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Of mystical havens and light FX

I've spend the last few days working like mad on this, to the point that my hand sort of seizes up at times and I have to flex it like every 5 minutes or so. I have set a deadline for this: 16th March 2013. I want to start beta-testing by mid-Feb for the latest, leaving me with at least one month to test the 7 hour long game. The portraits too, should hopefully be done by then. I'm hoping to do
a skill exchange with Ronove ( she does my lineart, and I'll do some maps for her :] ) There are another 4 more portraits coming
( 2 bad guys, 2 good ).

On the graphical side of things:

And scenes are looking smooth. ^^

A hidden area hidden deep in the Lothlorien Valley called Relyt's Abode, which the player can finally visit ( it is that area blocked by that masked man in the current, outdated demo ).

GMD Day 20: ( and 1st one on RMN *looks sheepish*)

- I spent around half an hour replacing one autotile as well because I had two of the same, and I replaced the duplicate one with the Mack-tree canopy ( strictly no canopy forests, however. I don't like it for some reason ). I also fixed up some maps by shift-clicking several areas where the water auto-tile didn't look quite right, including some cave areas.
- The magical area indicated above is now fully mapped ( on the exterior, anyway ).
I plan to do the interiors ( along with lighting overlays ) tomorrow. This is the only area in the game ( for Volume One ) that the player will see an excessive amount of lighting effects, overlays, fogs etc.
- Up until this point, I've reached around five hours of gameplay now. My goal is still two hours short, so I must press on, sore hand and all.

I think I'll update my GMD progress here every three days or so ( I don't want an excessive amount of blog posts here ).


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Be careful with that wrist. If you push it too far, it'll "snap" and hurt like a mofo all the time. You'll also wind up wearing a wrist brace for at least 6 months.
Take it from someone whose been there ._.
Wow, thanks for the warning. o_o I'll give myself a break every half an hour then.
We need to get to work on cybernetic wrists, biological ones wear out too easily! D: But yeah, be careful. I've heard horror stories of artists who've destroyed their wrists. We can be patient.
Wrist stretching exercises might help too. You can find them all over the web.

I'm sort of over the hump in regards to tendonitis/carpel tunnel. Either my right wrist is cured and has built immunity to overuse, or I killed the offending nerves x)
While using your mouse, don't move only your wrist, move all your forearm instead. The same with anything else. Try to reduce it's use the most you can. It's kind of tricky to get used to it, but it will help you to never get tendonitis.

Oh and nice progress C:.
I spend about 9 hours a day on the computer and have arthritis from all the times I've broken my right arm (I'm right handed). One of the biggest things that helps is doing simple wrist strengthening exercises and taking breaks. Your best defense is a good offense!
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