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Patch for version 1.0

Version 1.0 ( 17/09/2014 )
Initial release

Version 1.01 ( 23/09/2014 )

- The first scene in the game plays normally now ( the Hooded Guy scene ).
- Fixed an error where Laine's 'Wrath' skill would proc twice for some fights.
- The pop-up display upon entering Landen's waterway is removed.
- Fixed a few graphical glitches regarding the cutscenes. Images erase properly
after scenes now.
- Most 'switches' should function properly now.

Almost exactly a year and one day after Vol I's release, here is the first patch
for the game.


Just replace the current Data folder with that one. They're minor fixes, but they happen in the beginning of the game, and it might put some people off from playing.


Done and dusted.

Yes. Enelysion is 100% tested and will be released on the 17th of this month. Which is like *gasp* TWO DAYS AWAY! Yaaaay! My gut is telling me to release it on Wednesday at 12:00pm ( SAST, anyway. Which is short for South African Standard Time, or +2 hours ahead of GMT ).

Done! Done! And dusted! Here's some random game stats.

Current size: 235mb ( with 170mb+ being Audio )

Hours of gameplay: 12-15 hours ( though some of you might get even more out of it, depending if you want to grind or not before the final Gauntlet -> Boss fight ).

No. of audio tracks: 52
No. of locations: 44
No. of foes, including bosses and side-bosses: 90
No. of maps: 300+
No. of items: 100+

I finished the game with Laine and co. between Lvls 25-27. No grinding required. Yeah, after so long and so much dev hell, its really happening. I only hope the game can live up to my fans expectations. =)

Just really, I wanna thank this site as whole. You guys are seriously, freakin' amazing. Thank Aremen. I wouldn't have done it without you.


Milestone reached

I should be darned proud of myself. Scored a double whammy today. Finally got the 100% Beastiary clear and hit the 11 hour mark (twice as long as a normal RM game ):D. Just need to wrap up the very last dungeon in the game (which will make the player feel like a complete BAMF, since it is populated with nothing BUT dragons ), which is what players like. They LIKE to feel powerful and nothing beats slaying a dragon you once took 15 mins to beat and beating the thing to a pulp in less than 3. And the area is a grinder's paradise. Snap on a Vanguard Shield/Elite Band and watch the EXP roll in.

Now don't we feel powerful? What a bunch of bamfs.

Mission accomplished. Including all 13 bosses.

It is indeed ending, and on September 22 you shall all see the fruits of my labour. I missed the deadline for the Fundamental RPGology contest, but ah well. Working on my baby has always been the highest priority for RM-related stuff. And it gonna pay off. Big time.

*pats self on back*

Progress Report

By the power of...

My mighty mouse, I promote thee!

Fire Emblem 4's soundtrack really inspired me. I think it has the best OST in the entire 13 game series. Miss Badass just got even more so.

Yeah, I really did it. Drew Laine's promoted outfit with nothing but my mouse. The lines aren't as clean, but I'm still happy with the result. Well, maybe happy is an understatement. I'm a leftie, so I thought that something like this was beyond my current skill level, drawing an entire outfit with a right-handed mouse. :D But I've become so used to it now that I control the mouse, not the other way around.

An ultimate challenge? Try to do some cutscenes just by using a mouse. Hoo boy, need reference though. Oh, I know! *digs out Phantasy Star 4's images from old folder* Heh heh heh. NOw I just need to do all of 'em in a... month?!

And mark September 22 down in your diaries, for it is when this whole saga comes to a close. I wanna Misao for once. Maybe GOTY if I can really wing it. :D Would be a fitting end to nearly 4 years of development hell.

Bring it on.


Future projects ( literally )

I think I've stalled enough with development on this game now, and now it's time for that final push to the finish line. I really want to have Enelysion done and dusted by late September at least. So I need to think about my future projects ( once Tristy is done and dusted, I'll need a new gam to work on ).

Now comes the question I want to pose to you guys. Should my next ( small ) game be sci-fi? I already have some amazing music at hand ( courtesy of the site where I got Enelysion and Tristian's music ) and since I won 3rd place over at RMW's Artsy Mapping contest ( tied with SnowOwl XD ), I'm thinking of getting either the Sci-fi Portraits/battlers ( it looks amazing; like seriously amazing )

Neato. I can already spot my new MC ( the chick with the dark blue hair ^^ ). My MCs are always female, btw.

or the actual Sci-Fi tileset by Celianna. I was thinking of choosing the portrait set, because getting art like that for a game is costly, and I can get that entire set of portraits for free as a prize. Tilesets are also a lot easier to come by than high-quality art.

