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ERD: Concept Art - Laine

This is one of the concept art pieces I'm working on for the major characters in Enelysion. Sort of like the OA for the game. This will be Laine's final design. I already have the character portrait in place ( still needs to be scanned in ). Now all that needs to be done is the inking.

Random musings: I just love how she looks here. So damn bad-ass. Her outfit was sort of inspired by a combination of both the Sniper class ( from Fire Emblem 10 ) and the Mercenary class from FE7.

Here's the reference image. This is Leonardo from FE10. I know he's the worst Archer/Sniper/Marksman in the game, but he has the best outfit. ^^

And here's Raven from FE7, the best damn Merc/Hero in that game. Just bad-ass.


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Wow, that looks nice!
Her upper body is very nicely done, but the legs are flat.
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