameplay focus are minigames and quick events. Normal gameplay will often be mixed with minigames. Depending on how good you are during these events, you will earn better accessories, which in turn will benefit your party.

Latest Blog

Ascension Trailer won Trailer of the Year Contest at rmxpunlimited

We have good news today: The trailer from our game Ascension has won the Trailer of the Year Contest at rmxpunlimited. With almost 35% of the votes, Ascension game out first.

Thanks to all voters and contestants and most of all thanks to RATED-RKOFRANKLIN for providing the awesome prizepool! You can watch in on YouTube:

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My mind is full of fuck.
I managed to defeat that demonic boss automatically, some bug? Barely did anything.
It was a bug in one of the earlier versions of the demo. We should have this covered for the full version :)
Is gravity-games.org still the website? 'Cause it's about game guides when I open it.
Is the game put on ice?
gravity-games.org shows me still a product website of some clothes...
...and the facebook-status of "Gravity Games" got the last update on 30.Juli.

I spend more time in waiting :D I want to play this great game! :D
The game was on hiatus for a while, but the project is largely remade now. I'll be posting new info about it on rmn soon. For those who can't wait: check out the site, it isn't a site about game guides or clothing anymore btw ^^
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