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Something I meant to mention a while back...

...is that I lost all my VX games when I moved computer. I'm not sure how - I was positive that I'd copied them all over to the backup drive but when it came time to move them to the new computer, they just weren't there. This, of course, really annoyed me. Sure, I hadn't worked on them in a while, and sure, my chances of finishing the games were pretty low, but I was proud of my work, damnit!

I still have the awesome art that AE made, since I'd made copies of them elsewhere, but unfortunately this game, another that was almost finished (but had been broken due to some weird error that destroyed my maps ;.; ) and Incarnation have been lost.

Will the cast make an appearance in the future? Very possible. I love the characters themselves and the art that AE made is just lovely. It'd be a shame to waste it, but this game is sadly gone before it ever had a chance.

Fare thee well, Land's Hope. People liked you.


Progress Report

Great day!

So today was a really good day, LH-wise. Not only did I finally get one of the battle scripts to work *finally* but I also got the new faces to work with the message and face script! Woo!

New Faces?!
Yes, you rad correctly - new faces. I've been hiding these under my hat, (mainly because, hey! I've been AWOL but also because I wanted them finished before I officially showed them off ^.^) and damn, do they look great!

Many, many thanks to the ever-awesome alterego, who also did some work for me on Dungeon Crawl. He practically reads my mind when it comes to things like poses and well, everything. He is also whipping up some character battlers that I just know will be all kinds of awesome - if what I've seen is any indication. He's a great artist and lots of fun to work with.

So, here's a big shout out to you, AlterEgo! You do great stuff! ^.~

Now get back to work! ;P

Seriously: go check the new faces out out in the Characters tab.

Battle System
Also, the battle system is coming along nicely. I've got the characters switching out using KGC's LargeParty script. I've also used DerWulfman's awesome Actor Battler script to add more to the graphical side of things (with many thanks to Pacman for fixing it up for me!)

I'm still trying to do some minor edits to a few others and looking to get a fix on Shanghai's Friendly Monster script. All up, things are looking great!

Now I just have to worry about everything else... XD

Now let's end this blog with something graphical, shall we?

Old face

New face


Battle script and character skills

First off - no free graphics today. I've not done any more edits lately (though there are a few in the works) so, nyeh.

Battle System

I now know what I want for the battle system but it's gonna be bloody hard to do it. If worst comes to worst I may have to code a CBS, but hopefully I'll be able to find an existing script to edit or a scripter who wouldn't mind whipping something up.

Basically I'm thinking of a one-on-one battle system where you can swap characters at any time and each character has different skills to use. So, say you start a battle with whoever is currently leading the party. You can choose to use that characters' skills or change to one of the other characters right away. It'll cost some amount of time to do so.

A very rough layout.

So in that picture, the top left would have the time bar, the green circle would be a large battler of the current character, the star would be the monster. The middle box would be character commands and the box on the left would be a list of the characters available to change to. Pretty rough.

Battles would be more about working out the right strategy and less about button masshing. For example - you come across an armoured lizard creature. When you attack it is hardly damaged, so you switch to Denn who casts De-Armour, then change to Mielle who uses Scanner, then change to Lourne who has an elemental attack that it's weak against. By then the monster has probably re-buffed itself and used an elemental barrier of some sort, so you switch to Denn to use De-Armour, then to Orcas who attacks while its defence is down, the switch to Mielle and use her Special to attack with a finishing spell.

Each switch costs 1MP and 2-5 TP (Time Points). MP and HP will be in the lower end of the number spectrum but can be regenerated. TP will be what moves the time guage. Some attacks will cost less TP, whilst others will take all the TP. TP effects the speed of battle and is regained at a rate of 1 per second, though certain characters will gain it faster or slower.

