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Regrets and Desires

*peeks head in to check no-one is around, then sneaks in*

Wow... it feels almost alien for me to sit down and write another blog (No. 198 as of writing). Not to mention the last blog for this game was written more than two years ago. And because Icebound is still pending, I'll probably just write the blog here.

So you'd probably be asking me why I'm writing another piece for a game that was completed in November 2014?

Well, thing is... The commercial evil is calling out to me. Like most hobbyists, I do dream about making a full-time living out of doing something I love so I can quit my dreary, soul-sucking 8-5 job.

It can seriously stifle the creative spirit and probably one of the reasons why my game-dev passion just vanished a few years ago. But now, having reached the ripe old age of 30 and forever leaving my twenties behind, I figured that:

1) I can't take life too seriously (most of my games have been pretty serious)
2) Let go of past grudges and
3) It is about high-time I decided to make the life I want to live and not be slave to a dreary job where getting a double bonus at the end of the year makes it bearable (it isn't).

I've also decided to buck-up on my art skills so that when I do go commercial one day, I can at least save myself a few hundred bucks by not hiring an artist. zero-project's (my music-muse) music is free for all commercial work, so that's one less problem to worry about.

Hello Laine, my old friend.

I'm also feeling a bit overwhelmed at trying to familiarise myself with MV. The engine has enormous potential, but all these plug-ins... Yanfly is seriously on a roll. To someone who has been using VX since late 2010-early 2011, to me it feels like the equivalent of going from paddling around in a baby pool, to diving off the 10-metre springboard. But I know it will pay off in the long-term. But I'll probably end up making a few short games in MV before taking this huge step.

It's exciting, but also terrifying at the same time. I need to let go of my innermost fears and just release all that pent-up creative energy. What is my innermost fears, you ask?


It is the fear of failure. Also, the fear of letting down people who expect great things from you, who expect you to be at the top of your game no matter what. But worst of all, for me at least, is when someone (whether in real life or on the internet) expresses immense disappointment in you. That... has always struck me hard and always sits like a lead balloon in my chest.

As to what happened about a year-and a half ago...

I regret it, and bitterly. I lost a few good friends that day, and I still it to this day. Every time I thought about RMN during my hiatus, that was the first incident I thought of. But I guess I'll have to learn to live with it.

So, here's to a better and more productive 2018! No more fears, no more past regrets, and no more looking back.

This is Luchi, who is now officially back from the dead, signing out.
Blog No. 198 written.

Also, the blog title is totally not a reference to an episode in Granblue.


One year already?

Hard to believe more than a year has gone past when this pet project of mine was finally completed. But it passed the 5K download mark in combined DLs, so that has made me quite happy. =) Even though it hasn't quite reached the popularity of say, Star Stealing Prince or Lunar Wish.

Funnily enough, all three featured games for December for the years 2012 ( SSP ), 2013 ( LW ) and 2014 ( Enelysion ) were made in VX, a nice little hat-trick, considering the engine is normally seen as the weakest of the modern RM engines ( XP, VX/Ace, MV ).

I've been thinking about patching this game one last time ( with the patches included, unlike the current version that's available; the patch is a separate DL ) before I can lay it to rest. Though I'm not too sure if I should include some bonus content to celebrate the game's one-year release, or tweak the writing or, I dunno. Something that will enhance the overall experience of this project, rather than just let the player feel like they're playing a rehash. Maybe I can include a bonus dungeon that allows Laine and co. to battle all the previous bosses in the game, but beefed-up versions of them ( Oh the horror! Imagine how nasty Avinchii would be! ). Justified really, since your mighty party should be around Level 25+ by then, aka Endgame level.

Maybe extra weapons/armours, extra loot, the usual stuff that will give players an incentive to play through the game again. Or even throw in a mini side-quest where I've hidden about 50 'mini-doubloons' throughout the game and can be traded at that one town to get awesome loot. ^^ Bonus tracks too, since I know for a fact that the music in Enelysion is one of it's strongest points, and one I'm very proud of.

Or a 'banter' option. Think Phantasy Star IV's Talk option.

Just any excuse to see that silly Siglud and his equally dry-humour friend Cillian talking nonsense with Laine and Pat. XD

Closing thought. Should I do some new artsies? ( I can do art, but my style doesn't suit a game like say, Tristian. I'd go for marimo's art-style for that particular game, but I don't think I can afford her ;_; ).

