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Various Tidbits!

Alright, so Super Doki Doki World is complete! Thanks to everyone who played the demos and are continuing to offer feedback: it's very appreciated!

Final Version
...but there are still a bunch of little things that haven't been addressed due to Nagademo time constraints, such as graphical fixes, a few cheap shots, a couple of NPCs that should have respawn points so the player doesn't get trapped, etc. But it's mostly minor stuff! We'll take a look at that stuff this week. If you have any suggestions for tweaks to the levels, feel free to offer them: I know nin8halos already mentioned a few things that we'll need to look at. Y'all are basically our testers on this one! (Mainly because it took us up to the night of June 30th to pull it together, haha.)

So I was thinking: does anyone want to take a crack at who designed each level? Some of them were collaborations, but most aren't. That was one of the fun things about Mario vs. the Moon Base: as a tester, I tried to figure out who designed what level. I got a few right, but it was pretty tough.

SMB2 mechanics
I came to really appreciate the SMB2 throwing mechanics during the creation of this game. It adds so much more action to the levels, as long as there aren't any cheap tricks along the way. One of the tricky things was making sure that bombs were throwable by all characters, since Mario/Luigi and Peach/Toad have different "throwing motions". Another big challenge was implementing locks and keys, because they can mess up the pacing of a level and force the checkpoint to be either too early or too late in a level.

Red Coin segments
One thing I noticed is that our later levels didn't feature as many red coin bonuses as the early levels. This was partially intentional (at least in my levels) because I wanted the emphasis to be on the challenge at that point. In hindsight, another red coin segment or two might've worked in Worlds 5 and 6. Perhaps one such segment should be added to the flying shoe area of Climbing Climbing Beanstalks? And maybe another segment during the maze of Twisty Twisty Tomb? Hmm...

Progress Report

We're very close.

Super Doki Doki World is almost complete! We have just 4 levels left to be completed, after which we will edit and test the levels. We may or may not be bringing in an outside tester, so if you're interested, give us a shout-out and there's a chance we'll bring you on.

As for a release date? We're not putting a specific day, but it'll be soon. It'll almost certainly be released during National Game Development Month (June).

World 5 is Sky Kingdom, a hybrid hills/sky ruins zone. There are plenty of vines, beanstalks, clouds, pipes, floating platforms, bullet bills, and other goodies to go around. The two centerpiece levels are Floating Floating Fortress - a massive structure in the sky that is home to a rather special breed of Birdo; and Looming Looming Spire - a tower with a particularly nasty gauntlet of defenses.

World 6 is Dessert Desert: it a simply delicious combination of SMB2's desert zone with SMW's Chocolate Island. Expect lots of dangerous foes, tricky maneuvers, and a particularly tricky final castle! Death By Chocolate will take on a new meaning...

In addition, the final version of the game will include significant edits to Worlds 1-4.

The Dream Ruby is in Mario's grasp! Help him and his friends reclaim it for Super Doki Doki World this June!


Release Something Demo 2!

After a few weeks of computer crashes for both Kentona and I, we have finally released the second demo of this baby. The first four worlds are complete; the two new inclusions here are Dark Forest and Rocky Tundra. The former is a bit spooky while the latter is quite slippery.


We could meet our deadline, but...

We want to make sure the world maps are decent, so we are going to take an extra couple days to release the demo. Expect it some time early next week!

In the meantime, what do you all think of the screenshots? Any ideas of what to expect from Dark Forest and Icy Tundra?

Progress Report

One week to go!

We will be releasing the next demo of Super Doki Doki World on October 15, 2011 - just a hair over 7 days from now! The good news is that we only have three and a half levels to go, and have ideas for all three.

World 3: Dark Forest (fitting for the month of October!)
3-1 Tall Tall Treetops
3-2 Wicked Wicked Woods
3-3 Spooky Spooky Canopy
3-4 Haunted Haunted Treehouse
3-5 Creepy Creepy Creek
3-6 Shady Shady Keep

World 4: Icy Tundra
4-1 Cool Cool Runnings
4-5 Bobbing Bobbing Burgs
4-6 Icy Icy Palace

We're always looking for feedback, as well.


Demo 2 release date

We will be releasing Demo 2 on October 15, 2011. Even if I have to sell my soul. Worlds 3 and 4 will be packaged, and for this demo, we introduce the wonderful talents of Solitayre in at least 3 levels (and a fourth if I can pressure him!).

World 3: Dark Forest

World 4: Ice Tundra-type area (stay tuned)

Some hints on the levels:

There -will- be a ghost house...with a little twist based on the theme of the world!

World 4's castle, the Ice Palace, will be quite epic and I will try to make it a fitting end to our demo. I know Kentona has something great planned for Castle 3 as well!


Just some random tidbits

We hope you all enjoyed the demo, though we would definitely like to hear more feedback on what you guys think!

As for the next demo, it will include Worlds 3 and 4 (most likely): Dark Forest and Sandy Tundra. Solitayre has joined up and will be making a handful of levels; he already has one complete, and it's quite interesting!

I started work on the ice palace some time ago, though I'm still looking for an opinion on this color scheme:

What do you think?

Also, any suggestions or requests for the upcoming levels? World 3 has a lot of spooky themes and trees, of course, and World 4 will be all about ice, snow, and some sand/quicksand elements in some way, shape, or form.


Worlds 1 and 2 available now

Deckiller and I have compiled Worlds 1 (Grassy Rapids) and World 2 (Lava Underground) into a demo. The demo is comprised of 12 levels.

This game is a blend of Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 2, borrowing game mechanics from both series. While we feel that this synthesis is a fun take on it, we are eager to hear what the rest of you think of this concept.

Thanks for playing!

*remember, you need SMBX to play this game!


Demo coming soon!

Kentona and I are almost done with the first two worlds - we just have one level, the intro level, and the world map to make.

However, I'm busy with Disconnect and Carlsev and he's busy with RMN4, so it may still be some time before we put the finishing touches on this demo. Nevertheless, we already have 11 levels complete (plus a guest world by Solitayre and a basic proof-of-concept world by yours truly for the Ice Palace).

The demo will definitely need a ton of feedback, especially regarding our implementation of SMB2-style throwing mechanics, as well as some other gimmicks we've thrown on. I can't put a date on the demo's release, but suffice to say it'll be sooner rather than later!


Secret Revealed!

We decided to go public a little early with this one, mainly because it's not exactly a secret anymore!

Super Doki Doki World is a hybrid of Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario World, as you can see from the screenshots. It's a new spin on the traditional format. There will be six worlds, with six levels per world. Kentona and I are the leads, but Solitayre will most likely be making a few levels as well.

Expect a demo of Worlds 1 and 2 pretty soon.
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