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Ten years ago, Utrecht, God of Justice, disappeared.

Nobody knows if he's dead, lost, or in hiding.

Utrecht's followers, his Knights, first lost their magic and then the respect of the people.

Some Knights left the order and joined the worship of other gods. Others joined the army and fought for reasons other than their faith.

Some stayed loyal. They fought and died for Justice. All that remains of them now are their names carved in stone.

Some remain, like scattered embers of a fire that once lit the world.


Hierofanía - a visual novel in the making

Art and Story by Ludeshka
Music by A.Rothaus



Engine: Renpy
Genre: Visual Novel
Flavor: Fantasy. (sligthly dark, I suppose?)
Endings: 7 (the finished version might have more)
Playtime: Around one hour? There are seven endings to it, so there is some replay value.
Is it completed? YES!! I am still very interested on hearing your feedback though, because it can help me make better games in the future! :)


Latest Blog

"Detail oriented"

I like drawing, and telling stories, and have done it for some time, but programming is a completely different world to me!
So I'm trying to teach myself to care about the details, but it's hard! :D
I've been fixing some little things people noticed about Hierofanía.
(Got new dialog boxes, and a click-to-continue icon, and stuff...)

I hope to be able to make a game you people can enjoy playing. :)
  • Completed
  • ludeshka
  • Renpy
  • Visual Novel
  • 03/20/2011 08:05 PM
  • 12/20/2014 03:29 AM
  • 02/08/2012
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This game looks amazing! I love the art style.

I think I'll wait for a full version to download though.

I'd recommend you make a smaller banner for it, and put the name of the game in it. I thought this game was called "Choices, choices". :P
This game looks interesting, I'll give it a try when I finished some schhool stuff :D
a lot better than being a wapanese kiddo
so... alternative...

I love you. <3

I'll replay it before I drop my final thoughts though. I think the art in this game is very neat. However, I think the presentation should be polished. Text should not instantly appear, sort of made it seem cheesy tbh (it's a visual novel!).

I don't really understand the part about text not instantly appearing. I think you mean it would look better if it, I don't know, appeared with that typewriter effect thingie a la Phoenix Wright? (I apologize if I miss your point completely. Like I said, I didn't really understand what you meant)

I DID understand the part about the transitions, so I will definitely keep an eye on that. I really do want the game to look as pretty as I can make it. This is my first time programming anything, so I'm learning as I go. But I will try my best to make it look nice.
Thank you so much for checking it out. ^^

I didn't know Ares. The art looks nice! I'll look up the story to see if I liked it. ^^

so... alternative...<3

Thank you! I think :D
I am really intimidated by getting messages from Tomodachi though.
(Just kidding, just kidding. Just wanted to say you got an awesome avatar ^^)

This game looks interesting, I'll give it a try when I finished some schhool stuff :D

Alright! If you liked it (or hated it), tell me!
This is still a beta, so I know there's a lot to improve, but I'll do my best. :)

I think I'll wait for a full version to download though.

I'd recommend you make a smaller banner for it, and put the name of the game in it. I thought this game was called "Choices, choices". :P

Okay! I'm sure I'm going to be making a lot of noise when the game is done, so you will know :D
Oh! I just chose an image I liked. I'll make a new one and replace the banner if it's confusing. ^^

Thank you so much, everyone!
Nessiah's Seme-kun
Played it. Loved it. <3

I agree that the art could use a bit of polish, but I'm sure you'll surprise us in the full release! : D
utrecht is my favourite part of the netherlands
utrecht is my favourite part of the netherlands

I've never been there, but I found the name on wikipedia and thought it sounded epic.
I should really google some pictures and see what it looks like! :D
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
holy balls this art

I am for subscribe.
This is awsome, I can't wait to see the finished version.

I got the true ending on my second playthrough, my first being imprisoned knight, second being obviously Tainted knight since it was said to be the true ending. I must say, I dunno really how to feel about that ending. I truely wanted to befriend this Mr Jitters, and during my talk with him I almost thought for a minute that we would become friends.... right after I thought he was gonna kill me and I had made some terrible mistake by trusting him. I would highly enjoy if you made another and continued the story, trying my best not to place any spoilers for people who havn't played through the true ending yet

This game is amazing, awsome story with with some of the most interesting characters I've seen from games on this site, you really are unsure of who you want to help, I honestly wouldn't have even guessed that the true ending unless the game stated such =P

So... highly curious cause I really wanna know how this turns out. I almost expected him to turn out to be my dead god, guess that was hopeful thinking though. So do you intend to make another? Or will this remain a stand alone story. I wanna save the world =P

Actually, come to think of it I'll probably just pm, theres a few things I was curious about but I really don't wanna put spoilers which is kinda hard =P
You know, I've always wondered how she looks like. I mean, you can see a bit of her face at the introduction, but the line in the middle for the dialogues hides her eyes so booh. x)
Not bad at all. Review will be written soon.
always up for cute art and spicy gay romance
I got five out of seven endings so I'm probably going to poke around a bit more but this was a really well done VN! The art was a big standout, very unique and the attention to colors was nice. The characters were also well done and multifaceted, really the replay value for me came from being able to learn more about everyone in the different routes.
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