Because it's eeeeevil. Just kidding.

Of course, this is all 'in-between' stuff while I slave away at Tristian.


A clash of ideas

I drew this 30-min sketch of Laine and Tristian ( no, I don't ship them ) because I felt that the expressions of them glaring so malevolently at each other seems to ring true as to what I feel at the moment.

I feel that I'm half-arsing my newest game because all I can think of is the lovely brunette herself and finishing up her game instead.

On the other hand, the exposure would be nice, but Laine is just so... bleh compared to Tristian ( yes, I may not have had the writing skills back in 2011 to make our teal-haired heroine super complex like Tristy ) but hey, she has her fans. Granted, she's a lot more interesting in her IGMC incarnation.

Thing is, I'm sort of two-minded as to what I have to do. I can't fully focus on one project with my mind on the other.

I mean, I can wait out an entire year for the next opportunity to come along and lose the exposure, but the fact of the matter is that I simply cannot produce my best work whilst focusing on another distraction. But another part of me tells me it would be extremely foolish. I really want to go out there and show them how one goes about making a half-decent RPG.

I'm really torn about this. Help pls ;_; Its like a weight sitting on my chest.

Hey... didn't I say months ago that I was going to stop putting up blogs posts for this game? XD

( looks at an extremely grumpy-looking Tristian, who secretly yearns to be more well-known than Luchi's signature heroine )

Ianna: Have patience, my love. One day, you and I will ride into the sunset, victorious at defeating Luchi's signature game!
Tristian: ... Well, you just spoiled everything now.


Going inside Laine's head

So it all came to me in one glorious flash of inspiration. I've finally nailed down an idea for my IGMC entry, and because it is tied to Enelysion's game world, I might as well post it here. ^^


What if you could literally go into the head of your heroine and take an internal journey to make her grow from the inside out? Determine how to grow her strengths and battle abilities by fighting off her common foes: Rage, Melancholia and Avarice and follow Laine as she struggles to overcome her loss, faces her darker side, and ultimately, become a better person as a result.

Yes, this is based partially off the movie Inside Out, because I just found the premise so promising for a game centered around growth.


Laine Fisher has had a bad day. She failed to take down the notorious gang that has been plaguing Landen for the better part of two weeks, swore at Patrick and got involved in a dispute over money with her employer, Krei. After threatening to fire her for her unacceptable behaviour, Laine has a pint or two too many to drink, and has a very strange dream after passing out in the Dirty Dog.

She wakes up in a strange dream world and has to find her bearings on her own. During her journey through this place ( which looks a lot like the Sidhe in the original game ), Laine has to confront the negative facets of her personality, do battle with physical manifestations of Anger, Greed and Melancholia and eventually, her dark side. At the end, she faces Rikard’s spirit, who tells her that there is no shame in what she is feeling, and after this exchange, she wakes up in her own bed at home, with Pat at her side.


A month before the events of the actual game, and a few days after Rikard’s death.


The Sidhe/Dream world

Foes are only encountered once, then disappear. A boss representing the emotion of each level needs to be defeated for Laine to overcome this trait. An emotion bar is represented on screen, showing how close Laine is to ‘defeating’ her negative trait.

Divided into three distinct levels:

The Wrath area is populated with fiery creatures and treacherous rivers of lava. Laine will gain stats in ATK and HP for this stage. There is no currency. Rather, the foes drop a currency that enables Laine to purchase skills ( JP-system ), which are all locked at the beginning of the game.

During these stages, Laine’s ATK power skyrockets, but leaves her vulnerable to attacks. She can also become Berserked at times.

The Melancholia area is a sombre blue, glowing cave filled with spectral creatures which drain Laine’s HP and try to inflict status effects on her like Depression and Weak.

Laine is more resistant to magic, but her attacks are weaker.

The Avarice area is a temple-like structure full of treasure. However, Laine will be penalised stat-wise if she tries to open any of the chests containing valuable loot. Laine can use her ‘avarice’ based skills ( which require koruna to cast ) on foes here.

After she clears all three areas and the bosses, Laine faces off against her dark side. After she defeats her doppleganger, Rikard will appear, Laine will wake up, and the game will end.

Gameplay progress:

Laine’s stats are fixed. She can either can stats through defeating her foes, getting small stat-ups, or she can equip certain ‘personality traits’ that double as skill enhancements that can combat certain types of foes: Eg; the Calm trait working well against Aggressive foes.

