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RMXP - Help us Finish the Project!

Hello subscribers! Mr. Bekkler here, director of Chrono Shift.

This game has been in the works for several years now. It was on hiatus for a while as I had personal matters that needed my attention but now that I have some time for the foreseeable future, I'm trying to get it finished. I'm very sorry for the delay, and we'd like to avoid further delay and get this project completed, which brings me to my point.

We need some help.

The problem is that when we first started, it was an RM2k3 game and add such was very limited. We chose to switch engines to RMXP, to allow the game to better fit the feel we're going for. A few very dependable teammates never let go and continued to work in my absence, despite the fact that we were essentially starting over. Thanks to them, the game's engine, battle system, and menu system are all up and running and the custom graphics we created have been converted to XP format and imported. The plot outline has been finished for a long time and the dialogue script is progressing smoothly.

What we need is mappers. Unfortunately I cannot offer any money as this is a completely non-profit game. However, if you're interested and capable of making maps in RMXP with tilesets that have already been imported, I'll make sure you get credit when it is complete, and obviously you'll be able to enter our underground forum where our development resources are kept, including our sprites, our 50+ page plot outline, our original soundtrack, the working plot script, and the game engine, among other things.

Please let me know if you're interested and able to help. Or if you have a friend who may be interested, please encourage them to message me or comment here. We really need dependable people who can deliver some results if we want to release this thing any time soon.

Thank you for your time,
Mr. Bekkler

TLDR: We need RMXP maps.

Progress Report

We are still alive and kicking

Just a little update to let you know this is still being worked on. I was contacted by a few fans who were concerned this had been cancelled due to how silent we have been. It is not cancelled!

The plot is 100% finished (it's nearly 50 pages, and when the game is completed it should rival Chrono Trigger at 20-30 hours); the script is a work in progress. All of the weapon, armor, and accessory stats are built and ready for implementation into the game engine. We've finally upgraded all the sprites for the upgraded engine.

Currently we are working on the game maps. We also have three wonderful musicians who have composed a soundtrack that currently sits at approximately 30 new tracks, many of which (in my personal opinion) rival Chrono Trigger's.

If we have any serious, dedicated mappers we'd love to have you aboard to help speed along production. We would have to see an example map to see what you're capable of, and we're not really willing to just have anyone aboard at this point. If you're an interested spriter/mapper and can demonstrate your ability, feel free to shoot myself or Bekkler a PM and we can discuss our options.

Also the old demo from 2011 has been re-added and now can be downloaded!!!! :) (note: this is the OLD demo, nothing new has been added).


New Co-Director / Team Changeup / Recruitment Time

An announcement, RM subscribers,

I've decided in light of the delays and my lack of available time, that I cannot continue as sole director of the project. As of this day, Boo The Gentleman Caller and I will be Co-Directors and Co-Writers.

What this means for the story, resources, etc. is almost nothing. Boo has been a huge part of shaping this game from the beginning and while he shares my predicament (lack of time) he also shares my passion for the story and if we're working together at least someone will always be in charge making sure things get done and stored properly no matter who's around.

What this means for the team is that with some of the load off my shoulders, I can focus on building more content; and with more authority over the project, Boo can start delegating tasks better than I was doing previously.

Regardless, we both intend to be more involved with the project until its completion from now on. There may be road bumps or stretches of time where one of us is busy but all of us together will keep chugging along.

We are once again calling for all mappers who might like to take part in the project. If you can make a map, and want to have credit in the game, let us know! We can't pay, because as always this game is free, but there are story benefits and good fun to be had. Don't hesitate to contact us.

The page "The Day Dream Team" has been updated.

Game Design

Say Hello To A New Scripter

Well, the news is out. We're changing our engine to RPG Maker XP. To help out during the transition and forward, the team has acquired a new member, the brilliant MagusMage! He's helping us out with customizing scripts and some system programming, and maybe even with a minigame or two.

The team is still looking for a dedicated mapper to help development move along a little quicker.


New Additions and Recruitment!

We have three new members to the team, TheEluryahn, Tuberz McGee, and Jormungand, and they will be working on original music. That's right, original music!

We are currently looking for one more spriter and one more mapper, if you are interested, comment on this message or skip a step and go to www.verve-fanworks.com/SMF/ and post examples of your most CT-like work. Examples can be screengrabs or explorable maps or whatever you feel shows the talent that lies within!

Thanks everybody!

-Mr. B

Progress Report

Additions to the Team

More people have joined the team, welcome Tushantin, Thought, and Alfador!

Tushantin will be doing more art along side Lady Marle's. Specifically, he'll be providing scenario illustrations that will be used in-game (and in the planned 'Players Guide' I'm putting together when the game's done).

Thought will be with me and Boo on the writing side for pickups and quality control.

Alfador is on the writing team as well doing occasional revisions and spelling/grammar control.

We're getting work done on the game very quickly, and I want to thank all of you who have downloaded the demo, that number is getting pretty big, and it's not even counting the downloads directly from the megaupload link, that's just downloads through rmn, so wow! That's frankly amazing.

Youtube user Lorax1995 has begun making a series of Let's Play videos for the demo, they're very well researched and pretty funny, but before visiting, know that he uses some coarse language, so if that's not your thing you've been warned. All in good fun!

We should have more screenshots and official art up very soon.


Demo Approved!

The demo is now downloadable from RMN, mind you it still links to megaupload, but please download through this site! :-)


Demo Released!

The demo is released!
Check the Chrono Compendium for the download link!


Demo Release Date

The goal for the Chrono Shift demo release is March 19th, exactly 1 week before the demo for Prelude to a Dream. The demo won't be very long, but I feel quality is more important than quantity, and this will give you a big, rich mouthful of the Chrono flavor we have to offer. It will include the game's introduction, and one dungeon, but things will get a little different to wrap up the demo, plot-wise, toward the end. I hope you're ready for this! Because I'm excited!
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