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This is actually pretty good

  • Karsuman
  • 06/21/2007 01:43 PM
ONYX is a 2006 release made in RM2000, and is a game that comes with its fair share of pros and cons.

ONYX is the story of Chad, a young and antisocial, emotially-distant man that gets thrown into another dimension after experiencing a strange phenomenon. This game, more then most, would have benefited from an editor, as the characters are charming and the plot is interesting, but suffer a bit from unrefined dialogue and telling the story in a convoluted way. Interestingly, the villains are more colorful than the main characters, and have a great deal of screentime.

The game is of incredible length for any RPGmaker game, clocking around 40~ hours, and its fairly difficult until you can buy the awesome healing items at the very end of the game. There's a heavy focus on gameplay, loads of genuinely tough bosses, and large Persona-esque dungeons that are usually very straght-forward, with little to no puzzles.

Music and sound were exceedingly average, though the choices generally fit the mood in dungeons and cutscenes.

There were no game-ending bugs that I found, but being Yeaster's first game he didn't seem to realize how the elemental resistance tab in the database actually works, resulting in the 10% to all resistance items being the best resistance items in the game. As I played this game sometime ago, this issue might have been addressed by now.

All in all, the game is worth playing and is far above average for a first RM* effort.