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Game Design

60+ subscribers?! Thank you so much. ^^

Wow, 60+ subscribers so far? Thank you to everyone that has taken an interest in this. It really gives me a reason to finish this ( or at least, get the next chapter out asap ^^).

I have some ideas I'd like to share with you guys, though. Tell me what you think:

- For the Nyx that the player encounters towards of Chapter One, I'm thinking of basing the main Nyx off the seven deadly sins, since this is a game that deals with conflicting human emotions ( not so much in Chapter One, I know, but that's my eventual aim ). Now, I don't know how I'm going to pull this off, but opinions would be welcome. :)

Trivia: The Nyx are sort of like the Dementors from Harry Potter. ^^

- For those of you who do not know, those glowing Drakustals have a negative effect on our characters ( or indeed, anyone that gets too close too it ). It essentially 'feeds' on a character's negative energy.

If you paid close attention to Chapter One, you'll notice Laine's outbursts of anger, and Patrick's reactions. That isn't a personality trait of hers, because she is described in her in-game biography as 'calm and even-tempered'. That McGuffin that she obtains in the very beginning is clearly having some sort of effect on her. And it will be the same for other characters as well...

Now, how does this relate to an idea I have? Well, I was thinking of creating a system that would sort of be like an 'order versus chaos'. For example, there would be an HUD at the top-right of the screen displaying two gauges, one for order, another for chaos. This would have a couple of effects I'm thinking of:

- Choice-based interactions with both player characters and NPCs, which would affect your alignment. I know it's a huge undertaking, but if I can pull it off, I'd be immensely satisfied. :) I know this can be evented, along with the HUD. I'll just need help with it.

- It would affect what techniques/abilites your characters would obtain.

- Different endings..?

So, that's what I can think of for now. Stay tuned for further updates. :)

Game Design

Snail's pace progression.

Ok, so I'm not making progress as fast as I would have like to, but I'm getting somewhere at least, albeit at a snail's pace. Regarding the character portraits, only two have been done ( coloured and what not ), but I'm not happy with the other sketches I've made. Sometimes having too high of a standard for my work can really bog me down...

But I have started writing some scenes for Chapter Two now, and I've reworked the intro for Chapter One for that 'player hook' that the current version of the game is lacking. Think I held back a little too much on the suspense there. I tend to have a knack for writing cliff-hangers. And everyone loves a good cliff-hanger. :)

Here's an in-game test of Laine's new portrait. I know it's a bit big, but if I resize it, the image will lose its quality. Then again, the portraits are the central focus for the 'widescreen effect' cutscenes. Now I have to do an emoticon set, too.

And this is the current overworld map. Still a WIP. Mapping overworlds are a real pain, though. >< So long...

And this is the other portraits that I'm not happy with at all. Patrick ( the guy in the middle ) is done though. Resized down to 50%.

So, that's it for now. :)

Progress Report

General updates.

So, it's been a while since I updated this blog of mine. While I have taken a break over at rpgmakervx.net for a while, it doesn't mean I've left the RM comm in general.

While I am a virtual unknown on this site ( I probably made a bad first impression by remaking a fairly popular RPG for the Sega Genesis, and 'tweaking' it to fit my own selfish wishes ). But I've finally deleted it off this site ( never going back to it. I cringe nowadays when I look back on it... >< I should have listened to Karsu, Darken and Chaos back then already... ).

I forgot to submit my Secret Santa review as well, but anyway. >< Fail is fail.

Anyway, what is done is done. I want to focus on my current game, Enelysion, which was extremely well recieved over at rpgmakervx.net. As to what I've been doing so far, I'm facing some conflicting issues at the moment.

- For one thing, the Audio folder is getting a bit big for my liking ( nearly 80mb for a 2 hour long game, and that's excluding graphics ), even though all of the files are in .ogg format. I refuse to use midis, because music is extremely important in my game, and downgrading to midi format would just downgrade the whole experience.

- Secondly, the idea of an open-world versus an actual world map. The former requires massive amounts of mapping to cover all areas ( sort of like FF12 ), but I'm terrible at designing overworld maps ( unlike Kentona, who is a genius at stuff like that ). I'll just have to practice, then.

- Thirdly, the actual game art. I'm a mediocre artist at best, and I don't want to keep using the Fire Emblem edits ( even though I love them ). If there's an artist out there who is willing to do the art for free ( fat chance of that happening, but... ), I'll welcome you with open arms.

As to what I've been doing for Chapter Two, here are some screens: I hate to say it, but I pride myself on my mapping abilites. :) That's one thing I'm good at, apart from my writing. Gameplay... eh... That's for the player to decide, now isn't it? ;)

Oh, and I changed Rolling on Laughing Floor's name to Patrick ( his second name ). ^^

So, that's that for now. Feedback is appreciated, as always. :)

Progress Report

Here goes nothing...

So, the game download for Enelysion is finally up. I have tried my best to give you all a high-quality RPG ( I've put body, mind and soul into this project ), and although I'm a relative unknown here, I hope this project gets to showcase some of my skills. Now, there may be a few graphical errors here and there ( passablity issues mainly ), but I'm sure the game mostly free of game-breaking bugs.

I look forward to some feedback, and maybe even a review would do some good as well. :)

As of now, I'm currently working on Chapter Two of the project, and here are some WIP screens.

I've also written out a few scenes, but other than that, Chapter Two is still in its baby stages.

That's all I have for know.