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SOLDIER being remade in VX Ace with a new name.

My inspiration was Suikoden obviously, but also to the many great gamers that made games like these: Kamau that made the Legion Sagas' and SFC who created Exit Fate. I thank them as well for my inspiration.

Story: A former general of the Lumian military joins a secret rouge group called SOLDIER(I think it as a tribute), to fight the oppression of the strong Arcadian empire, whilst having to also deal with his ex-comrades in Lume, by discovering the real truth behind Arcadia's agenda to conquer the lands, and also to recruit as many wanting soldiers and other people to help your castle that you managed to obtain and put a stop the war.

-116 characters to collect around nations of the world.

Fight in engaging war type battles, it should be easy to do with choice selections and panoramas, which will be deep progress, ala suikoden, or actually on tilesets with choice selections

-Nearly every single character has a important storyline to resolute before the end of the game.

Most of Lume's towns/villages are quite open at the start of the game, even though, most of the stuff you can't buy won't be available for purchase, but later to collect characters, but fair warning to those who tread further, if you want to fight more powerful monsters in the world

Possible features:

*New Update*
- Customize your starting biography to suit your liking. Depending what is chosen, you get small or big amount of money to start off with.

-Arena battles that may feature, to win money and other special prizes

-Transportation to previous areas when you get a transporter character, this will also gain access to secret areas in Arcadia and Lume that you properly
couldn't get into.

-Obtain a ship once you gain a pirate ally, properly mid-early in the game before you get the transportation character, so you properly won't need him then.

-Get more population in your castle with soldiers and civilians by recruiting a political figure.

-Hire a treasure hunter and potentially find hidden treasures or rare items in chests, etc.

-Never feel hungry again with a personal cook with a kitchen

-Recruit a gambler to gain more money -I assume this would be difficult for me if I can't work a mini card game. Or just do a guessing one.

-Need to fly around the world? Recruit a pilot to many destinations

And more to come... A upcoming sequel to the game might be something else, which is called Abraiser Tales on MZ, which won't be released straight away afterwards, I'll delay it as much as I can do complete this one.

Latest Blog

Game On Hold Until Confirmation...

It would appear that this maybe cancelled for the time being, unless files from my PC were wiped after my motherboard crashed on me, but it mostly overused obviously, and I had used a program to speed up my games which caused it. I'm not sure if I'll able to continue, but I may start from the beginning which isn't too far off apparently, but took some time gathering up resources though. But I had to wait for my pc to be fixed, tomorrow, so it won't be long after all.

My game intro could used abit of more work though.

Update: Looks like I lost everything, well, time to start off everything again.
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"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
If at all possible, I would suggest cutting the estimated recruitable character count from 120 to roughly 15-20 and give them all a moderately deep-rooted backstory instead of pushing an army onto the player and having them decide who they want in their active party out of "one-dimensional nameless knight #16" or "one-dimensional nameless knight #63".
My mind is full of fuck.
I'm pretty sure I have 118 characters actually. I put Chapter 1 or 2 to space it out or whatever to know where you can get them. So I may of just tricked myself and guessed for being lazy.

The area map you start is abit small, but not so over populated, i might put something more, if i get a demo out and anyone test out my game and fix any spelling errors. A little lazy with mapping, so I'll try to stick with what I have to fix up.

And I will actually do that Corfaisus. To give them more backstory, but not so much on the main guy, as he can be the end result of character development. Though one guy is a mercenary, there's no real point yet for him to go all "this is how my story goes...". Later on though. A priest will join you too, i know I'm spoiling abit, I will give him a flashback story too, before he joins you as such.

Baen Forest looks like the trees on grass don't really go over so well with the map, so I'll work on that too.

Actually using a chipset aeoracle.png. Pretty sure that was from Ademphia, so I properly change it all over. It's looked very unusual, so I gave it a bit more interesting to have a random boss fight. But Baen Forest is optional. But that's only when you have to reach a location, you'll go though there to the town, and into another area, seeing as it's blocked at the moment.

I'm a sucker for Suikoden-type games, so I look forward to playing this.
My mind is full of fuck.
Thanks. Too busy with Dreamwalker to work on this. If there is anything to make the game like recruiting a character then him/her appearing later to join you again, as long as they keep their levels, for Anabeth, your distant cuz in the game, who leaves on short notice back to your HQ due to some dangerous exploits she put herself though, twice actually. There is some major fixes as I was testing the game, as in repeative events of visiting soldier though a story event, with another character you get, too many things going on at the same time lol.
You didn't package this correctly, thats why the filesize is so small. You didn't include all the resources needed to play this, when you open the game, it says you are missing file vehicle1
My mind is full of fuck.
Guess it's up. I supposed to delete the level cheat, you may have some saved files there, better of starting over and overwriting them, or easily delete them anyway.

