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Stage 1 finally done

  • Kazesui
  • 03/27/2011 03:27 AM
Most of the core functions of the game are now up and running. Life's deplete as you die, you respawn at check points depending on how far you got, and you can get upgrades through power ups you can get from defeating enemies.

I spent quite a bit of pondering as to what kind of power up system I should be using, and ended up doing something twin-bee-ish, where a power up will spawn, and you change the power up by shooting at it.

There are 5 power ups, each determined by a colour.
Purple : speeds up the ship
Blue : gives a laser upgrade
Yellow : a rapid gun upgrade
Red : blaster upgrade
Green : scatter shot upgrade

Each weapon has 3 levels. If you have one weapon and you get another through a power up, you will lose the old weapon with a level 1 of the new weapon, so one needs to be a bit careful.

Something I could need now is somebody to test the stage. I have a tendency of making things slightly hard and could use some outside oppinion on the difficulty of the first level, as well as checking if the game lags on other computers. It's not a very big level, about 3 minutes and 30 seconds if you don't die.

If anyone feels like testing it and giving me some feedback on it, give me a call, and maybe I'll be able to make a game which people can actually beat this time


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This sounds awesome! ...but I'm kinda wondering: Why is there not a video embedded in this post? It would be so much nicer if we could actually watch it. <_>

Edit: Woops! Nevermind, I already saw the video in the main page.
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