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I made a dungeon crawler. I think I will call it DungeonQuest. You start out by getting gold from a king and visiting a town where you will pick your party of 4 from 16 classes. Then stock up and go dungeon crawling. There are 3 dungeons, 2 towns heaps of weapons, skills, equipment, monsters and diversity. In the world map, there are random battles, but in the dungeons you can avoid enemy NPCs. Some of which will chase you when they see you. There is no plot, just fun. Dodge enemies, fight enemies. Combat makes you think.

This is mostly to demonstrate the combat system from EpiQuest 2, before releasing Epiquest 2. There are a few bugs I'm trying to stomp out, but it doesn't interrupt the fun of playing. There's around 3 hours of content.

You can always change your character's class by visiting the guild guides. There are certain classes that have both might and magic (Grey, Hero, Mistress). I don't recommend playing half and half. It is better to have a great fighter or a great mage than an OK mage who is an OK fighter. Commit to either one, but you can always change thier bias if you need to.

The class of the main hero. This class encompasses everything major from every other class. Might, magic, summons, spells, skills and equipment. The hero is tough to beat and eventually learns uber attacks to finish off the toughest bosses with ease. Assuming the battle lasts long enough for the hero to become enraged.

Focusd on big killing weapons, the warrior doesn't have much in the way of defense. All of the warrior's skills are given by the weapons and equipment. The warrior can make short work of any enemy that is not magical.

The soldier can use the best armor and a good variety of weapons. This class is a tank meant for abuse and charging forward. They might have limited skill diversity, but it will still get the job done against most foes.

The thief is quick, nimble and can use fast weapons. This class uses poisons and other status ailments to get the job done and can even wear disguises to take on more skill sets. A very diverse fighter.

This is a very diverse class. The hunter uses bows, whips, clubs and knives. You can bulk up on attack power or agility for quick kills with a bow & arrow. Most of the hunter's skills are status ailments afflicted from arrows.

Ah the cunning archer is designed to not get hit. Standing in the background, they use bows, arrows or guns. Very similar to the hunter, only with better equipment and more diverse skills that include elemental attacks and not just status afflictions.

The pilgrim's magic comes from a staff and or an orb (and or an orb?). A variety of staffs that will give the pilgrim new spells as they level up and a wide selection of orbs too. The pilgrim is definately weak in combat, but they are great with a staff and a wise pilgrim can win any battle with a mere staff.

A mage gets its power from orbs, rods and wands. They have a small selection of weapons, but their power comes from magic. All of the mage's equipment builds up their spirit and can turn them into a devastating force, especially against elemental and undead enemies.

The grey is similar to the hero and encompasses both harmful and helpful magic. This class can also use a wide variety of fair weapons. A jack of all trades so to speak.

This class uses whips, claws and status affecting orbs. She is a multi faceted fighter and magician. She can be used for either category. To make up for this power, she is very weak against status ailments.

Martial Artist
The martial artist is a simple class. Little in the way of defense and weapons, but every piece of humble equipment builds the class's strength to dismantle most enemies. There are also unique skills to help with this.

Combat Strategy
Like Epiquest, there are enemies wandering on the map. You can avoid them, but when you get caught in for combat, you have to come up with a strategy... for every battle. Every battle is different, because every enemy is random (except for bosses) and the enemies are diverse. They don't just have weak points, but different tactics are needed to defeat each. Birds can't be fought by traditional melee items. You will need bows, magic or a jump attack. Magical enemies are immune to normal attacks, so your fighters will have to use items or be on guard.

Your brain is always thinking. Background characters step up to shine, and traditional roles are broken. Especially when you use certain tactics to make a pilgrim into a master of combat against a tough foe.

Enemies use logic and they will heal each other and remove status ailments. They will try to shut you down like a human player would.

You can even get summon skills to switch up your combat when you call upon Sirens, Saghins, Lamias or even gushers. If you see an ogre that can decimate your party and you don't have a confuse spell to get him on your side, summon a Lamia to confuse the big boy. He will do your bidding and knock out his allies.

There are even friendlies that will fight against other enemies and heal your party for you. It turns into a relief knowing not everything in the world is trying to kill you.

To keep all of the information organized, DungeonQuest has a bestiary and scan skills that will tell you everything. You can learn the scan skill from wearing specs or equipping short bows.

Maps & Traps
As I've mentioned before, you can avoid enemies on the map. Different types of enemies have different patterns. Spirits wander randomly and pretty swift. Sentries pace back and forth, but when they spot you, they'll chase after you pretty quick.

Once you're caught, you go into battle, but after the battle, you have 1 second to plow through enemies on the map with invincibility. You'll hear a quiet chime when your 1 second is up. There are items that will buy you longer time. In a second, you can plow through a lot of map enemies, let alone 2 seconds.

There are standard switches to open shut doors, but there are map traps and blocking obsticles. Map traps that will cast status affecting spells or damage you. The status affecting map traps are all visual, but not quite blatant. So if you walk into them, its your own fault.

