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Stage 2 done

  • Kazesui
  • 04/09/2011 04:19 PM
Stage 2 is finally done, and it has taken way too long. Seems like I will only be able to make one more stage if I want to keep the deadline. A pity, but not much to do about.

Anyway, stage 2 introduces another element of danger, explosions

There are now bombs floating around which will explode when you shoot them enough, and the boss will shoot exploding missiles at you. There are also a few new enemies, most of which upgrades of older enemies.


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Cool! The explosions are a nice touch, one I hadn't seen before in games like this, (well, I haven't played many of them) You know what else would be nice? If regular enemies could randomly explode like that when destroyed, that way the player will think twice before just shooting its way through waves of enemies... just an idea though.

Also, in case you're taking suggestion... now that you have the "outer space" and "alien base" levels, how about a "inside the beast" level to wrap the demo up, you now with fleshy walls and a brain or heart to shoot at the end of the stage. =)
I've been wanting to do an organic level as well, but it's not so easy to find tiles that'd fit an organic level, and I lack the time and skills to quickly draw something myself. I've also already started on the level, so it's going to have more of a inside a machine vibe instead.

The idea about random explosions is amusing though. I have my worries about it (mostly concerning narrow paths and such), but I like the idea.
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