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Enelysion: Redux version

Audio: 164 mb
Graphics: 50 mb
Data: 6 mb

List of changes:

- BGM fades out properly in intro scene now.
- Cutscenes can no longer be skipped.
- Streamlined the visual flow of the full-bust portrait scenes.
- 'Thinking' text boxes are the same as regular ones, but with italic text.
- All 'flavour text' in the game are now indicated by '?' marks.
Some barrels that were supposed to give items have been fixed as well.
-'Yes/No' options no longer appear for world map areas. Seemed pretty redundant.

Gameplay/battle changes:

- ALL enemy stats have been overhauled. There is now a gradual difficulty increase,
from very easy in the beginning to a fair challenge by endgame.
No more challenge spikes!
- The bandits at the beginning are much weaker, enabling Laine to one-round them.
- Fixed Cillian and Siglud's base stats.
- 'Wrath' no longer procs twice during some battles.
- All equipment now display the stats instead of a description. More useful for the player, especially when purchasing.
- The Pyre, Nilhei and Donar shields will give the Fire, Ice and Thunder Weapon statuses when equipped.

- Laine and Pat are no longer weak against Fire and Ice, respectively.
- Reduced the EXP curve of all PCs, since foes give less EXP now.
- Patrick now has the Pharmacology trait. Now you can get more out of your healing items!
- Nerfed Cillian's Piercing Thrust, since it has a Stun after-effect. Same with Laine's Sure Strike.
- Removed the Hit stat from the Equip scene and replaced it with the MAG stat. Since all PCs had 100% Hit; making the stat useless, but the player could never view their MAG stat unless they went to the Status scene.
- Dropped the MP cost of Siggy's skills. Since his base MP and maximum is pretty low.
- Lowered the base and factor damage of all enemy skills.
- Weapon pricing is more reasonable. Added some new weapons as well.

- Bosses can only use Meditation twice before the skill becomes unavailable for the rest of the fight.
- Cillian's Impale no longer has a 3 use restriction.
- Some scenes have been re-written, though the main plot remains intact.
- Laine gains 20 HP and 15 MP when she promotes. She was supposed to get these stat gains in the old version as well, but I made a simple eventing error.
- Illustrated images show important scenes in the game.
- The last boss has been buffed, and Cillian and Siglud's Infinity +1 weapons have been buffed.

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im blonde is this a mini pc worlf i play in how do i connect to my pc so iam a dragon explain me wahts hapening and wat are we
Is it just me or is it really missing all of it's audio files?
No, the audios files are indeed all there, but you first need to unzip the folder, install the game, and then just move the Audio folder into the Enelysion Redux folder after it’s installed and you should be good to go. I don’t know why Luchino did it this way - but whatevers.
More like Misao Stealing Prince
If it was made in VX, then there is a limit how much it can compress. Chances are she hit the cap and instead of doing a round-about way to compress and zip it up, she compressed everything into the .exe without the audio and just placed the audio in the zip file.
Ah, so that makes sense why she did that. Thanks, Ronove. ^^

I don’t use VX myself, as usually in 2k3 you just compile everything together as it is, but I guess in VX you have do things a different way than what I'm used to.

(I still find it weird, though.)
More like Misao Stealing Prince
Well, you can in VX do the compiling/compressing everything together but if the game is too big be it from graphics or music, then it doesn't compile/compress completely or correctly. Taking out the music since it's already not going to be compressed like the res of the game ensures that it won't reach that size limit and her having put it in after the fact makes sense if she was worried about going over the size limit of compression.

As far as I know VX was the only engine that did this and with many games it was probably never an issue I just know I ran into the issue. Though I could be wrong with why she decided to add in the audio separately, it's just my best guess.
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