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Progress Report

I am exhausted...

But pleased with my work so far. Looks like Enelysion's download size will be just over 200mb for around 7.5-8 hrs of gameplay, which shouldn't bother people with a fast internet connection ( unlike for me ;_; ). The funny thing is, the Graphics folder is a mere 40mb, while the Audio is nearly 150mb in size. But for my testers who have played through it, I'm sure they will agree with me that the soundtrack is the game's strongest point. =)

Could you make a game that looks like this with a mere 40mbs of graphics and no parallax mapping? ;)I have been called a 'visuals god' and a 'mapper extraordinaire', but I still make mistakes. I do not need to parallax to make fancy maps, and I never will.

I need a vacation. Those 2000+ hours sunk into this is taking its toll on me.

This town isn't in the game, btw.

My poor CSS got messed up, so I deleted the whole lot. ;_;

Progress Report

It is ending. Finally.

*heaves a sigh of relief*

So, I worked out on average how much time I had sunk into Enelysion ever since it exploded onto VX.net back in February 2011. I got...1825 hours...!!! . On average. That's basically working on the game every single day for an average of two hours ( and believe me, sometimes I do 4-6 hours on weekends ). I am pleased to say that the testing process is 99.9% complete, then my final 2 testers ( over at RMW, since I'm more active there. Waaaay more active XD ) will recieve the game.

Quick look back: I do this every now and then.

Come a long way, haven't we, Laine? Now you're slaying Wyrms. XD

Yeaaaah, that's what my maps used to look like. ><

Menu design: Still stuck with Yanfly's scripts ( occasionally going back and forth between the FF13-style menu and the clean-look menu ).

Old menu ( those FE faces may pop up again. For my next project ). Pat, a Physician...??? What was I thinking...

Current menu.

And all I have to say to whoever is reading this and to the guys/gals that have stood behind this project from day one (whether at VX.net/ RMW or here) is


Progress Report

Cutscene art... and less than 1.5 months until D-Day. ._.

Ok, I admit I am feeling the teeniest bit of apprehension as this game hurtles ever closer to its release date. My testers have started to send me their notes ( only one major game-crashing bug was found, which is good considering the length of EHD. It has been stamped upon. ) and I am dutifully paying attention to them, stamping out grammatical errors ( thanks blueperiod =) ) and anything else that may have seen out of place.

I also changed the names of some places:

Rekez Village and Forest is now Ogham Village and Ogham Forest ( yey, more Celtic influenced names XD ) and the Alborz Caves are now the Manster Caves.

As for the artsies:

I don't have money right now to get some gorgeous in-game art ;_;. So I do it meself... Thank you, Phantasy Star 4.

More menu features:

- Gain Stats: Distribute Attribute Points to improve character abilities.

- Guide: Outlines basic info, abbreviations and the like.

The guide is called through an event that is tied to the Main Menu Melody script.

- Journal: Now the player won't have an excuse to get lost. The Journal contains destination quotes that will be updated as the game progresses. Naturally, the last one of the list is where you need to go. =)

What lies ahead, Laine? What lies ahead indeed?

That's all for now.

Progress Report

Onto sidequests.

I've finally wrapped up the main storyline, squashed as many bugs as I could find ( but a couple may still be lurking here and there ) and now I'm moving onto the sidequests of the game. I finished my 2nd run through of the game last night, and I got roughly 7 or so hours of playtime, without sidequests. Mind you, these side-quests aren't useless fillers as seen in so many RM games now ( a pitfall a lot of developers fall into when they want to make their game longer ) but rather, it will give the player new scenes to view, obtain more powerful weapons/equipment, get more cash ( since monsters no longer drop it ) and basically, flesh out the world of Tairngire as whole with lore and such.

Hall of Decaying Bonds.

Cloister of the Mighty ( no encounters ).

Here are two screens of one of the optional dungeons.

It's very short, but once you get past a certain door,
(1) you can't save,
(2) you can't access the menu and ,
(3) there is a boss waiting at the end.

And it only contains four on-screen encounters with some highly aggressive enemies in a small area. Run, and they'll gang up on you and you will have to fight them one after the other. The is a reason this area is therefore called Cloister of the Mighty. XD

So that's that for now.

