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Teachers are fed up with the school's lack of discipline, and call in help from outside. What they set in motion will change the world forever. A complex narrative on corporate espionage, war and survival, and the human condition - all thrown into a story about kids trying to do the right thing to save the planet!


Rich, Interactive World:
+ Help your friend Tony support a secret student market
+ Help a troublemaker get his fake energy drink business off the ground
+ Scavenge desks, lockers, and cabinets for loot and crafting tools
+ Build your own pen-guns, or buy them for a steeper price
+ Talk to friends, flirt with girls, study homework, hack computers
+ Explore the school and fight student henchmen from your business rival!

Character Creation:
+ Select a Class - Assassin, Warrior, Inventor, and Merchant!
+ Secret routes, dialog options, and items available to specific classes
+ Player/Character development - Play how you want to play, every class has different gameplay options!
+ Variable-controlled points - Hacking skills, Social skills, Chaos points, Order points, etc.

Escalating Storyline:
+ A complex story growing larger in scale, planned to span five games!
+ Seven chapters; each with the Z threat becoming stronger
+ Philosophical questions and awesome action!
+ What is Z?

Latest Blog

Story Writing is Complete!

So it's been a long time, but I finally finished writing the story for Malice Compact. I've started the storylines for the next four games a while ago, and I've tried tying together things as best as I could.

What started out (a loooooong time ago) as a game where you could goof around and wander around an RPG Maker version of my old school has turned into a story with a much bigger struggle and a bunch of cool philosophical things to think about!

There are seven chapters - Innocence, Ignorance, Ambivalence, Resistance, Belligerence, Malevolence, and Ascendance. It's not much to go off of, but I can't reveal what Z is!


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Chapter 1 is underway! Players will be able to explore the school as their selected class, and do mischievous missions for students. There will be around 10 chapters total, don't worry though - this isn't going to be a short game *COUGH* Homefront *COUGH*

EDIT: Better just update this while I'm looking at it. There'll be seven chapters total, and the first chapter is very linear as the player needs to learn the little nuances and added mechanics (banking system, loan system, Bathroom Passes, hacking, Chaos/Order, etc.)
My mind is full of fuck.
Alright, interested! Subbed.
I completely adore the new atmosphere
and the battle screen is just fantastic
I just hope the music isn't too loud and exaggerated ;_;
I completely adore the new atmosphere
and the battle screen is just fantastic
I just hope the music isn't too loud and exaggerated ;_;

Thank you thank you thank you! Porting this project to RPG Maker 2003 was actually a lot more fun than it should've been. Making the music, sprites, and backdrops (which I mapped in Doom Builder, and screenshotted in-game), it was all awesome!

As for the music, what would you consider to be exaggerated? I'll post some of the tunes for feedback in a little bit!
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