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  • polarcactus
  • Added: 11/09/2014 06:11 PM
  • Last updated: 03/23/2023 06:19 PM


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The art aspect is a bit slow-going at the moment, but I should have done enough of the scenes before the Redux version comes out. =)
Siglud: “Hey Laine, he kinda looks like you.”
Cillian: “…Looks like what? What are you talking about, who!?”
Siglud: “The guy who’s on the screen.”
Cillian: “What… Y…You are you just the most impossible to comprehend sometimes, you know that?”
Siglud: “Well, that’s what you get for not paying attention, Cillian, my man.” *stupid looking grin*
Patrick: “…”
Cillian: *facepalms* “Ugh…”

But seriously, yuney, this looks great! He kinda looks like a combination of Marth from Fire Emblem and the first Ryu from the original Breath Of Fire.

At least it’s nice to finally see the face behind the legends.
Haha, he actually looks more like Celice from Fire Emblem 4.

Pages: 1