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Avinchii Boss Fight

Avinchi, that pest of a boss in the Eos Shrine, gets his feathers handed to him by a Level 12-14 party. XD


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Shit, son, you made that whole boss fight with Avinchi look like a total breeze… You could have also killed him a bit earlier than that if you just used regular attacks on that second to last turn with Laine and Cillian if you didn’t bother using Mercy or Rally Guard to patch up some of the loose wounds (like you needed anymore additional healing, lol).

Actually, thinking about it, and this is one of the main reasons I decided to all start over again instead of just replaying the second half with my old file is I didn’t bother evening out my magic or speed stats by the time I got to Avinchi so his elemental based attacks just ripped my whole team apart, sometimes doing around 40 - 100 damage at times, even with the buffs and right equipment setup. I mean, yeah, my defence and attack power was through the roof and I could take down pretty much anything with no real trouble, but any magical based attack without proper buffing or the right equipment setup was usually a short matter of time before seeing the pretty “Game Over” screen.

Thanks for putting this video up and showing all of us low level worms on how to get the job done. Actually, since you’ll get a ton more makerscore for it, you should also sometime in the future put up more videos on how to defeat the other bosses / etc. in this game in due time. :)
Yeah, SPD is probably the most important stat in the game, because most bosses have in excess of 40+. General tip: If you guys have the koruna, stop by at Lidgetton and buy the Florean Cordial from the bartender for 3000 kr. It will buff one ally's SPD stat by a permanent 5 points.

And I will be doing the others bosses as well. =)
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