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MAD CATS are out to destroy the COOL MUTTS, and they are succeeding at it. They have managed to take all their bases and are hunting them down to deliever them the final blow. Their only hope now is for RAD DOG, a crazy intergalactic hero, to help them...

You control the ship of RAD DOG in the journey to eradicate the MAD CATS and to regain the lost bases.

This game was made in one month for the Valedictory event. It's side scroller shmup with pixel movement and probably shares some similarity towards Gradius, Zero Wing and that lot, just with a few less projectiles due to this being rm2k3 after all.

The game features 3 levels and about 20 different enemies and 5 kinds of power ups, with 1 of them being speed and the rest weapons, all which can be upgraded by gathering another power up of the same kind.

Each level has about 3-5 minutes of gameplay if you don't die at any point during them. Since that's very unlikely to be happening (You will die) I'd estimate there to be about 30 to 60 minutes worth of gameplay, which should be around the point where you've either beaten the game, or gotten pretty frustrated.

Also a tiny warning. This being a rm2k3 game and all, and with this not being something the rm2k3 was made for, it's quite possible you will experience some lag if your computer is of the older kind.

The first level of the game

Latest Blog

New page

Added a page which shows the different upgrades of the different weapons and included some information about their strengths and weaknesses, and also added a tiny section including some cheats which will probably make the game a tiny bit easier in case you're completely stuck. Just remember you'll need to have the updated version (i.e. downloaded the game after 29/4/2011) to be able to use them.
  • Completed
  • Kazesui
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Shooter
  • 03/19/2011 05:26 PM
  • 09/06/2015 03:01 AM
  • 05/15/2011
  • 89382
  • 15
  • 1234


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family station is nes clone xd
Not sure if you care, but you've got my vote for technical achievement in the RMN awards.
Haha, yeah, I care enough to appreciate the vote. Thank you
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
Great game, technicality at professional level, a real pleasure in that, too bad I could never get past the first level after about 50 times but I really suck at this (not giving up though, still on my desktop)!
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