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MAD CATS are out to destroy the COOL MUTTS, and they are succeeding at it. They have managed to take all their bases and are hunting them down to deliever them the final blow. Their only hope now is for RAD DOG, a crazy intergalactic hero, to help them...

You control the ship of RAD DOG in the journey to eradicate the MAD CATS and to regain the lost bases.

This game was made in one month for the Valedictory event. It's side scroller shmup with pixel movement and probably shares some similarity towards Gradius, Zero Wing and that lot, just with a few less projectiles due to this being rm2k3 after all.

The game features 3 levels and about 20 different enemies and 5 kinds of power ups, with 1 of them being speed and the rest weapons, all which can be upgraded by gathering another power up of the same kind.

Each level has about 3-5 minutes of gameplay if you don't die at any point during them. Since that's very unlikely to be happening (You will die) I'd estimate there to be about 30 to 60 minutes worth of gameplay, which should be around the point where you've either beaten the game, or gotten pretty frustrated.

Also a tiny warning. This being a rm2k3 game and all, and with this not being something the rm2k3 was made for, it's quite possible you will experience some lag if your computer is of the older kind.

The first level of the game

Latest Blog

New page

Added a page which shows the different upgrades of the different weapons and included some information about their strengths and weaknesses, and also added a tiny section including some cheats which will probably make the game a tiny bit easier in case you're completely stuck. Just remember you'll need to have the updated version (i.e. downloaded the game after 29/4/2011) to be able to use them.
  • Completed
  • Kazesui
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Shooter
  • 03/19/2011 05:26 PM
  • 04/03/2023 02:25 PM
  • 05/15/2011
  • 133549
  • 15
  • 1413


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That video is awesome! It looks like a lot of work went into this too.

I'm really, even though you explained it, baffled by how you got this to work in 2k3.

(and it puts my entry's simple abs to shame :P)
Wow, this looks pretty rad!
Yes, totally a lot of work. I started working on this from scratch... last last thursday or so, i.e. about 3 days ago.
It does probably help that I'm quite familiar with the engine though, knowing a lot of the ins and out of it, which is how I was able to come up with a solution which would allow for this many bullets to not cause lag, at least not on my computer.

Also, the explanation I gave was rather brief and probably not too considerate to details which comes with doing pixel based stuff, lot of it being the math behind it.
The bullets are all pictures with screen relative coordinates, so to get the tiles around them, you have to subtract the screen relative coordinates to a reference event, and then divide them by 16, and then further I use modulo to determine how far into a cell the bullets are or so. And there's also the cannons which fire at the last position of the ship where I use improvised trigonemetry to calculate the path of the bullets.

I wouldn't say it puts shame to your abs though, since as said, I do have a bit more experience, and your game does look interesting (probably has a lot to do with the player sprite).
That said, if there's stuff you wonder about how to do in your abs you could probably ask me. I know a thing or two about rm2k3 ABS's as well, as I've worked quite a bit with stuff like that as well.
don't know if you've ever come across it (I'm trying it out for the first time now, so can't say how good it is) but this looks like it could be useful in a project like yours. http://cherrytree.at/cms/lang/en/download/?did=11

Edit: Just watched your ABS video on youtube..
That's... Insane.
Yeah I know it, just never gotten around to use it since I like to make the events myself. They have a pretty good list over the different tools for rm2k3 at "atelier" (german forum) so I know of quite a few, though I have barely tested any of them. Still thanks for mentioning it

As for the ABS, it's still mostly system and less game at the moment, which is why it doesn't have a game page yet or anything. I've gotten a bit further with it since the video though. Now it has a spell which will cast 3 homing ice missiles which will each target an enemy if they're within a certain radius of the targetted enemy.
I really like that spell.
Wow! This is cool. I always wanted to make a shooter in rm2k for some reason but never got around to it.

please add more info about features, etc, I am very interested :3
alas, all your base... they are belong to us...
Which is why thou start off with zero base
(seriously, this is pretty much what the original game should have been called)
Does the first boss ever die, or is there some trick to killing him that is not obvious? I blasted him with bullets for about 3-5 mins and he still wasn't dead. Then I got distracted and died.
That sounds like a weird bug I haven't found. After the boss starts moving It should only take around 250 blue laser shots to kill him, and with a shooting rate of around 4.6 shots per second and with a hit rate of around 70% it would take around 77 seconds to kill it with the regular weapon, and half the time with the double blue. It shouldn't take 3 to 5 minutes.

What weapon were you using?
Single blue. I wasn't always hitting him, mind you. Maybe I just got up to 249 and died...?

I ended up killing him the next time with a double blue.
Modular arithmetic is a cool feature built in the system..
Wow. Man i subscribed. Full gradius vs cho ren sha gameplay.
How did you do that ? Are you good of math ? Are you have access to enemy codes from nes gradius ? Every level is based on other enemies even with rm factory i think that was not easy to create. I want more like this. Maybe you can do platformer with shotting like megaman/contra ? Anyway WOW keep up shmup games.
I teach math as a part time job, so yeah, I'm fairly good at it. There's not too much advanced math used in this game though. A bit of trigonometry for figuring out the angle from enemy to the player ship, as well as for the direction of the bullet, utilizing that x² + y² = radius of a circle to determine if the ship is within range of the explosion, and using quadratic regression to generate a lookup table for the explosion range. And aside from that, it's mostly just a bunch of plain + and - and maybe a bit of modulo as well.

And no, I don't have any code from gradius or any other game for that matter. All the code for this game was generated by me. Would probably have been hard to find anything usable from other places as well, since it would have to made to especially fit rm2k3.

I've also already made a simple pixel based platformer for Befuddle Quest 5, and I will admit that I've been playing around with thoughts about making something Turrican-esque. No idea if I will do anything about it though.

As for how I do this, all it takes to find out is to open the game in the maker and watch the many lines of code, and guess what the different variables do since I don't comment a lot

Thanks for answer.
This is great work ! :D

Do you like shmups too ?
Wouldn't have made this game if I didn't ;)
Congratulations on Featured Game!
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Congratulations on Featured Game!
Wooooo I knew this would be featured sooner or later XD It totally deserves it
Great job on this one, I love it >>b
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