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Now on GameJolt. Wish me luck.

So, I've taken that baby step forward ( and hopefully a leap as a developer ) into the indie-game making scene. Help up vote it and show your support, RMN! :D And add me as a friend if you have an account over there. I'm lonely. :3


I wonder how tolerant they are over there with regards to games that need existing software to run...

Anyway, hope to see some of you over there. My heart ( and most of my posting ) still remains with RMN, however. <3


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The all around prick
I've been planning on getting on Game Jolt for a while now. I'm still working on an RTP independent version of one of my games, but as soon as that gets done, I'll be right there!

Good luck!
You're magical to me.
I made an account and added you! :DDDD Best of luck!
Just made an account and sent a friend request. :) I haven't yet gotten around to playing Enelysion, but if it's as good as people say, you should be fine. I mean, Nihilo is on there and has had very positive reception so far, even though we're yet to even release a demo. Other RPGMaker games also tend to fare well from my limited experience lurking the site.
Good luck!! When I create an account there, I'll make sure to add you \o/
If possible, make your game independent from RTP. That will help a lot in these kind of places ;P.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Requested to be your friend and voted 5stars! :)
Thanks, gaiz. I've added you as my buddies now. I'll probably add Tristy after I've got enough custom work done.

Aaaaah! 300,000+ views! :D:D:D:D !
Found you on Moddb/Indiedb today and added a rating. Good luck finding new audience there (and it reminded me that you can level up there by rating stuff).
I suppose I need to add a RTP-independent version, which will push the game's size up to around 280 or so MB ( then again, the game is 12+ hours long ) if I want to reach a bigger audience.

Thanks for the vote of confidence so far, guys. ^^
Just sent a friend request!

I'm thinking of putting my game up on there too, but I may wait until I get a new beta out.
Hmm... interesting. I was just randomly browsing/lurking over at RMW like I do occasionally and stumbled across the Social Media section, dedicated to blogs, articles etc. for the main site, and saw that Touch ( one of the main mods ) put up a link there for the review. I can't post there now because I'd be necroposting, but it's probably best I did it here.

A few weeks ago, Volrath ( from MoTW ) PM'ed me and asked if he could do a review for RMW's blog, and I agreed. Now, while the actual blog review didn't have replies/comments, there were a handful over at the main site and several members there felt the game was over-rated and the praise was too much. I understand that the game is slow to start, and that the characters can feel a bit stilted ( one called Laine out for being a Mary Sue because she has no flaws, just angsty all the time and an excellent swordswman, has a mysterious past, the usual ) at times, but bare in mind that this was my first serious attempt at an RPG and my writing back then wasn't as strong as it is now. It wasn't designed to break new ground.

If they had a problem with the game's beginning/intro, characters, battle system etc., then why didn't they post a comment or two in the thread ( Enelysion has been on RMW since March 2012, for crying out loud )? Would have been better than receiving a silly 'Like'.

They even felt the game shouldn't even get more reviews because it's too well known. But hey, I finished a very long game, which is more than I can say for 99% of the members over there.

Had to get it off my chest.
You're magical to me.
Yeah, that's kind of the curse of any sort of popularity; it'll draw people who don't like the popular game and don't understand why it's popular. But I feel like that's bound to happen with any game that gets a lot of attention. Not everyone's going to enjoy every game, so I wouldn't worry too much about people saying its overrated.

And I don't get the mentality of "the game shouldn't even get more reviews because it's too well known." More Reviews = More People's Opinions on the Game = Better. In my opinion at least.

I guess what I'm saying is, be proud of what you've accomplished despite nay-sayers, and keep doing awesome things (like Tristian :DDDDD)
Yes, it is a blessing and a curse in disguise. And I am very proud of what I've achieved within the last four years or so. I'm not angry or anything ( since I know no game is perfect ), it was just an observation I made. Even Star Stealing Prince came under fire once.
The all around prick
I noticed that many of RMW's blogs have sparse comments. I don't take that as a sign of lack of interest as much as a common trend for the blogs.

As for the thoughts on the review, well, people have their own definition of what a review is. When they read a review from someone who's definition doesn't fit their own, they fault the review and/or reviewer, calling the game, "overhyped," or whatever. Some people believe reviews should be someone's personal opinion of the game, others think that it should be an objective breakdown of the game's individual traits to determine what works and what doesn't. Even others believe that a review should be a mix of the two extremes. To the credit of RMW, though, they did list why they didn't agree and what they thought of it. Of course, going the extreme route of submitting a revenge review is just as cancerous.

The part that really annoyed me, though, is the implication that Volrath chose the wrong game to play and review. He can review whichever game he wants to! I mean, he is just one guy, and expecting him to dig through the THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of games out there right now for the chance of uncovering a hidden gem is so absurd that I was at a loss for words. The implication I got was that people expect others to do the work of uncovering gems for them. That is an incredibly selfish attitude to take. Notice how no one mentioned games he should have reviewed instead? "You should review more lesser known games. Which ones? I don't know! That's YOUR job to bring exposure to the hidden gems, not mine!"

How about boosting the exposure a game gets by, I don't know, talking about the game! The more posts a thread has, the more heated a topic becomes, the more likely a reviewer like Volrath will take notice, and the more likely such a game will get a review.

Just my two cents.
Your mom is a hero
They even felt the game shouldn't even get more reviews because it's too well known.

This is classic RM community mindset.

and it's bullshit. Ignore it.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Please Luchino stop giving me more reasons to dislike RMW.
BTW I followed your game on Gamejolt. :D
Please Luchino stop giving me more reasons to dislike RMW.

Sorry 'bout that. I used to like the site, back in early 2012, when it was still new and exciting. Not anymore. Doesn't get my creative juices flowing like this place. I feel like a stranger there now ( and sort of unwelcome, I dunno why... just a feeling I get whenever I visit the site :\ I just can't go back and become fully active like I used to be. There are far too many members over there that I dislike to even think of it ). To me, it doesn't feel like one massive, warm community like RMN. It reminds me of high school, where every one has their own clique ( the artists, the 'cool cats', the hangers-on, etc. ) and a ton more reasons I won't list here now.

Anyway, this place has been my RM home since late 2012 ( when I became active ) so yeah.
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