Progress Report

A note to my testers: And GMD

When you are done testing this game, please send it to me via a finalised Word document so I don't have to put up with a barrage of PMs. I'm expecting testing will take at least another month before the game is released ( around September or so ). I don't want a bunch of simplistic errors screwing up the game's potential. And maybe I should seriously dumb down the enemies. I never realised it was that hard. ._. But ERD/EHD isn't supposed to be piss easy either. Nor does it hold your hand. ( Easy for me but... I'm the dev, so yeah ). Anyway, I'll put up a bug report soon ( there is a known one in the last area of the game. Stupid error, I forgot to add in a battle background >< ) that will cause the game to close down.

GMD Entry 5: What I've been up to ( apart from testing this game for the bazillionith time )


Spent most of the last few days fleshing out Tairngire, adding in places of interest ( like guilds and abandoned ruins ), the usual interesting NPCs ( most of them now give lots of useful information, which is highlighted in green ) and the usual grind that goes for testing around here. Rehauled some aspects of the world map, thinking out things more logically ( as in placements of trade-routes, towns etc. ) because when I started this project back in 2011 I was just going with the flow of things. So I redid a couple of things.

Regarding gameplay:

- Enemies no longer drop gold, rather, they drop loot which you can either sell or trade ( like FF12 Bazaar system, unlike that sneaky ( but great game ), the player actually knows what they are getting ) for new weapons/armour/items. And it is usually worth the effort of finding the loot, because the player ends up saving quite a lot of money in the future.

- The severe lack of cash will also ( hopefully ) encourage the player to take on sidequests for some extra pocket change. Large cash bonuses are also rewarded for slaying optional bosses.

- NPCs have multiple things to say as well now. This will take a while to do for the whole game. No idea how many lines of dialogue I've written since I started this thing...

- Also made a new title screen.

New screenshots of the areas I was working on:


And now I shall wait...

For my testers to send me their reports. Then I'll sort out whatever problems they've spotted ( whether it is battle balancing, grammatical errors, graphical errors, the works ),I will fix it, and then add in the cutscenes that I'm planning. For now, the demo link is removed, to be replaced with the full game link soon.

So I ask all of you to be a little patient. No idea an 8 hour game will take to test though...


I've done it.

Yes, I finally did it. I hit that coveted seven hour mark ( and that is without taking the optional sidequests ).

Once I wrap everything up, my testers can expect a PM in a few days. And keep your save games. You can just transfer them over to the full game.

Finally, my dream of making a full, complete game is near. I don't know if I could do it without the support of you all. And my deppro does come across as being crappy at times, but I try to work around it. It only strikes me a few days out of each month, but when it does... Yeah, I have to hold on to my common sense and not toss everything away.

Thank you for making me see the light. Thank you so much.

Progress Report

Depressed, but I hold onto hope.

So I've been plugging away steadily at this project ( at this rate, it will surpass the 7 hour mark ), but I'm beginning to wonder if my effort will be worth it all in the end. Responses to the updated demo have been dishearteningly slow ( no complaints, people have lives, after all ), but it creates a rather.. negative impact. On me, at least.

It makes me wonder if all the tweaks that I've done for this new version has been all for naught... I've sunk over 1500 hours into this thing since November 2010. I only hope the full version of this game will be damn well worth that effort. Otherwise, I'm cancelling the whole thing. Because it also influences my drive to work on the game. But I'm also going through a bit of a depressive phase. Sometimes, I feel like just deleting this game page and asking the admins over at RMW to lock Enelysion's thread. But as long as players out there are enjoying the game as it stands... that will keep me from cancelling the project
all together. I will hold on to that. And I want to leave my mark. Everyone who makes a game in RPGMaker wants to leave their mark somehow...

Anyway, screens:

Wonderful, I'm the only one left... His expression says it all. Once again, Ronove, you did a wonderful job with them.
Uppity Redhead meets Knight in Sour Armour. Might change that Garuda graphic and make a custom graphic of my own.

Don't expect a lot of puzzle design dungeons.

Sorry if this post came off as dead-depressive and maybe even a bit selfish. But I'm not like. Trust me. I'm not a glory hound.

Progress Report

Final testing for full game in progress.

I'm in the process of testing Enelysion for its final, full version release, and I'm looking for testers now. I hope 7 hours isn't too short for a full game, even if it is the first half. -_- After two and half years ( every single damn day, mind you ), I am just... tired of the project. Then I can move onto my FE love letter game... Which is not a fan game.


Demo finally added.

Well, it's finally here. There are a few little bugs/passability issues here and there, but it should work fine. Oh, and i forgot to delete the two save games already in the folder.