After clearing each level, she will get a large stat-up and a 'trait' to help combat her foes.

Because of her recent loss and certain traits, Laine will be weak against certain ‘elements’. Because she is in mourning, the Depression state affects her worse and because she is hot-headed, the Aggression-based fire foes tend to do more damage to her as well.

I'm also linking certain skills to certain traits ( which is probably borne from my love of the Sims3 ).

There's probably a lot more to the gameplay, but I'm just trying to hammer the core aspects of the game for now. But expect a game page within the next few days or so. ^^

So, thoughts on the idea? Opinions?


Does this need to be 'remade'?

Not that I am jumping on the 'remake' bandwagon ( tbh, it seems a bit silly making the game from scratch in the same engine ). Rather, it's a Redux Plus version of the game that will address several of the game's glaring flaws ( its pacing for one thing, and character/villian development for another ) with more content and maybe new artwork/portraits/redesigns. And probably more Siglud/Cillian shenanigans as a 'Prologue' chapter.

Now I am asking you this. If I do end up making a Redux Plus version of Enelysion, what additional features would you like to see added? Should I make a seperate game page, or keep all relevant updates here? Should I give Laine the option to end up with Siggy or Cil? ( poor Pat is out because of... duties)Should I improve the crafting system, or just leave it out? Would you like to see superbosses and even more optional sidequests/goodies?

Graphically, the game will stay the same, but with a better menu system ( sort of like Tristian's, but I took that demo down now ) and the same battle system ( it worked fine, I don't see any reason to change it, though I may nerf some skills, and buff others ).

If I were a US/Canadian citizen, I'd probably Kickstart the game and see how it would do commercially, but that is a whole new can of worms that I do not want opened, especially if I haven't got a fanbase outside of RM in general ( then again, do I have one at all? ). >< But I do feel that Laine's pre-promotion design is pretty iconic. I may even change her actual promotion outfit ( and make promoted outfits for the other characters too ).

Another thing that has been bothering me for a while is that this game will always be my, well... flagship title. Even if Tristian is released one day, I highly doubt it will be as popular as this game. Since Enelysion feels so much closer to a traditional JRPG, it tends to cater for a larger demographic than Tristian, which focuses more on political drama. And the fact that Laine looks a bit like Lightning probably makes her more popular than Tristy by default ( who is based off my favourite Fire Emblem character )... ><

So yes. Thoughts on the matter, anyone?


Now on GameJolt. Wish me luck.

So, I've taken that baby step forward ( and hopefully a leap as a developer ) into the indie-game making scene. Help up vote it and show your support, RMN! :D And add me as a friend if you have an account over there. I'm lonely. :3


I wonder how tolerant they are over there with regards to games that need existing software to run...

Anyway, hope to see some of you over there. My heart ( and most of my posting ) still remains with RMN, however. <3


A surprise announcement

Wow, I haven't done a blog for this game since November last year. ^^

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who nominated this game for the 2014 Misao Awards. Although I wasn't expecting to win anything ( given the awfully strong contenders in the race ), I was still happy with Enelysion's 8 nominations and placing 3rd for GOTY ( even if the votes did seem meagre compare to the other two; Oneshot and Dreaming Mary ). But this blog isn't just about a personal word of thanks.

After I eventually complete Tristian, would you guys like to see a sequel to this game? I know some of you will say its a no-brainer, but I would like
to still know your thoughts on the matter. =) And if possible, tell me what you'd like to see in it ( apart from Cil/Siggy shenanigans, but Siggy is now married and must be a good boy lol. But I don't do yaoi...)

I am practising my art again, so when the time comes, it will be custom stuff galore as usual. XD

I never do fanservice, but here's Laine as a Sim in TS3. Huge image, btw. Just as a small token of my thanks.

I'm no forking out 600 bucks for Sims 4, sorry. XD And I am so making Lainey's
hair like that if I do do a sequel.

So speak people. Let me know what you think!


Journey's End

After weeks of testing the game non-stop, I feel it is ready to put the Redux version out. And I won't say anything about it being the last, lest I curse myself and have to upload another patch to fix some small error/ map/glitch that I may have overlooked. My last 'speedrun' playthrough still came in at around nine and a half hours ( instead of 12.5 hrs ) so the game still has enough meat in its playtime to classify itself as a 'decent length' RM game.

