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Take up your sword and shield as you assume the charge of a young soldier in the service of the Lord of Hamlin. Charlock has fallen and Alefgard is turning an eye towards the abundant fields of Torland. Your liege has ordered you to seek audience with your king in Moonbrooke for instructions on what to do next. Whether you follow them is your decision to make.

While the player begins his or her adventure in Torland, they will have to choose which faction or kingdom they want to support. Players can join the Knights of Erdrick and besiege their neighbors across the sea or they can take up the cause of the beleaguered defenders and drive the Western foreigners from their shores.

Each player chooses their role and determines the course and outcome of the game because Dragon Warrior Tactics uses a branching storyline where multiple paths are possible. The players' choices have a real and significant impact on the story.

Dragon Warrior Tactics is a hybrid and blends features from both Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy Tactics including a day and night system, job classes and mercenaries, missions or propositions, and more.

In keeping with the spirit and tradition of other Dragon Warrior games, Dragon Warrior Tactics explores the life and times of a cross section of people from various social classes. Many of whom are playable by you.

Dragon Warrior Tactics is an interquel that bridges the canon between Dragon Warrior I and II. Classic 2-D gaming meets Tomoaky's SRPG2 Tactical Battle System to put a spin on one of the forefathers of console RPGs much like Final Fantasy Tactics did for the original Final Fantasy.

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Wow it's almost been 2 weeks since my last entry. I was only a hundred or two away from hitting 10,000 views so I was going to wait and say "yay!" but then the big one-oh came and went while I worked on game. I know it's not really a huge achievement and that a lot of games hit that pretty fast but at the time I thought it was neat.

Anyway, I was hoping to do something special for the 10k but unfortunately I don't have anything monumental to give. I thought about posting my old demo at this site since I never shared it here but it sucks and is really not representative of the current version. Even when I released it, the old demo was not actual gameplay from Dragon Warrior Tactics as it existed at the time but rather a mini adventure that took place in a different time.

I decided not to set the game as a download on the game profile. I don't want people rating the game based on it and like I said it is really nothing like the current game. People would probably give a lot of suggestions about the game that just aren't applicable anymore (like fixing the font, difficulty, etc.)

With that in mind, if you want to play the old "demo", feel free to check it out here (without the RTP) or here (with the RTP) if you haven't already punched yourself in the crotch today.

It is frustrating and ghetto but I had fun playing it when I made it. + If you finish it, you get:

to play a hidden mini pacman game and can win a cheat code for the full version of DWT

Enjoy (or don't)!

Last post I made a list of things that I wanted to accomplish in the near future. I had an idea for a custom event-based system and it took 2 days just to conceptualize how it could be done. I have a pretty good idea of how I'm going to do it so I put down a foundation and moved on.

I have been working pretty hard on the storyline. It is already written on a text-only plot point storyboard or flow chart or w/e you want to call it. However, it is taking a lot of time converting it to dialogue and plugging it into the game.

One of the problems I ran into with the text/dialogue is that my font does not fit the same way as the default font. Consequently, I can't use the little arrow to figure out if it is going to fit, fill the box, or spill over resulting in cut off dialogue until I test play it. So, what happens is I write some dialogue and then run through and test it all, write some dialogue and then run through and test it all, lather rinse repeat, lather rinse repeat.

Dragon Warrior Tactics dialogue is also complex. Since it varies depending upon your actions, how far you are into an arc, etc. there are multiple sets of dialogue for each situation that needs to be written/tested.

That alone would be time-consuming. However, there's more. Since I didn't do everything in one sitting, some npc's and cut scenes had their name or another identifying word at the start of their message while others did not. As a result, some npc's would sound like this:

"Guard: This area is off-limits."

while others would say things like:

"Can I help you?"

A small detail for sure but one that bothered me for its inconsistency. In the end, I decided to remove the identifier/name for normal 1-way interactions like those you get when you walk up to an npc and talk while leaving in the identifiers/names for dialogue that is a back and forth between 2 or more people so that you know which person is saying what.

Another thing I realized is that the characters start out using Dragon Warrior I type dialogue "Hast thou" and then become "Have you" type dialogue. I know I'm going to have to fix it, I just can't bring myself to tackle this right now.

After that, I decided to work on the facets of the battle encounters. This seems to be a pretty popular topic at the forums so I'll just give a short blurb thesis of confusion and indecision of where I am right now. This is the current battle system:

As I previously mentioned, when you touch certain squares, there are story/side-quest battles. You should know that the battle is there (I haven't added a mark yet but I may do so in the future). Once you fight that battle, the square becomes a "random battle" square. When you step on the square a coin is flipped and you have a 50/50 chance of encountering an enemy. This is all old news. However, there's more ;)

The system I'm currently using is a 100% run success (just x out of the battle setup). But, there's a penalty! This is the new part. If you "run" or cancel a random battle you are penalized. Right now I am leaning towards a % of gold loss if you run or losing an amount of gold that is equivalent to the amount you would have received if you won the battle.