So, yay or nay, guys? Should I take that set of awesome portraits? Or the actual tileset? Help me decide! ;_;

Progress Report

The last leg

Well... I've finished up the 300th map for this baby of mine, and mapped the outside of one of Laine's final destinations; The Grand Temple of Fonteini, home of the Alatean Brotherhood and seat of its head, the High Priest, Anastatis Reich ( who is mentioned in the early stages of the game ).

After I've written out those scenes, the party has to head for one last dungeon, where a key item is being kept. Naturally, because it is the very last one in the game, the area has to be pretty challenging, but not so difficult that players will rage-quit. :) But yes, expect plentyof Wyrm/Dragon enemies ( and no, they are not bosses ) and the usual elementals who just love to make hell for your party.

*sigh* I admit I'm feeling pretty sad as Laine''s journey is nearing its end, so naturally, I have to give you guys a worthy ending ( maybe even squeeze a tear out or two XD ). To think she sprang up from a sketch I did in late 2010 after looking at some Fire Emblem artwork... Her designs may have changed over time ( see the Development Art section ) but two things about her remained more or less the same: Her piercing gaze and her wild hairdo. XD

I may say it now, but I'm not sure if I will even make sequels/prequels to this.
The game has taken a lot out of me over the last four or so years, and I'm not sure if I can bear something like this again. Sure, Tristian still needs to be completed, but that will probably be the last 'long' RPG I work on ( basically, any RM game longer than 10 hours is deemed lengthy )


Wow, what a way to start my week.

Another fan-art from janussempre! Eeeeeeeeee!!!! So happy! I added it to the Fan Art section. Just needed to post it here, even if it is one of my shortest blog posts ever. :D

Progress Report

Vol II Update

Ok, ok, so I said I wasn't going to do updates, but I have to show some form of progress other than just lumping in a couple of nice looking screens, right? Plus, if the dev doesn't update on a regular basis, they start losing subbers. ><

So... what have I been doing?

Made 5 brand new areas, including a hellish tower packed to the gills with fantastic loot. And obviously serving as an important plot-line dungeon.

It's only three floors, but in order to progress, the player needs to kill virtually every encounter they come across, since the foes drop 'Geis Stones' which need to be placed on pedastals to activate the teleport glyphs.

Wrote out... four major cutscenes. Yeah, four pretty lengthy cutscenes.

Wrapped up one major plot point. One down, two to go. Did some rewrites as well. Nothing major though.

Fixed up most of the ( relatively harmless ) bugs in the current version of the game. A new download will only appear when I wrap up Vol II.

Aaand screens. Because what is an update without them. A boring wall of text, that's what it is!

Yeah, that's a battler I made. XD Death on Two Legs. No, that's not its name.

Patrick: Return of the Woobie. Gosh, Laine is so OP'ed right now. >< Oh, 9 hour mark. Mind you, I finished my Vol I save at 6.5 hours.

And there's the Tower. Pretty dangerous. Literally.

And the Sidhe, the otherworldly realm of spirits.

And now to take a break and play Sims3. XD


I eat my words.

Production on Black Tempest has continued. I won't have any peace of mind until I wrap up Laine's quest.

Quick, huh? ( then again, I had already written out 3 key scenes before I jumped ship to Tristian >< ). So all I'm doing now is making the maps for those areas. And, shocking as though this may seem to some, there will be no updates. Don't want to spoil the fun, now do I?

And Vol I and II will be released as one game. This allows older players to just continue from their last save point ( Tranquil's Rest in the Ulaid Forest ) and prevents new players from jumping straight into Vol II and seeing a CRAPTON of spoilerific moments.

So, as a result, the download will go on this game page ( random bit of trivia: Enelysion is the 11th most subbed game on the site. I need 2 more subbers to knock Sailerius' Vacant Sky off the Top 10 spot XD )

It begins...

More mystical magic.