With that said, I only hope I can lay this 3.5 year old toddler to rest and focus on my other baby, Tristian, and hope she won't rouse me from some much needed rest. Because I am EXHAUSTED. Even as I type this, I can feel every joint in my body aching because I wanted to see if I could work to a deadline, which I set for the 15th of this month.

Which I managed.

So maybe I should tell you a tell as to how Enelysion came into this world.
This probably will make it my longest blog post yet, so bear with me. =)

October 2010:

Yuney cancels her fangame; Phantasy Star: Beneath a New Light, after 1.5 years of dev, ditches XP and gets VX.

Late November 2010:

Yuney is browsing through some Fire Emblem artwork of a game she has never played before. It is called Path of Radiance, and she sees a real neat looking outfit of a Lord of whose name is still unknown to her at that point. His name is Ike.

Said artwork that I came across. Ike is also the most over-rated Lord in FE history.

Yuney thinks to herself: "Say, that guy has a cool outfit. Maybe I'll draw it, but not him." Little did she know that little drawing would signal the birth of Laine Alexandra Fisher. XD She sketches in a few more details, writes up a couple of notes on the drawing and leaves it as is.

December 2010:

Starts messing around with stuff in VX after getting the demo of Battle Engine Melody and strings together a couple of maps. yuney doesn't get very far with stuff, but still experiments. At that point, the Tankentai battle system was all the rage for VX games, so yuney decides to jump on the bandwagon. She becomes seriously inspired after playing the demo of Adela Isra ( inspires mapping ) and A Dust Tale ( inspires yuney to use Fire Emblem portraits ), and resolves to make a game. The awesome looking but completely average Valkyrie Stories: Escallion Rising inspires her as well with regards to overall presentation.

This would stick with her well into 2014, where the snazzy-looking menus of Tristian and its in-game help files would be inspired by VS: ER and A Dust Tale.

January-March 2011:

Yuney continues to develop her gam, doing research on Celtic, Greek/Eastern sounding names/myth and decides to call her game Enelysion. She begins editing Fire Emblem portraits to represent her characters, and at last; Laine, Patrick, Cillian and Siglud are ready to make their first foray onto rpgmakervx.net.

The game topic is born on February 17, 2011.

The game becomes popular quickly, and even in its demo state, was still praised
for its visuals and music selection even back then. yuney never did use commercial game music, after all.

Early build of the game.

24 March 2011

Enelysion makes its way onto RMN.

Mid-late 2011

The game undergoes several revamps because yuney is not happy with her maps and a bunch of other stuff she can't remember now. Yuney comes across her favourite-ever RM game at this point as well. It is merely called Linus.

How can I forget Clyve's comment when he said that Pat's weapon looked like a stick of broccoli. :D Tankentai, with the Adela Isra inspired HUDs.

Tankentai with not-so-big numbers.

Bastard. There was at one point, an FE-art build of the game and an original art build.

Battle-system evolution

Late 2011-Early/Mid 2012

iEntry starts causing trouble for vx.net. Many, if not all, the regulars start a mass exodus to the then newly opened RMW. After 630+ replies over at vx.net, Enelysion's topic finally migrates to RMW.

By this point, the game is completely unrecognisable from the early March 2011 build and has racked up some nice reviews over at RMN.

May 2012

Ronove from Star-Stealing Prince fame offers to do a skill exchange with yuney. I do some interior maps for her and she does the lineart for the new portraits that would soon replace yuney's current ( and horrible ) custom art versions. The FE portraits have long been scrapped. Tankentai is scrapped and yuney starts using the awesome BEM ( Battle Engine Melody ) for Enelysion's base battle system. Laine goes from resembling Lucia from Fire Emblem to Lightning of FFXIII due to a design change. The noblewoman look would go on to be recycled for the titular Lady of the Lion, Tristian.

Fast forward >>> >>> to September 2013

RMW in yuney's opinion starts becoming a cesspool of poor games and a lack of inspiration. She tries to get feedback for the latest build of the game ( Volume I, which clocks in at just over 6.5 hours ) and becomes frustrated and a tad depressed. The general population become more interested in acquiring 'Likes' and getting lots of profile views, because its probably an indication of how popular you over there.

