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Update: few fixes and changes

  • Kazesui
  • 04/29/2011 09:07 PM
Found a couple of bugs which I felt needed to be fixed, And also just found a game breaking one, although not too sure how likely it is to become a problem.
For it to become one, you would have to reach the final boss, have green laser weapon thingy (maybe at level 3), and be shooting in the upper left corner of the screen or something like that.

- Fixed game breaking bug at final boss.
- Fixed some minor collision problems, which would make you collide with the back of a wall a bit too soon.
- Added a function which provides an extra life for each 5000 points you get
- Finishing a stage while being on your last life will provide you with an extra life for the next stage.
- Adjusted the endurance of the first boss a little down
- Added a bit of code to the shooting mechanism to make it less likely to stop shooting while holding the button down
- Added a savefile which comes along with the game, which allows you to start directly at stage 1 without having to watch the intro.

I'm also working on providing on adding some additional difficulty levels, like easy and hard. Either that or just hard, harder and hardest, where hard would be easier than the current version


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These are all excellent tweaks.
Have you considered adding additional items/enhancements? Like, some sort of forcefield that allows you to take an extra hit or two, or speed boosts that increase your ship's movement speed, etc? Something to consider, perhaps.
There are already speed boosts in the game :x (the purple power ups).
And I actually thought a bit about making a shield, but for some reason just discarded it, probably for implementation reasons.

But yeah, it's not a stupid idea
Just fixed another very weird bug which got introduced along with the update which would really kill your speed by loading up a game apart from the initial one.
Weird as in somewhat undefined behaviour caused by rm2k3 itself. It's always fun trying to find ways around those

Anyway, it should be gone now, and the rest should be working as expected as well.
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