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Laine Artwork

I did this for one of RMW's Weekly Art Challenges. I've been wanting to colour this artwork of Laine that I had lying around since June 2012. Her 34 year old self is shown on the right.


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I'm in love with her future outfit.
Yeah, I always wanted to draw her in a longcoat, hehe. XD
She aged well. Still very hawt.
Wasn't she always hawt? :p But damnit, her older self makes me want to make a proper, proper sequel to the series when Vol II ends...
Green hair? Pfft. That is so 1990.

Like usual, looks great, yuna21, makes me wish that I could draw as fantastic as you. :)
I'm not as good as I'd like to be, though. I'm starting the rather painful process of digitally inking my scanned in drawings with the mouse ( yeah, I'm a mouse user XD ) and the results do show. Bit by bit, in any case. XD

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