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New Projects + Templates

Alright so I'm sure its clear that the New Projects button doesn't work as of 0.9. Well thats being worked on now. So I had this idea, Templates. Basically when you create a project you can choose from a list of templates to base your game from. This makes it easy so you don't constantly have to setup things before you get your project going.

So this way you don't have to setup all these scripts and options for an Action Battle System, Side View, or you don't have to go and find all of these scripts. Now theres only going to be one pre-installed template and thats Blank. From your list of projects you will be able to right click it and click "Make Template". This will make your project a template so you can make projects based from this one.

I think I'm going to implement it but I wanted to get some feedback first. Bad idea? Good? Maybe a suggestion for it?



So this project is coming along great. I've got most of the planned features for it already done and I still have more to implement. Now I'm wondering if you guys will give me any suggestions. What do you guys wanna see in here, what features, what you don't like about it.

Let me know if you find any bugs as well. I ran into troubles while making it but I think I elminated most of them.
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