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The continent of Tairngire, E.C 759.

It has been nearly three centuries since the hero Cuchulain and his companions united the continent as one after the Altan Period, a bloodless war that plunged countless souls into a deep despair, and a fate worse than death itself. But the respite has been brief compared to early days, and a shadow of unease begins to steal over Tairgire once again.

Full game stats:

A 12-15 hour long labour of love nearly 4 years in the making.
A rich, vibrant world deeply steeped in Celtic and Welsh mythology.
50+ high quality audio tracks immerses you into the game as you journey onward.
300+ lovingly crafted maps brings the world of Tairngire to life.
4 lovable and memorable player characters.
13 challenging boss fights.

You will need the VX RTP to run this game:

To install:

First, make a new folder, and call it Enelysion: Redux.
Put the compressed download into that folder and extract like normal with WinRAR or WinZip.
Install the fonts included if you don't have them yet.
Please check the List of Bug Fixes page as well for updates.

Basic Controls:

Apart from the usual arrow/directional keys:

Alt + Enter - Toggle Full Screen mode
Enter/Spacebar/Z/ - Action key
Esc/X - Main Menu/Cancel an interaction
Shift - Sprint
Left Shift + Z = Pull an object towards you ( like a crate or boulder )

Latest Blog

One year already?

Hard to believe more than a year has gone past when this pet project of mine was finally completed. But it passed the 5K download mark in combined DLs, so that has made me quite happy. =) Even though it hasn't quite reached the popularity of say, Star Stealing Prince or Lunar Wish.

Funnily enough, all three featured games for December for the years 2012 ( SSP ), 2013 ( LW ) and 2014 ( Enelysion ) were made in VX, a nice little hat-trick, considering the engine is normally seen as the weakest of the modern RM engines ( XP, VX/Ace, MV ).

I've been thinking about patching this game one last time ( with the patches included, unlike the current version that's available; the patch is a separate DL ) before I can lay it to rest. Though I'm not too sure if I should include some bonus content to celebrate the game's one-year release, or tweak the writing or, I dunno. Something that will enhance the overall experience of this project, rather than just let the player feel like they're playing a rehash. Maybe I can include a bonus dungeon that allows Laine and co. to battle all the previous bosses in the game, but beefed-up versions of them ( Oh the horror! Imagine how nasty Avinchii would be! ). Justified really, since your mighty party should be around Level 25+ by then, aka Endgame level.

Maybe extra weapons/armours, extra loot, the usual stuff that will give players an incentive to play through the game again. Or even throw in a mini side-quest where I've hidden about 50 'mini-doubloons' throughout the game and can be traded at that one town to get awesome loot. ^^ Bonus tracks too, since I know for a fact that the music in Enelysion is one of it's strongest points, and one I'm very proud of.

Or a 'banter' option. Think Phantasy Star IV's Talk option.

Just any excuse to see that silly Siglud and his equally dry-humour friend Cillian talking nonsense with Laine and Pat. XD

Closing thought. Should I do some new artsies? ( I can do art, but my style doesn't suit a game like say, Tristian. I'd go for marimo's art-style for that particular game, but I don't think I can afford her ;_; ).

Because it's eeeeevil. Just kidding.

Of course, this is all 'in-between' stuff while I slave away at Tristian.
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  • Ronove (Assistant Artist)
  • RPG Maker VX
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  • 03/24/2011 06:41 PM
  • 04/04/2017 07:49 PM
  • 11/15/2014
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Congrats, yuna.
You are kicking butt. I'm not sure whose. There's just a butt, and your foot is hitting it.

I started a new page again...
I like the game so far but I've already found a problem that seems no one else has posted so I'd like to know if its my computer or the game. It seems that when I try to use the mana orb that you pick up out of the barrel outside of the beginning house and try to use it I get kicked out of the game. Script YEM NewBattleStats' line 514: NoMethodError

edit: oh and subbed for sure.
It's so weird I found another mana orb outside of the armor shop in town and for some strange reason it lets me use both mana orbs without kicking me out of the game lol
@scalaras: I'm glad you've enjoyed the game so far. :) As for that error, I'm not too sure, I've never encountered that message ever, and I've opened every single barrel found throughout the game during testing. Some errors may be erratic though, so it can be random. If that's the case, there's not much I can do, I'm afraid. :( But as long as it didn't affect any gameplay, then it's fine.

Oh, and thanks for subbing. ^^
My mind is full of fuck.
Where can I find the briefing room?
@Benos: That would be located at the Dirty Dog, the pub. It serves as mercenary headquaters as well.
My mind is full of fuck.
:) Thank you.

Edit: Must of either did that, but now I have to find this contact. Properly checked everywhere.

You can find him in the south-western part of Landen, in that abandoned shack. :)
You may know me from the RPG Maker VX forums, but since it's not working at the moment, I decided to post this here. Fanaaaaaart!


Hope you like it.
@AMN: Yep, I know you from rpgmakervx.net. And like I posted over there earlier on, thank you so much. ^^ I do like getting fan-art, even if I never hint at it. :D
I also had a problem with rpgmakervx.net earlier on ( actually, I'm trying to get on-line now, to no avail... ). So it isn't just me or my crappy internet. :)
Only one boob is armored :( The other is prone to cuts and lacerations and gropes.
It seems like enemies scale to the lowest level member in the party. Are their stat growths significantly faster than the party's?

Hopefully, this doesn't lead to people killing one of their party members at a low level in order to curb enemy level scaling.

Edit: Also, Rolf somehow dodged his own healing spell. That was sure unexpected.
Yes, enemy levels are lowered to the lowest leveled party member, and their growths aren't high enough to become powerful to beat your party. Around a 5% growth per stat for every level up. Early game enemies do stop at a certain level, though.

And about Rolf/Patrick dodging his own healing spell, yes, that happened with e as well. No idea why though... ><
This game needs more subscribers! It rocks!
@Celes_Cole: Thank you. I'm quite happy with the current number of subbers, though. ^^
Amazing game!!! 5 stars for sure! Kinda wish i didnt play it.. now my game seems like poop
I noticed that you used a few Tropes to describe your characters' battle capabilities. Perhaps one day, this game will have its own Tropes page like some of the other games on this site.
@Bugfragged: Yes, I am hoping for a TvTropes page one of these days as well. :)
=[...I downloaded this but when I installed the game and tried running it, it gave me an error saying "RGSS202E.ll could not be found" T___T Help
Do you have RPGMaker VX installed? You need it in order to run the game, since it isn't stand alone.