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On the remake: Progress so far

  • Ocean
  • 09/18/2011 08:07 PM
Commissions getting in the way. Lots of them.

Anyway, I have been working on remaking this, between helping out on various projects (Chain of Retribution, Nessys projects, Lihtan, pixels) so I don't really have as much progress as I'd like, but I still got a fair amount of stuff done.

Chipsets: I'm not taking up all the tile spaces yet, and I'm using some to make the map feel more natural. So I have grass upper tiles and corners. I'll certainly make more tiles while I get to actual mapping, but otherwise I have almost all of the tiles I need to replace the ones from before now. I've even added some statues and things like that. I tend to save mapping for getting the game actually made.

I tend to do systems first. Battle system is in progress. Instead of 2 equippable skills, you have 6 items you can use in battle. For weapons, I actually removed some. I was thinking what weapons were really necessary to keep and which ones were sort of redundant and they all have a certain amount of hits before you have to reload. Unlimited ammo though, so it is more a counter of how many shots you can fire off before you have to wait again. That is already coded in. Also expanding the potential enemy amount in a battlefield to 5, for more variety. I'll need to code in some actual AIs to the enemies so they don't just walk up and attack, but that will be later.

The items are planned out, I just need to have a way of getting the 6 you want into battle, which would be easier if I only have 6 items but that wouldn't be as fun.

Money will be used for weapon and other upgrades instead of needing to pick up ammo. I've already got a chart of what will be upgraded for each weapon (for example, Critical hit% +, more hits before reload, things like that)

There is still a lot of work to go though, such as sprites, but I'm pretty sure it'll go faster once the battle system work is all set.