The demo has no ending yet. Unfinished maps and events, and confusion where to go, but i might help you out with that, maybe I'll write a play though walk though and post it here if someone is stuck. Not sure if this will be canceled or not, as I am working on another soldier game, which is to be renamed soldier 2.

As the other one i just gained nothing from it, but was interesting to work. I properly work on it again, and change the game name and storyline to something different.

Hope it catches someone's interests as i have 2 subs for now.

I have two version of the soldier game, and hopefully this is the right one anyway.

Yeah, I forgot about that Jade sidequest too, sorry. It may be removed so no confusion next time.

The guy's hair was brown, even so my main character's a red head from fire emblem.

My mind is full of fuck.
Hmm, I might rework that party change area. And because the SOLDIER HQ isn't complete, due to some parts where there are no other rooms, like bedrooms for soldiers, just the waiting area and where the main leaders are, I'll properly add more things like stairs to upper floors when I get the chance. Edit: I'll add more to the post, just double checking things right now.

Hmm, seems to some bugs like one bandit group left, and apparently Anabeth's character talking out of nowhere even so she's not in the group. I'll properly restart the game again to try and found what's wrong.

I think it's in the Western Star area where you start off near your base, and there's some events I either properly didn't fix with leaders repeating events.
Hello there! I've had my eyes on this game for awhile--mainly how it's described as a "Suikoden type" of game. Suikoden is my absolute FAVORITE rpg, so naturally this projects holds my interest. Subbed for more news on this one. :)

My mind is full of fuck.
Properly gonna remove SOLDIER, and tuck it away for awhile. I had lost interest, with just mapping towns and stuff, very lazy.

I understand that people are interested, but don't worry, it'll be back in some form.
=( I await to see final prodoct, suikoden being of my fav game series I hope you'll be able to get the full version out asap. Also, will it also feature tactical battles and the R/P/S forms of combat?
My mind is full of fuck.
Nope, but big battles against Arcadia or Lume or any other special enemy consists one after another, and full heal after every battle.

I'm confused on where the events go, making sure Anabeth doesn't reappear back in Jax's House after failing to beat the vampire in the obtainable new castle. And the end of the demo suppose to be just at the entrance of Dragon Graveyard.

Pera Pera Port is just another addition in Western Star to recruit another character.

That's about it. Annoying bug events. Using rpg maker 2000 is a bitch.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Can't get the game to open at all??
My mind is full of fuck.
Just downloading checking to why it can't open it might work on mine, who knows.....So, you got winrar, winzip or anything? Obviously everyone does.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
I've got 7zip, maybe i should try something else ? right back
sorry no i meant the game unzips fine, it's when i open the .exe file that i get "impossible to open etc.", also when i view it with rm2k there's nothing there : no chipsets, nothing, all black. As well as with rm2k3, which brings this wierd thing : its obviously a rm2k3 game(2 systems), but it demands to be opened with rm2k ??? In both cases, there's nothing
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
You didn't package this correctly, thats why the filesize is so small. You didn't include all the resources needed to play this, when you open the game, it says you are missing file vehicle1
maybe he's got a point.
I messed up again with the double quote, sorry !

................................ so i guess its out! too bad!
My mind is full of fuck.
I didn't copy and paste any resources inside.
You say this is a Suidoken-type game, but the name points to Final Fantasy VII. I seriously recommend a name change.
My mind is full of fuck.
No way, I had this name for ages. S.O.L.D.I.E.R. came to mind at random, and yes, it does seem related after all. I had thought about that.

But the dots are their for a reason, as it has a hidden meaning thing, and not fully named as SOLDIER.

They mean something else, yes, it was hard to come up with a name, that was situable.

Whether it really matters, it does. These are the ones that I decided to pick out.

Soldiers Officers Lords and Dames Infinite Enclave Resistance.

Soldiers Officers Lords and Dames In Earning Rune. (Rune is the basic currency)

Strength Oppression Lawful Decisive In Enforcing Resistance.

Soldiers Of Law And Defense In Engaging Resistance.

I had trouble with the I meaning. Maybe Soldiers Officers/Oppression Lords/Lawful and Dames Informant Enforcing Resistance/Rune/Resistance.

Or you can properly came up with some better ideas. I'll keep the name for awhile, because I didn't see the relation between the final fantasy group name at first. Maybe I'll come with something else. And not Exit Legion Koden
I liked SOLDIER better >:(
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