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Power up overview

The game has 5 different power ups, which will increase the ships capabillity in one way or the other. By shooting at a power up, you can alter the kind of power up you can pick up. The purple power up will increase the movement by 50% of the base speed, while the 4 others will provide a new weapon, or an upgrade to the current weapon.
When a power up will drop is decided by the upgrade level of the ship. At first, you'll need to kill 9 enemies for the first power up to drop, then depending on what you pick, you will have to kill another amount for the next one. If you upgrade you current weapon, it will take longer for the next power up to be dropped. If you choose a new weapon, then the amount needed will be lower. The upgrade level of your ship speed will also affect the amount needed to be killed.


Default weapon of the ship. At it's lowest level it's a rather weak weapon, but with upgrades it become a useful weapon in terms of concentrating fire on bigger enemies or groups of enemies.

Rapid Gun

A weapon which fires quicker than any of the other weapons. The bullet strength is slightly weaker than that of the laser and scatter shot, but it makes up for it with speed. With upgrades this weapon provides high fire power at a concentrated while still allowing ease of filling the screen with bullets to kill small minions.
Especially good against small resilient foes.


The strongest weapon in the game. It will kill any enemy with ease, and with upgardes it provides the quickest way to kill bosses. It is however also the least rapid of the weapons, making it hard to use for the stages where lot's of tiny foes can appear at any time.

Scatter Shot

The scatter shot is great for hitting lots of small enemies at different places at the same time, and will allow you to hit cannons more easily without going very close to the ground. It's one of the best weapons for hitting many tiny foes, making it one of the best weapons to have for the stage. Due to the spread of the bullet however, it doesn't hit more resilient enemies very hard when you're not next them, often making it either weak or dangerous to use against bosses.


As the game can be a little bit difficult, it has some cheats which will give 9 lives, full upgrade of a random weapon, or make you explode. Notice that these cheats will only work if you've downloaded the game after the update (i.e. 29/4/2011). The game has no pause, so you'll have to be quick on the fingers while typing the codes as to not die while doing so.
Highlight to reveal:

code#1: 816805 + shift
code#2: 237400 + shift
code#3: 640105 + shift


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nah, you actually push it after you've completed the sequence. Yeah, I know I'm not following normal convention by using '+' this way. Might change it
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