The physically damaging map traps like spike floors are very blatant and deadly. You might be able to take one stab from the spikes, but not many more. Some spikes have patterns, inactive for 2 seconds, then active for 2. Other spikes are always active until a flip is switched... you know what I mean.

Treasure Hunting in Light & Shadow
In each dungeon... or area in general, there are treasures scattered around. Some are blatant treasures like a sword or scrolls. Other treasures are tougher to find like shinny objects as if someone had dropped something small. These objects don't shine all the time. That would be too easy.

Speaking of too easy, caves and dungeons are dark... obviously. There are shadows that move. The light can play tricks on you and the shadows can hide something blatant that you may have missed your first way through the passage. There are also X-Ray skills that let you find invisible treasures!

With my Epiquest games, most of the treasures were random. That's still the case, but different. Now with a random treasure, a slot machine appears and gives you the chance to get your desired treasure. Well desired if you know what icon will get you something. This might be more helpful for your second play through. Even if you don't get 3 icons in a row, you still get a default prize. Which might not be much in some cases.

There are 50+ scripts and I'm still untangling them. Some cause bugs with others. Its mind bending. The script makers are:
- Yanfly
- Modern Angebra
- Dargor
- Shanghai


Latest Blog

Still charging.... Squashing bugs and making it easier to test.

I've programmed 3+ more hours into DungeonQuest. Unfortunately, most of that was squashing bugs with the character select scripts. My first real script that I made from scratch. Everything else was made by someone else... and they have their bugs, I'm just not smart enough to debug them.

It should be easier for me to test the game now, because I've added a command that removes the battles in the game. So what would have taken me an hour is now ten minutes.

3 more pages out of 30+ have been put into the game. I'm also thinking that simple Morrowind style quests might be best for the next game instead of having an actual story. There are movements and things that consume time and need testing.

Now I'm at the bridge (quite literally) between the first quest and second. Good enough of a benchmark to stop. Realistically if it takes 1 page per hour, I still have another 30+ hours before I'm done adding the script into the game. At this rate the minimum time the game would be done is 10 days.

I'm also adding quest status sensitive dialog. Like the townspeople react to where you are currently on your quest.
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Yeah, I'm smacking myself in the head for not shortening the name. I've been going by Amerk recently. Does anybody know of a way to edit the profile?
who am i and how did i get in here
You cant edit your name. I wanted to edit mine. WIP said no.
Yeah it would probably mess a bunch of stuff up. I've got a lot of stuff done on the game. I've made a topic tree when you talk with important people. You can ask them specific stuff and to join your party. But would this be a bad idea?
Depends on what you're going for. A bit of customization definitely goes a long way, but I prefer more jrpg games and dungeon crawlers over open-ended, although I have played a few open-ended that I enjoyed. But I have to admit the idea you have sounds intriguing and reminds me a little of Final Fantasy 2 (the NES game) where you had to use certain key words and passwords to get NPC's to reveal info.
This game looks interesting. Keep up the good work!
Thanks Space Monkey :-) I've been silently working on it and putting in features and a story :-)
I like the look of this project. Consider me subscribed.

Thanks so much Thedjt. I should have the completed chapter 1. up sometime next week.
can you tell (m/l) when does it come out?
The earliest is next Friday. I need to add the story from the word document into the game and make a few more things in the game that might take a while. :-) Thanks for your interest Tomerl!
NP, actually i hope that you don't forget to update even when you complete it! (please :P)
I'm 100% subscribed!

edit- Awesome work, i can see that will not throw this project away and if you wan't i can help!
i have RPG maker vx too and i know a good program to make character... (characters xp) :).
hope it helped!
Thanks so much for subscribing! I'm pretty surprised how many people have subscribed. I'll post a blog once I've got it posted. I'll write you more.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
It isn't up for downloading anymore/yet...
Nope. I figure I'll wait until its done to let people download it.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
:( I SO wanted to try it!
I feel sad...
I honestly think it will be a good game! But how long will it be for the download to come back up?
Edit: Well, it has been months (like 3) that nobody has posted about the game!
And it still isn't up?
It'll be a while for it to be posted again. Its already been a few months. My job gets in the way. I really didn't work on it for months. I've only worked on it 3 days in 3 weeks now.

Its closer to being finished than not being finished. I need to wrap up the last 2 dungeons and add the dialog. I already have the dialog typed out and I've had non RPG fans read it. Positive reviews on dialog alone.
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
Ok. :D Good! So I am guessing it would be a goood
The story has come a long way, but I'm sture people will still find things to dislike about it. I can post the dialog, but I think its like 30+ pages. I'm trying not to kill people with cut scenes, because personally I'd just rather play the damn game not read it :-)
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
:D Every game has SOMETHING SOMEONE hates about the game. No game is perfect.
Especially when certain people like certain types of games.
That and I follow what people say they dislike about RPGs. People do podcasts and video reviews and complain about the same things that all RPGs have. 5 minute long cut scenes to kick off the game, the same RTP graphics, the need to grind (instead of just one easy A to B game), death sending you back an hour into your game if not longer, too much backtracking, random battles and more. I once made a bulletpoint list.

I'll be posting a blog soon.