Currently your health point is regenerated 100% at the start of every battle. I didn't realize Tomoaky's SRPG did that. This is particularly confusing considering that the sample encounters that come with the script have the line "recover all: party" in the event that calls them. If parties regenerate automatically, then why does it include this? I removed the line but it still regenerated the characters. I suspected that it is somewhere in the script's settings but I haven't found anything in it yet so I will probably ask around.

However, I don't really mind the regeneration. If I remember correctly, Final Fantasy Tactics used a 100% regeneration between battles. I like games that test your endurance. It is fun to play a game with hp loss that carries over from battle to battle, watching your limited stock of herbs dwindle, and wondering if you are going to make it to the target or back out again. I love the feeling of victory when you make it to town praying you don't encounter another enemy with your 2 hp and no healing supplies/mp remaining. But I'm adapting.

One of the ways I've adapted is that if one your party members dies in battle they're dead forever. That's right lol. The wizard you just leveled up 20 levels who fell during battle: gone. If your main character dies, you get teleported to your last save spot where you get resurrected at the cost of 1/2 your gold.

I'm probably going to add banks so if you deposit all of your gold before you go out adventuring, you can limit your losses.

I could also do away with the option/ability to run which would also remove the ability to choose which party members fight but would remove the penalty. To balance things I could remove the massive penalty on a dying party member. But I think I like the way I have it. You have a choice to fight or not. If you chicken out, you lose a little coin. But if you fight you better make sure you can win because the stakes are high.

Another way I could soften things up for the player is by removing the member from the party but allowing you to pay a hefty fee to re-hire him with the same stats.

To summarize:

1. You can see story/side-quest battles coming and choose yes/no to fight. However, a "yes" may be required to progress.

2. Once a battle has been fought on that square, it becomes a random battle spot with a 50/50 chance of encountering an enemy.

3. If you run/cancel the battle, you drop gold.

4. If you fight and win the battle but lose a party member in the process, the party member will be gone.

5. If you fight and lose your main character, you keep your experience but lose half your gold.

The one thing that I'm struggling with is the decision of how to handle battles in dungeons. I don't think I can do the random encounters the default way. Battles are started by events with lines of script in them so if I add some random enemies in caves, I will have to put visible or invisible characters that wander on the dungeon map and get triggered by touch/talk. The thread and articles have some interesting stuff (like proximity encounters instead of touch).

I could also put mandatory stationary battle event triggers at strategic locations like at the entrance, mid-point, at chests, or at the end of the dungeon but it is kind of boring to have the player walk through a cave without filling it with enemies.

Ideally I would have a single battle or series of battles that trigger one after another when you touch the cave entrance. However, I already created the damn dungeon maps so I'd like to use them.

I just don't know.

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blends features from both Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy Tactics

Dragon Warrior Tactics explores the life and times of a cross section of people from various social classes


subscribing solely based on your awesome description, and because you used the word "interquel"...do not disappoint me. good luck :)
Oh I love the original Dragon Warrior! This looks very interesting! (I also love FFT :D)
I love Dragon Quest.
I love Final Fantasy Tactics.

So, this is the best thing that ever happened, right? ^^
man, talk about bad timing now that the site's going down.
Really bad timing. I hope you continue to update this on a blog or something afterward.
Yeah, it's really disappointing that the site is closing. I'm going to keep working on the game but I still haven't decided where I want to post my progress. I'll think of something, stay tuned!
It's amazing because I literally said two weeks ago that I wanted a tactics game mixed with dragon warrior. You must be a God. Subbed.
edit: oops, double.

ps. Changing the CSS, if you the page looks weird it is because it is under construction.
I love Tactic games but this one is in NES style & I don't like NES-styled games.They make my eyes come out^^although I wanted to play it,too bad:(((.
This...this makes me happy. Please tell me you're still working on it. =O Do it...for the children. <3
Yeah, it's still an active project :)

I'm coming off some planned/scheduled downtime and have been meaning to write a blog post for a few days. Thanks for the interest!
Yay! Thanks to this, I've finally decided that I want to do the first game in my Stella series in 8-bit style. =O Inspirator! =O
I'm not in a fantasy world, I just want to make games.
This game looks amazing :D OMG OMG OMG I hafta try this out!
Thanks everyone, I appreciate the support :)
I'm not in a fantasy world, I just want to make games.
I can't wait to play this :D can i be a tester?
Sure! I'm not at that phase yet to release for public testing but I'll let you know when I do get there :)
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