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Game Design

Game Dev 101: World Building

So, I decided to redesign my entire world map because I screwed over somewhere with my geographical placement when mapping ( it happens, you know >< ), so I spent most of yesterday and today working on a new one. The places and locations are sill the same, though. The new design also fits in better with the actual story development.

Still a WIP. Then I still have to map it out in the actual game...

The world of Elendia consists of one main landmass, where the two main countries, SangReal and Rheis, are located. There are a further two smaller islands located to the north and north-east, named Raguel and Balor respectively.

The Fomarian Sea takes up about 3/4 of the world’s landmass. Regions towards the equator are temperate, thanks to the prosperous rains that ensure greenery throughout both SangReal and Rheis. Towards the north, temperatures are cooler, but never enough to dip below freezing point. Occasionaly, a light dusting of snow will line the very highest peaks. Forests are more abundant as one moves towards the West, and it was here that the race of humans known as the Fianna flourished, but up until about two decades ago, they all but vanished. Now, a Fiannan is sighted about once every few months in any given city.

Elendia has two prominent mountain ranges, the Alborz to the south, and the Ulster chain, which runs the length of the continent from East to West. A dormant volcano, Mt. Deimor, is located towards the central plain of SangReal. It last erupted during the last known conflict of the Altan Period.

-Taken from Crimson Dusk, ERD's unofficial site.


Wordpress site now up!

Well, I finally got a Wordpress site up and running now, so you can find me over


The site is still early in development, that's why it's a little blank right now. Hope to see you there! ^^

Progress Report

Gameplay 101: Of battles & exploring.

For the last few days, I've been thinking out some simple gameplay mechanics that will affect the outcome of some battles, as well as the ability to interact with many of the in-universe objects, as inspired by SSP and Golden Sun. It will all be introduced during Chapter Two.

Yes, now you can scratch around in peoples cabinets, and even find an object or two.

Regarding battles, this is what I've come up with.

- Special stat buffs/conditions or 'moodlets'.

i.e If Laine drops below 25% of her max HP and Patrick happens to become incapicitated, then she will become 'Enraged' i.ow. her ATK and DFS goes up by 75%. However, if Patrick is not KO'd, then he in turn, will get the 'Terrified' buff, which decreases his DFS and SPI by 50%.

Encountering the 'Nyx-type' enemies will give party members the 'Fear' moodlet as well, i.o.w, drops all stats by 50%.

Rare cases will see party members become 'Petrified', i.o.w, cannot act at all or to become 'Berserked'. Keep Reverse handy ( Siglud starts off with this skill ).

- Automatic status buffs to the entire party when party members drop to 50% or below of their maxHP.

- Weapon Triad: Each primary weapon type ( swords, spears and axes ) will have a unique 'element' attached to it. Swords will have the 'Slashing' element, spears the 'Piercing' element and Axes the 'Blow' element. All 2-handed weapons ( such as greatswords, heavy axes and spears ) will have the Blow element as well.

- It will affect the outcome of numerous fights with various creatures found throughout Elendia:

For example, 'transparent' or 'translucent' enemies such as the Sullaghan/slime family and Anemone family, are immune to all physical-based attacks. They are primarliry vulnerable to the poison status and fire magic.

'Shell-type' enemies, such as Crabions and Pinchions, are immune to Slashing and Piercing weapon types, as their natural defense makes it very hard for swords and spears to penetrate them. However, they are weak against heavy weapons with the 'Blow' element. The same holds true for most high-defense enemies.

These enemies are faster than you think... Don't even think of using ordinary swords and spears against them. Where's Pat when you need him?

- Undead enemies automatically have the 'Reverse' status effect on them. They can be damaged with Patrick's 'Mercy' skill, the Vitas Scrolls or skills with the 'Poison' status effect applied.

- Heavy weapons, while very powerful, have low accuracy. A Gauntlet or two is recommended. None of these weapons Hit is above 80... ><

At a later post, I will post some info on the 4 main characters primary roles in battle, and how to use each of them to their maximum potential. So that's it for now. :)

Game Design

Design theory 101: Portraits

So, I've been having a bit of a problem colouring this

portrait of Laine for some time now. I was thinking of redrawing her and turning her to the left ( since shading 3/4 view is easier imo than a frontal view ). Also, it makes more sense when the characters are conversing in cutscene like

this. There's more interaction between them that way, as opposed to a character that is facing the front.

Gosh darn, those lovely FE9 portraits will be really, really hard to get rid of ( and to top in terms of overall quality ). >< I had a poll over at rpgmakervx.net for a couple of months, and after 128 votes, the results for custom art and the Fire Emblem art was tied at 43 votes each. The remainder went to those to whom art style didn't really matter.

I really don't know how to move forward here. On one hand, I love custom art in games, especially Laine's new 'Lightning-esque' design ( even though it takes an age to do, which can and will lead to the game being delayed... or worse. >< ), but on the other hand, I've gotten so used the quality of the FE mugs... ><

So, I'm stuck in a bit of a rut. Any suggestions or help on this matter?

Game Design

Red to blue? Colour theory 101.

