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Chrono Shift is a fan-made non-profit game currently in development. It is intended to be a stand-alone game that can also serve as a prequel to the Chrono series. It takes place in the Dark Ages on the Chrono planet, fifteen years before the events of CT.

Some features of the game include:
  • Customized sprites (not all are totally original but I don’t think even a single one has gone unedited)
  • An all-original, never-bever-heard soundtrack
  • Experience the story with an all-new playable cast (though you may recognize a few eventually)
  • Contains several ties and nods to the official Chrono games
  • Utilizing Atoa’s Custom Battle System with the Chrono Plug-In
  • Raziel’s Chrono Custom Menu System
  • All-New spells and battle animations
  • 3-Person caterpillar system with 8-directional movement just like the official games
  • Tons of minigames and 20+ hours of gameplay
  • Multiple endings and New Game +
  • All-new Alchemy item creation system
  • An expanded and more diverse world to explore with more secrets than you've seen before
  • Epic and meticulously-planned story that expands the mythology

Like the demo, the game will be and was always intended to be free. We would never charge for it, if you pay somebody money for it, they scammed you, get your money back.

The team continues to grow and work toward completion. Bare with us and wait patiently while we work and rather than release news updates, we’ll release a finished game.

*Disclaimer: The engine for the game has gone from the demo using 2k3 to the full game using XP. The reasons are numerous, but at the end of the day the upgrade allows us to make a better game. The decision was that simple.

Latest Blog

RMXP - Help us Finish the Project!

Hello subscribers! Mr. Bekkler here, director of Chrono Shift.

This game has been in the works for several years now. It was on hiatus for a while as I had personal matters that needed my attention but now that I have some time for the foreseeable future, I'm trying to get it finished. I'm very sorry for the delay, and we'd like to avoid further delay and get this project completed, which brings me to my point.

We need some help.

The problem is that when we first started, it was an RM2k3 game and add such was very limited. We chose to switch engines to RMXP, to allow the game to better fit the feel we're going for. A few very dependable teammates never let go and continued to work in my absence, despite the fact that we were essentially starting over. Thanks to them, the game's engine, battle system, and menu system are all up and running and the custom graphics we created have been converted to XP format and imported. The plot outline has been finished for a long time and the dialogue script is progressing smoothly.

What we need is mappers. Unfortunately I cannot offer any money as this is a completely non-profit game. However, if you're interested and capable of making maps in RMXP with tilesets that have already been imported, I'll make sure you get credit when it is complete, and obviously you'll be able to enter our underground forum where our development resources are kept, including our sprites, our 50+ page plot outline, our original soundtrack, the working plot script, and the game engine, among other things.

Please let me know if you're interested and able to help. Or if you have a friend who may be interested, please encourage them to message me or comment here. We really need dependable people who can deliver some results if we want to release this thing any time soon.

Thank you for your time,
Mr. Bekkler

TLDR: We need RMXP maps.


This game looks great but i cant load object1. Didnt no if any one could help please. Thanks.
This game looks great but i cant load object1. Didnt no if any one could help please. Thanks.

I'm sorry the demo's not working for you. Is that an error message that pops up as soon as you start it up? I might need to do some digging and find another copy that works for sure. In the mean time, try downloading again or unzipping the archive again and see if it was just a corrupt download because this is the first I've heard of a game breaking error in the demo (I know it has bugs but it should at least play). Let me know your results, I'll try to help get it working.
Ok yeah it pops up once i click to start a new game. I will re download and unzip and let you no. Thanks for the reply.
Edit: Ok yeah it still tells me the file object1 cant be loaded.
Is there a Magnus like characters in the Game ?
The teams have been quiet lately on both projects, not sure what happened.
We're here! These are still being worked on. ;)
The teams have been quiet lately on both projects, not sure what happened.
That's intentional. We're not making any real announcements until it's definitely done. I can tell you:
We're well into the script, the graphics and music are almost completely done, we have some maps but will need to recruit another person to help in that area soon, and it's not dead. It's very big and slow moving.
I apologize for those who have to wait, but trust me. It'll be worth it.

Is there a Magus-like character in the game?
Sort of. Not really, but maybe. Kind of. More of an opposite.
Another Chrono trigger game, I didn't know about?
It looks like another game that will be going in the crapper and left to be unfinished. Honestly lance VII go back to making prelude to a dream. At least then the community will know that a chrono game will get released. Deciding to change the system after the people have been working on it for years always seems to be a disaster for fan-based games. (Just noticed that it seems like I'm blaming Lance with the wording of the previous sentences, I'm not.) They will not find the programmer they are looking for because since there is not a profit to be made. Also you will get young people who think "I can learn as I go", but the fact is that the people learning the programming language will lose interest and thus disappear. After that happens a couple of times you will see that there will be communication difficulties. Then the project will have the motion of pond water.
The whole team knew changing the system over would be risky but the benefits outweighed the costs. We are really lucky to have a loyal and great team. I know we have been quiet lately but that's a good thing. :) We found a programmer and he's great has already completed several key parts. We have a fully fleshed out script and the bulk of our graphics have been converted for the XP format. I should know I just finished placing the 85th sprite sheet into XP format. I know a lot of Chrono games do not make it but Chrono Shift will be finished. There's a lot of activity and work being done.
Tells me the download is removed from the link. Wasnt sure if you were putting it back up after the cross over?
This game will be finished. The engine change was my idea. I understand your concerns but ultimately this will be a much better game for it. We have a working Chrono trigger style battle system, and very smooth eight way movement that works with a very Chrono like caterpillar script. These things would simply not be possible in rpg maker 2003, and the general user experience would be much worse (4 way movement and stock FF6 style battles don't help set the Chrono mood).

Since he was brought up I might as well mention Lance its no longer associated with the project, and his work will not be included in the game, but the new developer, MagusMage, is very capable. Trust me, we're not done yet.

Please excuse any typos, I'm responding from a touch device.
I really do hope that I am wrong about my statement. I personally hope that the game will be finished in time, and hopefully not turn out like the Stargate Half-life 2 mod which has been in development for over a decade now. It too will probably not get finished. I really hope that you all don't have to start clear from scratch, and that you will be able to port over a majority of the progress that you had from the previous engine. I don't know much about programing, so I don't really know if porting over will be feasible. Anyways good luck.
As much as I would love to play this, I cant. The mediafire link seems invalid.
I really want to play this but your mediafire link is down. :(