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A clash of ideas

I drew this 30-min sketch of Laine and Tristian ( no, I don't ship them ) because I felt that the expressions of them glaring so malevolently at each other seems to ring true as to what I feel at the moment.

I feel that I'm half-arsing my newest game because all I can think of is the lovely brunette herself and finishing up her game instead.

On the other hand, the exposure would be nice, but Laine is just so... bleh compared to Tristian ( yes, I may not have had the writing skills back in 2011 to make our teal-haired heroine super complex like Tristy ) but hey, she has her fans. Granted, she's a lot more interesting in her IGMC incarnation.

Thing is, I'm sort of two-minded as to what I have to do. I can't fully focus on one project with my mind on the other.

I mean, I can wait out an entire year for the next opportunity to come along and lose the exposure, but the fact of the matter is that I simply cannot produce my best work whilst focusing on another distraction. But another part of me tells me it would be extremely foolish. I really want to go out there and show them how one goes about making a half-decent RPG.

I'm really torn about this. Help pls ;_; Its like a weight sitting on my chest.

Hey... didn't I say months ago that I was going to stop putting up blogs posts for this game? XD

( looks at an extremely grumpy-looking Tristian, who secretly yearns to be more well-known than Luchi's signature heroine )

Ianna: Have patience, my love. One day, you and I will ride into the sunset, victorious at defeating Luchi's signature game!
Tristian: ... Well, you just spoiled everything now.


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You're magical to me.
Making a good contest game on a deadline is going to require pretty much a dedication to only the game in question for the entire period. As much as I adore Tristian, you may have to set her aside until this is over. I know that's really hard to do, though >.<;;

The mind's a whimsical thing. I know how hard it can be to focus on one project when your mind can't stop thinking of another one. Unfortunately, I don't know what the best solution is.
Don't get distracted. Especially if you want to go commercial one day, then you have to know how to prioritize and focus on what needs to be done to achieve your goals.

But at the same time, you should also understand that this contest won't necessarily get you where you want to go. There's going to be hundreds of entries, admittedly many crap ones, but also more than enough top contenders. Getting exposure? Don't count on it unless you place. Money? Same deal. At the very least, you shouldn't do this with the expectation that the judges will favour what you put out. Because while it's definitely great if they do, there is a very good chance that's not going to happen.

So what I'm saying is, if you're intent on doing this, do it because it's something that you want to do personally. Do it so that when you finish, your game will be something that you can be proud of, regardless of how it does in the competition. Anything after that is just a bonus.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
I'm with Neok on the exposure angle. There were 700+ games last year, this year the judges seem to think it will break the 1K and keep going, unless you get into the top 20 the exposure is minimal from the IGMC itself. That's not to say there isn't some, but its not a PR vehicle by any means. That comes later for the winners, or those games in which Degica saw potential.

I'm not saying don't do this, but you do have to be dedicated to it if you want to get it finished and be happy with what you have made. If you can't then perhaps this isn't the right time to make this. I really want to play the Laine backstory, you have to know that I do, but I'd rather play a version that is true to what you want it to be rather than one you phoned in because you were distracted.
But I do want to make this little side-story, I'm just too distracted atm. >< What is really holding me back is how I'm going to 'engage' the player within the first 5 minutes. I should probably focus on my strengths ( level design and music choices ) and minimise my weaknesses ( battle balancing ) but as to how I'm going to do that without boring the player is a challenge in itself.

Regardless of what happens in the competition, I'll have a 4th addition to my retinue of completed games. =) Which is still pretty impressive. Oh, and the makerscore. Oh, the lovely sweet makerscore.
Bad thing is that some ideas just come and never return... But I guess that a developer can't fear that! Keep a notebook close, and try to concentrate on your priorities! I think :'D.
Oh, I have my priorities set now. I'm canning my entry and going to focus on Tristian now due to a number of reasons ( time constraint, a lack of interest in the general theme and other factors I won't get into atm ). It's no biggie for me; the whole reason for the IGMC is for people to get off their lazy arses and actually finish at least one game in their lifetime, but I've finished at least three so far, and I don't need the lure of a prize to compel me to finish something.
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