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'Land's Hope' is a game that focuses on the occupants of a small town and their struggle to save it from a mysterious drought.

Nabia: a small town situated near the spring of the water spirit, Verdene. With rich soil and the blessings of the spirit there has always been an abundance of food and water, allowing the town to flourish in the wastes whilst so many others fail.

One morning Sorionne, an accomplished hunter who has just returned from completing her Task, entered Nabia to find that the town was deserted and drought stricken. Puzzled by this phenomenon, she seeks to return Nabia to how it was.

Along the way she will be joined by 7 other villagers to aid in unravelling the mystery of just what has happened to their beloved town.

* Collect the souls of nature spirits and the missing villagers to return the stricken land to how it was before.
* Each character has their own on-map skill to use from jumping large gaps to climbing cliffs.

Latest Blog

Something I meant to mention a while back...

...is that I lost all my VX games when I moved computer. I'm not sure how - I was positive that I'd copied them all over to the backup drive but when it came time to move them to the new computer, they just weren't there. This, of course, really annoyed me. Sure, I hadn't worked on them in a while, and sure, my chances of finishing the games were pretty low, but I was proud of my work, damnit!

I still have the awesome art that AE made, since I'd made copies of them elsewhere, but unfortunately this game, another that was almost finished (but had been broken due to some weird error that destroyed my maps ;.; ) and Incarnation have been lost.

Will the cast make an appearance in the future? Very possible. I love the characters themselves and the art that AE made is just lovely. It'd be a shame to waste it, but this game is sadly gone before it ever had a chance.

Fare thee well, Land's Hope. People liked you.

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  • 03/21/2011 07:31 AM
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I'm a dog pirate
Subb'd. I'll playtest/review this if you playtest/review Encephalon II :)
Done deal! XD

I have to finish it first though. ^.^;
I'm a dog pirate
Done deal! XD

I have to finish it first though. ^.^;

Haha, I'll probably take up till the deadline. Probably will have something testable by the 12th or so...hopefully...

I mean, let's face it, I only have 10 more development hours to spend on Encephalon II -- already used 10!
Shouldn't it be "Land's Hope" or at least "Lands' Hope" if it's the hope of more than one land?

Sorry :D

Subbed also. How do I get in on this review/playtest deal :(
It looks really good! I subscribed.
Looks really good! I love the mapping, and the story. Subbed :)
Mapping wise you are doing a great job! I'm subing.
Oh I like it, reminds me of dark cloud, at least that's the vibe I got.
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Libby why does this have Selicia's logo?
Whoa. That is a good question. Another good one is where did my line thingy go? o.O

I shall have to investigate! (Thanks for pointing it out~<3 )
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Damn, I really like VX games and the mapping and idea behind the game really makes it look like fun game to play......another promising game bites the dust :(
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