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No good deed goes unpunished

I will be uploading a new download for the game soon. Yes, its more painful for me from a bandwidth point of view ( I only have a 2GB cap per month, whereas; comparison-wise, my buddy in down under gets around 300GB a month ;_;) but judging by the number of game downloads to patch DLs, it seems either most people are too bloody lazy to download the patch and replace the data folder, or I needed to have sorted all that out beforehand (as if I'm not doing enough already -_-).

So yes. A fully patched version of Enelysion will be available soon, and I hope to God it is the last one, because I REALLY want to move onto other stuff ( like the MOG graphics event, play some other RM games like RoI and start working on Tristian again ). The project alone has already taken 4 years of my life. No more.

Yuney over and out.


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Your mom is a hero
took me 3 months before all of the major bugs got sorted out in my first big game.
Having a bandwidth cap is awful. D:

Heh, I'm actually one of those people who downloaded the game but not the patch. I haven't had any time to play it yet since I've been busy with work... and work, so I figured by the time I got around to it, you'll have had all of the kinks worked out. :)

Anyhoo... looking forward to Tristian and the future!
Two gigabytes per month? That's an insane cap. I use more than that on my phone, much less on my regular internet usage. I'm sorry you're having to go through all that trouble. Applying a patch to an RPG Maker game really isn't all that difficult, so I don't know why people wouldn't do it. Good luck with all your future projects. This one may have taken a lot of time out of your life, but it shows. It's an amazing game. I've actually recommended it to people over some of the commercially available RPG Maker games.
You can provide a special download with only the map files or whatever. No need to reupload the whole thing to update a little bug in the code.

Or even just provided a new download with the music/sound/other large files removed. I would imagine those things won't change.
Jesus, a 2GB bandwidth limit per month? Wow, lol, that sucks… No wonder why you haven’t uploaded another patched version of the game in quite some time.

With my internet service provider up here in Canada (which is Telus, BTW) I have a special packaged deal with them where I get two T.V.’s, two home phones with long distance calling, three way calling and call screening with unlimited bandwidth for around $180 a month. It’s pretty expensive, yes, but the unlimited bandwidth was just too good not to pass up back then we signed up with them since I use the Internet more than I use the home phone and the T.V.. I’m not sure how much you pay down there in South Africa or what type of service provider that you have, but, man, yuney - you gotta upgrade that shit sometime in the future! 2 GB’s a month just won’t cut it anymore nowadays in today's tech world.

And, yeah, I was going to ask about what's going on with Tristian but I figured you might have wanted to take a little break after completing Enelysion so I thought I would just hold up asking you and give you some well-deserved time off. But, of course, as you might already know, a game developer never seems to get any time off; he or she is always thinking and preparing his or herself for the next challenge ahead.

took me 3 months before all of the major bugs got sorted out in my first big game.

This is one of the main reasons that I don’t particularly like making and designing an RPG. You think beta-testing a small one hour to two hour game takes a while to squash all those bugs? Imagine having to do that for a 10 - 20 hour game with all those different multiple scenarios and all those different situations. This is why having a couple of beta-testers for something like that is a very good idea.
Yeah, my sucky bandwidth also means I can't DL RM games let alone review them. ;_; Guess I need to stick to the RM2K/3K stuff. Our internet contracts here are pretty bad too ( and expensive ).

I will start posting blogs for Tristian again, but I'm working on a small, side-project ( fan-game btw ) in the meantime.
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You know if there was a way to do it without compromising privacy I'd grab a 64Gb flash drive get a list from you and download everything you want and send it to you on a monthly basis. I've got unlimited up and down and have an ISP that doesn't like the government. I'm not in South Africa but I don't think the postage would be massive.

Seriously Yuna you need to make it big in this Gam Mak bis and get an upgrade.
Maybe I can find a solution. Uncapped bandwidth per month here is crazy expensive though. ><

Anyhoo... I'll put up the latest patch for game soon. It should get rid of all the annoying niggling bugs in the game. Nothing game-crashing, as far as I could glean. I played through the game twice and checked everything. Even map transfers. Not that there was any problem, of course. Laine sometimes ended up facing the wrong way on some maps. And there was one missing image, which will be included in the file download.

Granted, the game will never be perfect, but it can at least be bug free. =)
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I'd delete that first patch download, people can be thick and will probably grab the wrong one. I'm assuming patch 2.0 covers everything in patch 1.01.
lol true. Even if I will lose that 15 MS. Need to submit more resources to make up for it, though.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Oops, didn't realise it would reduce your MS, just rename it to 'don't download this one' then.
Hey, so I tried re-downloading the game with patch 2.0. I started over from the beginning, making a save every time I skipped a cut scene (or was forced to watch one.)


The same error still exists with the cut scene where the man says he'll only talk to Laine, and Lane replies that's me. Had to download this to continue:

In file 5, if you skip the cut scene, you don't get 5000 gold or the eschaton, as demonstrated in file 6. I went back to file 5, and watched the cut scene to proceed with the goodies.

In file 8, if I try to go back into the bar, the same cut scene from before plays (the one in file 7, that you get after the 5000 gold cut scene.) This is where I got stuck last time. Any chances you could take a look and fix the save file for me? Would really love to continue playing.

Also, there were two missing files. Included the text file reporting said two files.
Guess its a good thing you did skip the scenes (that's a bad habit of mine when it comes to actual testing, not skipping cutscenes). I'll have a look at the files. =)
Ahhhhhhh, Okay, I figured out that you're supposed to meet the two knights north of town, not in the town itself. There's still the cut scene error with going back inside the bar but in the meantime, going ahead.

Am now stuck at port town, trying to figure out where the bad peoples' hideout is (no idea where it is, help?) It's a weird feeling to come across a town in shambles, and just pilfer a chest there with 400 gold lying out in the open. Laine, are you sure this place doesn't need that gold more than you do right now hmmmmmmmmmmm?

Edit: Nevermind, found my way.
I should probably still do a fix for the cutscene skippers though. XD
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