Character Skills

As stated before each character has their own skills to bring to both battles and maps. I've been doing a lot of thinking about it and well, some of it will depend on whether or not I can get the battle system I want to work. But the map skills are all 'go' and the character page will be updated with that information (as well as the battle skills info if I can find the right script).
So here's a quick list of the map skills.
Sorionne - Long Shot. Uses her bow to hit things at a distance.
Ruon - Mini-bomb. Can break fragile things like floors and walls. Also can stun an enemy.
Hellem - Translate. Can read certain runes and decipher ancient text.
Mielle - Night vision. She can guide the party through dark areas.
Lourne - Strong Man. Moves heavy objects.
Villa - Long Jump. Can jump two spaces where marked, and doesn't fall through floor holes.
Denn - Charge! Attacks an enemy and can cause a back attack. May also break fragile walls.
Orcus - Haggle. Can make deals with people/things. Also finds hidden treasure easily.

To use the skills you must first have the character at the head of the party. Of course, you can switch on-map at any time by pressing the PGUP/PGDOWN buttons. As long as that character has been found you can switch to them. Yes, even if they aren't in the 'top four'.

I think that's enough for this update. Keep an eye out!

And if anyone wants to point me in the direction of a good battle script I'd be very thankful!


Poll blog #1

Well, I've got my scripts all ready to use, got some story-boarding done, town maps and outskirts complete. So it's time to really think about gameplay.

I have two ideas and both, well, both are tied into the dungeons so I need to figure this out before I start on them.

The first idea is to have on-map monsters that block certain areas. Not too many of them around, but enough. So battles will be intespersed with puzzles and map interaction.

The second idea is to not have any battles and just focus on map interaction and puzzles.

I'm not sure which I like better. If the first I don't have to do too much fiddling with the maps because the monsters themselves can add a bit of interaction. If the second I'll have to really think about each part of every map and how the characters interact with what's on them in order to proceed.

So, poll time! Tell me what you guys think.


* Battles and Map Interaction
* Just Map Interaction
* Something Else

Wish we could really add polls. ^.^; But let me know in your comments!

Graphic Share

Just a few things today~


It has begun!

Okay, so the gamepage is up, a new page has been added and the blog has begun. What can I say about this project?

My aims are to create a small, condensed game that will (hopefully) be finished within a month's time. That said, I don't have a great track record for doing things like this - though I did finish The Sound of Flames within a few days. There's a large likeliness that I'll overshoot the desired time allotment, but I shall try my best to stick to the timeline.

A few years ago I wanted to do a game that where you had to restore your village by going through a dungeon to collect the souls of your fellow villagers and find the mystery behind what happened to cause the problem in the first place. Lands Hope is my attempt at this type of game.

Inspired by both Dark Cloud and Terranigma, Lands Hope presents you with a small town where something has gone horribly wrong. You take control of the main character, Sorionne, as she looks into what occurred to desolate the town so.

I've found that a lot of things in both myths and legends have inspired me over the years and figured "Why not use them in a game?". Thus you'll find a lot of names will be homages to the original myths.

Off the top of my head:
Sorionne - Orion the hunter
Nabia - name of a water goddess
Verdene - Vedenemo, goddess of water
Vila - Veela/Vila/Wila/Wili (if you've read Harry Potter you know a little about it)
Monsters - Kappa/Each Usage/Kelpie/Rusalka/Gnome/Selkie/Ent

So far I've done a lot on the visual side of things. Edits, sprites, faces and a few maps - which I'll be working on more today. I've also got to get another face done, and a few more shelf edits and whatever else I find as I go along.

I've looked into a few different scripts in order to make the battle system a bit more enjoyable. Characters will each have different ways to learn skills - from drawing from enemies, to using scrolls, to miming both enemies and allies

Plot is underway, though still quite shaky in some areas. I know what I want to do, but there's still a few things I have to work out before it'll be full-steam ahead.

Not much has been done balance-wise or database-wise, but I will have to at least make a start on the database some time soon.

Sharing is Caring
Well, as I said, I've done a few edits and I was thinking of making a page where people who want them can grab 'em. Maybe. I'll just post the first batch here though - just remember to at least drop my name in a text file or something. ^.^

For more VX edits check here >LINK<

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