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In keeping with Chrono Trigger's style with the Dream Team (and with the understanding that the developers of Shift have other things going on in their lives too) we shall be known as the Day-Dream Team:

MrBekkler: Co-Director, Co-Writer, Story Developer, Spriter, Mapper, and creator of 'The Demo'
Boo the Gentleman Caller: Co-Director, Co-Writer, Story Developer, Mapper, Quality Control
TheMage: Spriter, Mapper, Level Designer
MagusMage: Programmer, Scripter, Debugger, Mapper
Master-of-Mayhem: Mapper
LadyMarle: Character Artist
Tushantin: Scenario Artist
Tuberz McGee: Music Composer
Eluryahn: Music Composer
Jormungand: Music Composer

And the team would also like to thank:
Alfador: Quality Control and Occasional Revisions
FaustWolf: Consultant/Forum Guru
Zeality: Concept Contributor (Calaspera)
LanceVII: Consultant

Chrono Shift is a fan-made non-profit game currently in development. It is intended to be a stand-alone game that can also serve as a prequel to the Chrono series. It takes place in the Dark Ages on the Chrono planet, fifteen years before the events of CT.
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