After playing through Vol I of Enelysion, I realised, for the first time, what a magical world I had constructed. Tairngire to me is still more intriguing and mystifying than Eridanus from Tristian. There's a kind of magic in the air whenever Laine and co. are traversing her plains. Maybe it's partly due to the soundtrack. Or maybe it stems from the fact that the game world as well as Laine and co. have been with me since 2011, so I'm... quite attached to it.

And I knew I just couldn't abandon her.

So thanks, nhubi. You opened my eyes to this wonderful world I created. =)
( even if you'd rated the game lower, I would have still appreciated it )

So now you guys can do your happy dance as Tristian gets put on Hiatus. XD


General Character Tropes

Just did this for fun. There are probably a TON more tropes for the chars listed below, but I don't want to sink into that black hole called tvtropes ><.

Laine Alexandra Fisher:

Action Girl
Badass Longcoat
BFS: Eschaton, her mentor's final blade.
Boobs of Steel: And how... She can wield the enormous Eschaton with one hand eventually.
Beserk Button: Never threaten Patrick in front of her. Happens whenever she's close to the Drakustal Orb as well.
Disappeared Mom/Dad
Death of a Thousand Cuts: Her skill, Sure Strike.
Heroes/Heroines Prefer Swords - Her preferential Lughaid. Later, Alexandra and Durandal.
Elemental Powers:
An Ice Person
Hot Chick with a Sword: Obvious.
Heroic Lineage:
Lady Of War- Still exudes grace even when cutting people into ribbons.
Leitmotif: The game's title track; "Brave Story", is also her theme song.
Hot Amazon - At nearly six feet tall, yes.
Multi-coloured eyes - Has one blue eye and one teal eye.
Lightning Bruiser - A borderline game-breaker if used properly...
Master Swords(wo)man - With the headband to match.
Ms. Fanservice: Seems to be pretty popular with the players of Enelysion.
Muscles are Meaningless
Traumatic Haircut - She cut her near waist-length hair after her mentor passed away.
The Stoic
Scars are Forever - Has two faint scars. It's easily visible when she is angry.
You Gotta Have Blue/Green Hair: Has blue-green hair.

Patrick Rolf Sidereal

Badass Bookworm
Badass Adorable
Magikarp Power
Bodyguard Crush: On Laine, despite the fact that he is celibate.
Ill Boy
Elemental Powers:
Light You Up
Shock and Awe
Playing with Fire
Glass Cannon - Boy, can he dish out damage, but down he goes if he gets hit.
Staff Chick ( male version)
Mr. FanService - So friggen' adorable. 0_o
Nice Guy- Probably the nicest guy you'll ever meet.
Break the Cutie
Parental Abandonment: Was abandoned at birth. Taken in by a clergyman later on.
Beware the Nice Ones.
The Woobie - Sometimes you just want to give him a huge hug.
Undying Loyalty - To Laine
Holy Hand Grenade - Aureola
Chaste Hero - He's a celibate monk.
Unlucky Childhood Friend - Depending on how the storyline plays out.
You Gotta Have Green Hair
Meaningful Name - Named after the Irish saint of the same name.

Cillian Allan Reiser

Achilles Heel: His resistance is pretty low, so Magic normally poses a threat to him. And Thunder.
Blade on a Stick: Prefers Lances/Spears
Deadpan Snarker: His interactions with Siglud are hilarious. And just LOOK at his usual expression.
Estrogen Brigade Bait:
Fiery Redhead: Averted, he's pretty calm actually.
Heterosexual Life Partners: With Siglud
Red Oni, Blue Oni: Blue to Siglud's Red.
Those Two Guys: With Siglud, again.
The Obi-wan: To Laine, despite their small age difference.
Undying Loyalty: To the SangReal Throne.

Siglud James Thiessaly

Achilles Heel: Same as above.
An Axe to Grind
Boisterous Bruiser/Genius Bruiser: Played to a T. He's pretty smart, too.
Dual-Wielding Weapons
Estrogen Brigade Bait: Siglud is smexy.
Hot-blooded: In contrast to the calm, serious Cillian.
Heterosexual Life Partners: With Cillian
Heroes Prefer Swords
Mighty Glacier/Lightning Bruiser: Depending on how you distribute those Orbs, he can
be either.
Mr. Fanservice
Red Oni, Blue Oni: Red to Cillian's Blue