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Adalyn battle system updates

  • Ocean
  • 10/22/2011 05:22 PM
I implemented the new ammo system for Adalyn. If you have played the old Adalyn demo, you had to go by ammo pickups or buying ammo because your weapons had an ammo capacity and could run out of ammo. I changed that system and now you can shoot up to a certain amount, but then you have to reload. Each weapon has a different attack speed, reload speed, amount of shots before reload, and range. This is mostly implemented, with some slight bugs upon entering the battlefield depending on which weapon you have equipped.

Also, items are implemented. I want to put a cap on them so you don’t go hoarding them all but yeah they all work fine. You have stuff like Tigre Tequila which boosts Attack power with a chance of getting Drunk, Wine for regenerating health, Blow Needles for attacking in multiple directions, Lasso for stunning, Cloak for evasion and things like that. Those effects work. Also have 5 enemies max in a field instead of 3. I won’t always use 5 in a battlefield but at least that is possible.

The sprites other than Adalyn are placeholders. I used a Poison Sack (a future enemy drop…. oh yes I forgot I have to apply enemy drops) to poison all the enemies so the damage numbers pop up for each of them.

What’s needed now is to have enemy item drops, animations, enemy AI (other than move up to the player and attack), and some fixes to the weapons (mainly when starting the battle) so then I can start placing the battles around the game. The issue is mainly that they are built onto the map so I can’t really go making lots of maps until I have the battles in because they are part of the map.

Then I will need to do tilesets, sprites, and fix up the menu system. I have a better idea for it than I had before so I’ll be getting to work on it.

I have other posts, articles and updates at my blog at dev.oceansdream.net so feel free to stop by and take a look! I believe I have a topic about cave mapping coming up today sometime (I forget when I scheduled it for).


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did someone say angels
It's really hard to read the key bindings. I have to look closely to make out what the letters are.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Really like that map, great 'and original) tilesets. The lettering is just one bit small.
Smallfonts is awesome. <3
Anyways this looks incredible. Definately something I'll hopefully enjoy, as soon as I get my Pc back (if i'm lucky enough for another demo to be released) - your games all somehow make me so excited, ocean. =v=b
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