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Super RMN Bros 2 is the sequel to the community event, Super RMN Bros. where everybody could make Mario levels and have them all placed into one single game. The weapon of choice? Super Mario Brothers X v1.3, a (now dead) PC game made to create and play Mario style levels with a mix between Mario Brothers 3 and Super Mario World physics with enemies and obstacles spanning Mario 1 to Super Mario World!

What You Need to Play Super RMN Bros 2
You need the creation tool used to make RMN Bros 2 to play it: Super Mario Brothers X v1.3 available here! Run the installer, download and place Super RMN Bros 2 into the SMBX "Worlds" folder, run SMBX and play Super RMN Bros 2!

Latest Blog

Super RMN Bros 2 Officially Completed!

It's done and out! This is, barring any dumb bugs I missed, the final version of the game. No updated levels, no new submissions, just finished. If you downloaded the game prior to this please redownload and restart as some world map changes will fuck up your save file.

So please, download and enjoy!

Sorry for taking so freaking long everybody, I won't be in charge of any future Super RMN Bros. because I am doing a terrible job of it. I'll leave it to you guys to decide how to carry on from here.


Indeed. Let's do what we want. Take advice or throw it away. You can still be mad at it... but then take the advice to make a better game :-)

RMN Bros was terrible. and RMN Bros 2 was an improvement but still had issues with impossibility.
It's not illegitimate and it's not biased. RMNBros 1 and 2 were both pretty bad games. Pretty much everyone agreed that they were when Brickroad said so. Now turning around and saying Brick didn't like the game because he's a big dumb meanie head is just silly.

author=The Real Brickroad
The level I made for Talking Time is better than anything any of you cats have done so far. Sometimes it hurts being this fucking awesome.

author=The Real Brickroad
kentona's level didn't have a checkpoint, and therefore sucks. Nobody play it until he fixes it.

His legitimate criticism wasn't the problem. It was a while ago, but I seem to remember many people welcoming what he had to say, some didn't, but then months later he bitched about how NOBODY would listen to him and that we all suck. Blanket statements came out about the RMN community, iirc. He was just mad that we didn't make the levels "his way". I don't remember seeing any of his amazing work, besides 'my butt hurts' which is fun to watch but not to play.

I dunno, maybe I'm remembering things wrong and I don't care to look back to find out. There's only one real solution to an all-around solid RMNbros anyways and I doubt that will ever happen. Hint: it's not criticism.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
SRB1 was really just a collection of "1-hour" game quality levels thrown together in a hodgepodge. Expectations were way our of line if anyone expected this to be some polished quality Mario game.

SRB2 was an sequel to this, and again everyone threw their levels into the mix (hey it is a community game), and like Link_2112 alluded to some people are more skilled at it than others. But so what? This is not the formula to go about making a polished quality epic game, and SRB was never about that. It was about a community of people coming together to work on something new and different, and having fun doing it.

To shit on that collaborative spirit is pretty meanie-bo-beanie.

If you wanted to make a quality polished game, you find a group of skilled and dedicated people that you work well with and collaborate to make a focused project. (hi Moon Base Mario)
Kentona's level didn't have a checkpoint? I never noticed because I was too busy beating it to care.

I do remember people saying my version wasn't the completed version... but really by then its a little too late. I had all of the finished levels.

We should move on and make Super RMN Bros 3. Don't look back.

Or if the Super RMN Bros is a franchise failure rename it to Mario's MoonBase or something.
Well said, Kentona.

And like Shortstar mentioned, he was probably being a dick for "lulz", or maybe it's his way of expressing himself. In which case, we really don't need him around when everyone is trying to have fun with a NEW engine.

I enjoyed the levels from RMNB2 and there is a lot of potential. Most people make RPG maps, but Mario levels are a totally different dynamic. People simply need the practice making something easier to play through without dying around every turn, and thus making it seem more enjoyable to the average Mario player(I saw BR let's try and he's not very good). I am a good Mario player so maybe skill level is directly related to how much a person enjoys the game. I tend to find most Mario games, especially Nintendo ones, far too easy.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
from Link_2112
There's only one real solution to an all-around solid RMNbros anyways and I doubt that will ever happen. Hint: it's not criticism.

Dare I ask what it is, then? Because before you go putting down the value of criticism, consider this. Criticism alone does not make anything better. It's just an opinion, hopefully one based on analysis and with suggestions for improvement. It's the implementation of criticism that helps things improve. When it falls on deaf ears, nothing changes. This is true far beyond the scope of our little community Mario series here.

So I don't know what you're getting at in the above quote, but if it's what you put in little tiny text in another prior post, then I couldn't disagree more. Some of the ones who were less talented at making Mario levels in RMN Bros. 2 were the most receptive to feedback.
You don't get on the Internet popular by being nice. People love giving terrible reviews and tearing things a new one.

Hasn't anyone heard of coaching not criticising?

Either way he is one person. We should post a poll or get some real reviews for the game. I would review it if someone would take all of my levels out and take me off the dev status.
haha It is what I put in tiny text and I guess there is another solution, assign someone to make drastic changes to less than appealing levels. However, that's only if the aim is to make a polished Mario game(see what Kentona said) which I suppose is not the point of a community project. They gotta learn somehow. Everyone seemed to provide more feedback for this event than if those level creators made a gamepage with their Mario levels. So it succeeded greatly, in that sense.

I didn't mean to say anything about the usefulness of feedback :P

then I couldn't disagree more. Some of the ones who were less talented at making Mario levels in RMN Bros. 2 were the most receptive to feedback.

I wasn't speaking to their ability to accept feedback. Although, in some cases I would disagree with that statement, from what I remember ^.^; There's no need to go into that, though. It's all for fun anyways.
Just started playing this game. Does anyone know if Dagger Woods is beatable? And was it ever tested?
I'm a dog pirate
nin8halos, I'm not sure. A review submission would be much appreciated though!
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
It's beatable; just tricky for dumb reasons. You need to take the POW block from the tip-top of the screen and throw it near the Toad at the bottom right. Then the spiny egg thingies stuck in the tree will drop down at an aggravatingly slow pace, eventually allowing you through.

Dagger Woods was not my favorite level. Could you tell?
I have a new laptop. Not exactly high-end, but still much better than my 7-year-old desktop I was using before.

Still experiencing lag in Aquatic Fortress. So much so that I've attempted to fight the boss about 15 times so far, and the only two times I've won was when I died at the same time, presumably from a bomb going off on me, but of course I can't tell because I'm lagged to hell. Of course, this means I actually DIDN'T win, and have to try again. Still attempting as we speak, and my strategy has been to pop bubbles as fast as possible so they don't fill the screen and lag me to (literal) death.

I guess what I'm saying is: for RMN Bros 3, please don't have any rooms or levels that get completely saturated with actors. This boss battle would have gone much smoother if, say, the bombs spawned on the screen at about half the frequency.

Edit: the "debug door" glitch is still in the beginning of the level.
OMG this looks incredible!
Downloading now :P