I stumbled across a topic here started by Jude about title screens, and it struck me by how all of them, while striking in their own right, had some shade of blue there.

So, I was messing around with Photoshop again today, and I decided to make a new title screen, for the fun of it. It just struck me then how truly striking the title screen was simply because I had used various shades of blue.



Naturally, you're probably going to look at the blue title screen longer... ^^

Now even though the subtitle of the game is 'Red Dawn', should it mean that all my menus, windowskins and such should be that shade of crimson? I mean, it's not a glaring shade by any means, but blue ( I think everyone has at least one shade of blue as their favorite colours, mine is cerulean ^^ ) simply stands out more.

So, red to blue? Yay or nay? Please comment! ^^

Game Design

Eventing goodness...

So, I was messing around with some eventing last night, and inspiration just hit me like a bolt from above.

I've managed to event in-game biographies while accessing it from the main menu ( thanks to the amazingly customizable Yanfly script ). Hooray, I'm sure it's a huge achievement ( sarcasm implied ), since it's so easy to do. XD

I also have an idea to event a skill-tree system as well, done in the same graphical style as the new in-game character bios. Maybe even include all in-game information in a separate section, which will also be accessible from the main menu.

I could probably replace the whole 'purchase skills with JP' system that way, as well as including mastery skills. It may take a while to do all this, but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. Seems like the eventing bug has bit me. ^^

For the curious, this is what the in-game bio looks like now...Looks alot prettier, imo too, and matches the rest of the colour scheme.

It's animated as well, and it plays a custom BGM track/SFX in the background. So you don't hear the normal map BGM. ^^ I'll get a video up later on.

Hmm... I should probably add more info to the bio section. Like state resistances, elemental strengths and weaknesses. There seems to be enough space.

As for Chapter one and two's combined release dates, I'm aiming for a gameplay time of around 4.5 - 5 hours? Does that sound fair enough? :)

Comments and feedback appreciated, as usual. :) Hehe, why are all my blog posts so image heavy?

So that's that for now.

Progress Report

75+ Subbers? Thank you! ^^

Wow, 75+ subscribers? Jeez, you guys sure know how to put pressure on a gal ( imo, any way ). As a reward, let me show you the first Unofficial Official art of Laine. The art will eventually replace all Fire Emblem artwork in the game.

And I've been working on some new battlebacks and scenes for Chapter Two as well.

VXAce's stuff is awesome. ^^

Part of the game's long history will be revealed here, but only that which is relevant to the plot.

The background behind the Nyx ( those creatures that plunge and cause many to drown in their own despair, is revealed as well. It's taking me several drafts to get the scene just right, but I'm getting there. Several sidequests will be opened as well, and the player will be able to unlock hidden scenes to get some nice equipment.

I really liked writing this little scene. More character development.

On a side note, I'm also working on small cutscene for the Winter Contest Entry over at rpgmakervx.net, so it will also take a bit of my time when working on Enelysion.

So, that's everything for now. :)

Progress Report

New video content added.

I've decided to open up a Youtube channel for updates to this game. So, without further ado, here's the first ( of hopefully many ).


This is the introductory cutscene from the combined release of Chapters One and Two. I deliberately cut off part of the first scene. Tell me what you think!

Progress Report

Tiresome trials...

Man, re-configuring every message box in this game to fit the ATS sure is tiring. But it looks a lot better now, and I've started working on the new sprites for the updated, original art portraits.

Here's Laine. I doubled up the size so you can see them better.

And that portrait. It's the un-inked one, btw. Emmy still has to send me the digitally inked ones. I think the sprite matches up quite nicely. ^^

And here's Siglud. He got an armour update. I ditched that greenish-armour he
usually wears. I just use the Famitsu generator as a base, then work from there. Siglud's portrait must still be completed. It's going to take me a while to churn out all the custom art...

And this is what the current ATS looks like for now. (Portraits will be replaced... eventually.) :) This scene is still from Chapter One. Our heroes haven't discovered the use of the Scion Stone yet. ^^ That's only revealed in Chapter Two.

So, that's that for now. :)

Progress Report

Of portraits and ATSs.

So, I've been working on the portraits for Enelysion so far, and let me tell you, it's a right pain in the butt to get right. I have no idea how long I've spent on just one portrait. But I've done a test run so far, and it looks rather nice so far. :)

Test run of Laine's new portrait. Cleaning up this was a real chore. But the lineart looked good enough to colour, so I got this...

I'm working on her emoticon set now.

Emmych said she would volunteer to do the inking ( not colouring ) for me, so as soon as I'm done with a couple of portraits, I'll just have to send the originals to her. :)

And I've finally implemented the ATS ( Advanced Text Sysyem ) into the game. Makes the messages look a little prettier, methinks. ^^

This is an example of what a cutscene would look like. Ignore the sprite. Still have to do that. ><

- Currently busy with: Apart from Laine's portraits:

- Overworld mapping.
- Patrick and Cillian's portraits. Their OA ( Official Art ) is already done. I'll get that up at another date.

Here's a close-up of the overworld map.

Damnit, I wanna get to that boat! Sorry, Laine. Not for a while, I'm afraid. ^^

So that's it for now. Stay tuned for more updates! :D