Feedback for games in general slow to a crawl, an explosion of resource makers come into the fray and RMW in yuney's opinion, becomes more of an art site than a gam dev site like RMN. She slowly starts becoming less and less active, while becoming MORE active at the land of Aremen.

Fast forward >>> ??? ( Early-mid 2014 )

Yuney has sort of hit a valley in gam mak production. She's depressed. She wants to
give up completely. Enelysion's production has but ground to a halt. yuney thinks
of retiring from gam mak altogether. She tries to go a fully custom route for Vol II and tries to make it a separate game but stops.

Black Tempest custom build.

And then two wonderful reviewers by the name of Addit and nhubi save her. RMN literally saves yuney's gam mak pursuits and for that, she is eternally grateful. Her spark is back. She gets to work on Vol II asap. All she wanted was some feedback, and she got it. Some may have wrongly interpretted it as 'attention-whoring'... yuney is not an attention-grabbing snot, nor does she EVER, EVER plug her gams.

17 October 2014 - mid October

The final ( or not ) version of Vol I AND II is released on RMN. Yuney gets some more valuable feedback from Neok of Alter Aila fame and Red_Nova of RoI fame. She is very happy and thankful for their help and resolves to make a clean, bug free final release.

Late October 2014

Yuney announces that a Redux version of the game will be released.

Early November 2014

Enelysion hits 250,000 profile views on RMN. yuney is tired from all the testing, but still pushes on. Rpgmakervx.net dies.

Mid November 2014

Yuney starts finishing up testing the Redux version of Enelysion, which will be slated for release on the 15th of November 2014.

So yeah. A four-year chapter does indeed come to a close soon. I want to thank every single one of you for your support, encouragement and general awesomeness.

And for those of you who are nominating my baby for GOTY 2014 for the Misaos, thank you. It means the world to me. :D If I can get just one Misao, then I will be walking on air.

This is yuney, signing out and off to take a well-deserved rest.

Game Design

A challenge awaits

I know I made a blog post mentioning a Redux version coming soon, but this one is more informative. Listed below are the changes I'm putting into high gear. And putting a self-imposed exile on myself from RMN until it is done. >< By then, my notice box will be flooded ( and not because of replies to my game, lol. Essence Enforce, Origin and World Remade just gave me a bunch of 'em ).

General polish:

- BGM fades out properly in intro scene now. Most scenes, really.
- Cutscenes can no longer be skipped.
- Streamlined the visual flow of the full-bust portrait scenes.

Those two were my OTP, until emmych mentioned TristyxLaine. XD

- 'Thinking' text boxes are the same as regular ones, but with italic text.
- All 'flavour text' in the game are now indicated by '?' marks.

Flavour text for background info.

- Some barrels that were supposed to give items have been fixed as well.
-'Yes/No' options no longer appear for world map areas. Seemed pretty redundant.

Gameplay/battle changes:

- ALL enemy stats have been overhauled. There is now a gradual difficulty increase,
from very easy in the beginning to a fair challenge by endgame.
No more challenge spikes!
- The bandits at the beginning are much weaker, enabling Laine to one-round them.
- Fixed Cillian and Siglud's base stats.
- 'Wrath' no longer procs twice during some battles.
- All equipment now display the stats instead of a description. More useful for the player, especially when purchasing.

Now you'll know exactly what you're getting. Stats, stats, stats everywhere!

- The Pyre, Nilhei and Donar shields will give the Fire, Ice and Thunder Weapon statuses when equipped.

And a whole lot more to be done before late November. And I only started testing up 3 days ago and already implemented some of those features.
All this featured gam talk makes one awfully nervous ( I lurk there sometimes, like a fly on the wall ). As a result, I'm turning into a perfectionist. ><


No good deed goes unpunished

I will be uploading a new download for the game soon. Yes, its more painful for me from a bandwidth point of view ( I only have a 2GB cap per month, whereas; comparison-wise, my buddy in down under gets around 300GB a month ;_;) but judging by the number of game downloads to patch DLs, it seems either most people are too bloody lazy to download the patch and replace the data folder, or I needed to have sorted all that out beforehand (as if I'm not doing enough already -_-).

So yes. A fully patched version of Enelysion will be available soon, and I hope to God it is the last one, because I REALLY want to move onto other stuff ( like the MOG graphics event, play some other RM games like RoI and start working on Tristian again ). The project alone has already taken 4 years of my life. No more.

Yuney over and out.