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*More information will be added as I go along.

Playable Characters

"Verdene, Spirit of the spring, Wise-One, I bring forth an offering."
An accomplished hunter, she's just returned home from a gruelling Task to find the town in disrepair, the townsfolk missing and the land she loves dying. She's not much of a people person - more of a nature-lover - though she has a close relationship with Verdene as one of her Blessed.

"Hey, no offence! It was just a joke!"
A cheerful girl who loves sweets and pranks, she's always there for friends and family. Said friends and family just wish she'd lay off on the jokes sometimes, and try to be a bit more responsible.

"Don't bother me when I'm reading."
Lazy, quiet and sarcastic, Hellem isn't always reliable, but she is quite clever. She likes to read a lot and takes pride in her academic learning.

"Wow, it's so dark tonight. I kinda like it..."
Found near the village when she was just a baby, she's pretty gloomy and dark, but her love of the macabre is eclipsed by her love for the village that raised her.

"Be careful, there's a lot of creatures out and about today."
A guard-in-training, Lourne is a pretty solemn guy with a history of bad luck with women. Despite that, he's generally well-liked and respected by most of the town.

"Sometimes, I just wonder why anyone even bothers..."
Born from a Sylph mother and human father, Vila is caught between two worlds - one of magic and one of reason. Because of this she's a bit shy and tends to keep her thoughts to herself, though the villagers try their best to pry her out of her shell.

"So, does anyone want to come to the bar tonight or am I just going to have to do it alone?"
Though he looks kindly and gentle, this quiet man is a bit of a risk-taker and can be very brash and bold at times. He has many friends in the village and likes to hang out with them at night.

"There's a lot to be said about age and wisdom - just ask my wife! BHAHAHA! ... Ouch! I didn't mean it, Honey..."
As one of the village elders, Orcas deals with merchants and travellers a lot. Due to this he is an experienced haggler, both wise and unafraid to stand up for himself... though his wife tends to get her way each time they argue.

Important NPCs


"I beg you, worry not. I shall do my best to aid you. Leave your troubles behind..."
The spirit of the spring, she lives in a small cave at the north end of Nabia. Quiet, generous and gentle, she watches over the lives of the villagers and aids them as much as she can when they ask. She's not all-powerful, though very wise, she sometimes has visions of the future which she chooses whether to share or not. Upon the desolation of the town she has withdrawn into the depths of her cave - perhaps to protect herself, perhaps to hide from shame...


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Faces were done by alterego~ ^.^
These facearts...are honestly some of the best I've ever seen. o_o
Hehe, Thanks! ^^ Honestly, I still see some quirks about them, but as long as people like them I can overlook that. >.>;
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