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Hiatus and what's to come

  • Stedar
  • 08/23/2010 05:52 AM
This is a very, very old project. This, to me, was my first "non-noob" released rm2k3 game back then. I kinda shudder whenever I look at it and go back to play through it.

Sure, in my honest opinion it's better than a lot of first games and uncompleted games in general, but it's fatally flawed. I also don't plan on fixing it or returning to fix it anytime soon. Technically it's cancelled, but I'll just say that it's on a hiatus and won't be worked on for a while. To see the NEWER AND BETTER project I am working on now, please check out

Hero I - Ephren's journey and it's RMN profile at:

Thank you.